Tell your children you love them 

The following post is copied from an old blog of mine called home bit.  It was started in 2010 to document our home school journey …somehow it stagnated as life continued.

I will be copying over a lot of the content over the next few months as most is still very relevant. 

Tell your child you love them day

On my facebook page i started an event for today called..

Tell your child you love them day!

We all tell our children that we love them daily but there are also many children who go to bed at night who have never heard their parents utter the words I LOVE YOU.

Three small simple words that mean so much more than we can fathom.

I Love you means
.you are my world
what would i do without you
you are so very special
you make my day complete
I am so happy that i am your parent
i am happy that you are my child
i am so grateful you were born
you are amazing

It means


These words allow our children to know that no matter what they do we will always be there for them on their side.

A child needs thse words to grow and thrive.

I make a point of telling my children every night before they go to bed that i love them.

I also like to tell them as often as possible.

Nothing brings greater joy to my heart than the words I LOVE YOU.

Tell your child you love them NOW and often.


Keep your family memories

Are you making memories with your loved ones daily ? Or have you let life get in the way and are too busy to stop and enjoy those you cherish most ? 

Yesterday we took bear for a quick walk on the beach. We were both lazy . It was after 5pm and yes supper needed to be made, bear bathed and evening washing packed away but these are not the things bear will remember. …

He will however remember that his mom and dad loved to walk on the beach with him.

As the mom of older children with lives of their own I speak from experience when i say all too soon your precious little one is gone and you mostly have the memories of their childhood and some random phone calls and visits to show for it.

Start storing those memories now. 

Take the time to craft with your child,  do activities together, make that video, take that photo. …

Keep your memories💜

Some brilliant ideas to preserve memories are :

Build a family website 

Write letters to your child to give on landmark birthdays

Make videos

Start a Facebook page for family photos 

Invest in photo books or albums

Write annual family newsletter

Have regular photos taken as a family.

Make fridge magnets of your photos.

Make time casuals. 

Encourage journalist. 

Keep memory boxes from holidays and special events.

I know of several people who’ve lost a loved one who would give a moment of time to have some of their memories back.

Today … spend some time making memories for tomorrow.  



A little faith …

Those who have read my fb page Sparkarella know that I wear the word Fidem tattooed on my left arm.

Fidem is Latin for faith. 

It’s the word I chose as my mantra many years ago. A reminder to always have faith as with all situations “this too shall pass” and better  days will come .

I wear it on my left arm so that I can remind myself when nothing is going right I have my faith left. 

So this cute mustard seed faith bottle craft really struck a chord in me ….

Simply place a mustard seed in a small glass jar.

Screw a eyelet in and attach chain.

Drill a hole to join a wooden disc to the chain and paint, stick or write the word faith onto the disk.


2am the hour for poets and teething baby mamas. …

Its 2am

For the last 45 minutes I’ve been rocking a miserable,  feverish, weepy eyed congested bear. 

Those top two teeth are in a lock down battle with his gums and as I rocked him gently back to sleep sent a silent curse to the tooth fairy to let her know just what kind of a b*tch I think she is.

Toothache is one of the worst pains and I can only imagine what our poor little mini human must be going through.

Feeling very sorry for myself for now being wide awake the contemplation of freezing while going to the loo is a hard dilemma as lay under the warm duvet. 

Afraid to move, knowing even the slightest movement will cause a misrible bear to stir and scream out from the pits of toothy pain hell. 

Too cold to move and truthfully too exhausted to breathe let alone make the ten steps to the bathroom.

Eventually, my child producing body could no longer hold the demands of my “too much coffee at bedtime ” bladder and I must venture the darkened room towards the bathroom.

Quietly and very slowly I raised myself from the bed. Holding my breath in fear that my movement would wake bear. 

And off to the loo….

I wondered as I sat on the icy seat how many mamas were awake doing the pj drill with me?

How many mamas would be holding their eyelids open in the morning trying to get through a day of mundane work and house chores dreaming of a few uninterrupted hours of pure blissful sleep ?

As I write this , I’ve sprayed bears nose twice . I’ve cuddled him more and I’ve watched as he moaned in his sleep.

I doubt I’m getting much sleep tonight mamas 

And as for that tooth fairy …..

Im not a fan 


0The mundane , the chaos and the daily

Life happens..

Sometimes it also grabs you and runs away with you. The bear household has been amazingly busy lately and this mama has found herself well and truly overwhelmed and knee deep in the depths of “way to much to do”


August is our busiest month with me , Kiki and Sbear celebrating birthdays. Somehow this diva mamma forgot about planning her own birthday this year in the chaos of kikis Harley Quinn birthday and Sbears 21st this Friday.

To complicate our birthday calender all bears friends are celebrating their first birthdays and so our little socialite has a busier social calendar than his parents.

Then of course there’s been the planning of his first birthday for next month….


Im happy to report that all wedding planning has been sorted , ordered and paid for. The final small details will now thankfully not take every lasting moment of my time ….roll on wedding bells.

Back to work

This mama has chosen to take a flexi job as sadly one needs to earn money to pay for Doula studies 😋 

Going back to work has been a lot easier and less traumatic but I must admit the mommy guilt is real and my separation anxiety hits a ten on the mommy radar hourly. 

Back to school

I’m very happy with my choice of school for bear. It’s homely and although I doubt any school will be able to live up to my expectations ,bear is happy.

A few tears in the morning but he is settling nicely.

I think also knowing that my child is mearly at school for a few hours a day makes it easier.

I did of course sort his babynastix classes before he started class😏

 Fun mamma website

Yes… my silence has been working on a wonderful website with small shop attached which if all technical fairies grant my wish should be up live next month.

So in the midst of life and chaos I can truly say , after breathing deeply, tripping over the wedding clutter and running after a now active bear, this mamma final has a few minutes to herself to pour into her blog.

To every busy mamma …I salute you. .. keep up the awesome work!