Top 5  groom gifts 

Here are my top five groom gifts.

A new shirt

Nicely presented in a neat box and tied with a bow tie you could gift your groom a favourite tshirt,  shirt for him to wear on the wedding day or an item of clothing to use on honeymoon.


I specifically like these cufflinks dud to their slogan but you could also have personalised wood ones made or buy cufflinks that match a hobby of interest of his.


I love the little saying on this box so much more than the actually gift. 


Socks to wear on the wedding day are a cute little gift. You get really nice ones with all sorts of slogans on. 

And lastly this Tshirt

 If you appreciate my odd sense of humour you too will see that this is the perfect gift for any husband 😋😂


Noughts and crosses on the go

I wanted to make the kiddies coming to our wedding, something special that they could keep but also something functional to keep them busy.

This noughts and crosses set is perfect. 

It gets stored in a simple drawstring hessian bag that you can decorate with perminent marker.

On the front our wedding date and at the back the lines for the game. 

You can use any stones but as we in Cape Town and Scratch Patch is right on our doorstep I’ve decided to use gem stones. 

I hope the kiddies like their thank you favours 😋


Driftwood boats

The beach has to be my every day place. 

My moods are as diverse as the ocean when I’m there. It can be a happy place or my place of solitude so it was only natural that we have a beach wedding and add a part of the ocean in our planning.

I wanted to originally  use the boats as name place markers with our guests names on them but have since decided to rather use them as decor on one of the walls.

Collecting the drift wood is the biggest challenge here.

Once you have your drift wood , drill a little hole and glue your dowel in place.

Cut a large triangle from cloth.

Start at one side and a fix string. Fold the triangle round the dowEl and stitch up with string. When you get to the top twirl string round and pull down to tie at other end of the driftwood.

Glue a piece of ribbon as a flag to the top.


Make your own barefoot sandles

I just love these barefoot Sandler. 

So how to go about recreating them for my bridal party? 

Using a hessian stein plait a long strand.

Next start by placing under toe, cross over the top . At this cross stitch together with cotton matching string . Now tie up leg.

Pep sell really cheap platinum flowers and so by grabbing a bunch you can cut them off and glue with bostic in place.

Happy walking 👣


8 best wedding gifts

Everyone knows how much I love personalised items and as a bride to be nothing says I thought of you more than a personalised item . Something we can treasure.

Here is my list of my favourite top eight gifts I’d love to receive. 

1. Mr and Mrs pillowcases

What a stunning simplistic gift. White pillowcases with Mr and Mrs on and the wedding date. 

2. Blackboard placemats

A lovely unique gift for any new couple. A reminder as they share their new meals together of their wedding day.

3. Wedding voodoo dolls

I have a terrible sense of humour and so just fell in love with these voodoo dolls. Of course I doubt I’d be laughing if they were given to us by an ex 😋

4. Scatter cushions

Not that any wife needs reminders of the fact that she is right but lest her  new husband should forget , it’s nice to leave a reminder on the couch .

5. Cork keepsake 

Keep and frame the first Cork from the champagne used to drink a toast to the new couple.

This will become a priceless keepsake in time.

6. Puzzle pieces

I really like this frame and it’s easy to make.  Stylish and simple it will compliment most homes.

7. Wooden signs

The rustic nature of these signs pesl to me.  Great for at the wedding ceremony but also to hang above  couples bed,  on room chairs or cupboard doors.

8. Memory box

A chic box decorated with the couples name for them to keep wedding tokens in is both thoughtful and useful. It’s also easy to store.