Listerosis … source found

The Department of Health and Safety issued a press release today announcing the source of the deadly Listeriosis virus.

You can read more about the disease here.

It was revealed that the source of Listeriosis is from the Enterprise company and many meats are in fact contaminated and being recalled.

This report by highlights the facts we as consumers need to know. issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

” Food safety is of paramount importance to Woolworths and we take all issues regarding the production of our food seriously.

Woolworths has a team of food scientists and technologists who proactively manage food safety, in addition to our independent food safety testing and auditing, to prevent microbial contamination of food. This testing includes Listeria.

Following the recent announcement by the Department of Health on the source of the Listeriosis outbreak, and as an additional precautionary measure, we are recalling a limited number of viennas and cold meats.

Customers who have any of the listed products, should return the products to their local store for a full refund

A list of recalled lunch meat, sausages and other products was listed for recall.

Mammas I for one won’t be rushing out to buy any processes meat anytime soon.


Game of Humanity cards

Last year we reviewed the Game of Humanity cards.

Thus brilliant set of cards were designed to spread positive gestures one card at a time.

The idea behind this concept is to pick a card, complete the random act of kindness and leave the card with the person you gifted /helped for them to pay it forward.

You can purchase your own set at

How to bath in Cape Town according to little bear

How to bath in Cape Town according to little bear.

Step 1 … gather supplies (@sanexkids body wash, @xoxobabysa bathmitt and mammas fluffy towl)

Step 2 … put soap on mitt and lather up

Step 3 …jump in bucket, remember to throw bubbles all over the shower and jump high enough to make the water sploosh out.

Step 4 …use mitt and wash off days dirt.

Step 5 …. rinse off. Save the bucket of bubble water to make the toilet smell nice .

Water alternatives

I recently stumbled across this water alternative chart from and wanted to share.

How many of these options have you implemented in your homes?

1. Hand sanitizer

I have sent hand sanitizer with the kids to school to keep in their school bags but must admit I hadn’t thought of using it at home.

2. Toilet flush

Yes, we let it mellow . I have 2 toilets and to make it easier for cleaning we use one for flushing only and the other we’ve turned the water off and fill the cistern with grey water.

We also use Wee Pong to spray after each use. It smells so fresh and disguises the horrid mellow yellow smell.

3.Sponge bath

I must admit we still showering but I’m thinking that we could sponge bath over the weekends.

I did sponge bath bear this week and he didn’t seem to mind.

4. Spray /rinse/paper plates

I rather run a little hot water in a bucket and then use that water for the yard or to flush the loo.

As a household of 6 , I have to cook so spray drying oily plates doesn’t seem so hygienic.

Also paper plates are great but how many paper plates will I go through in a week not to mention how large our landfills are going to be.

5. Fire/one pot cooking

We doing alot of this . Easier meals (thankfully it’s Summer) and using one pot or one oven tray.

I’m also looking at cooking options that don’t use too much water and using my oven and microwave more.

6. Laundry

I battle with this one as I can’t stand dirty clothing.

Jeans can be worn more than once. I’m not washing our linen weekly as I did. We wearing clothing that dries faster so we can rinse the small items in our shower water and instead of washing daily, I wash twice a week.

I’ve started offering to take this water to bears school to use for the loo as we can’t store it and can’t use that much grey water before it starts to smell.

7. Drinking water

We are currently buying our drinking water or filling up a 5l bottle to put into the fridge.

We have also got some mineral water stored should our taps run dry.

Water wise Wednesday #1 … How much water do I use a day ?

I decided to kick off this series with an actually assesment of how much water I used in a day . This way I’d be able to see where I was using too much water and where I can make changes.

So here goes ….

This morning I started by filling the kettle to make coffee. So far i’ve made 4 cups in total from that water . Total 2L

I made coldrink for the kids for school and filled up our water bottles to drink for the day. ( household of 6) total 10L

I ran some water and added jick to wipe down the counters, ect .

I then topped it up and added floor cleaner to wash the floors . Total 2L

This water I used to flush the toilet.

So far so good only 14L of water.

Then I took a shower …. I don’t think it was 90 seconds but I did collect this 7L bucket of water from it.

We’ve been keeping the shower water in containers as I’m freaking about open buckets with little bear. Accidents happen so quickly and as moms we need to be extra vigilant.

This water we use to flush the loo and I’m starting to think our bathroom resembles a water storage facility.

We are also using weepong thankfully because I’m very sensitive to smell …. and urine isn’t quite as delicate as rose petals.

Next I did dishes. I place my container into the sink and wash up in there. Total 4L

This water I tried to use to water the almost dead garden with. Thankfully we stay in a complex with an increasingly small garden comprising of a few shrubs and trees. My 2x2m grass patch has not survived.

Later we will use water to shower, cook and do dishes. If I use the estimate above it should be another 40L

That’s 5 people bathing at an average of 7L each …35L

Cooking and dishes…5L

So our total a day per family of 6 is …


Before I calculate for washing up and laundry.

(What I haven’t counted is the water wasted while we shower and do our teeth, wash our hands …. so I think I shall have to monitor this a bit closer.

I also did not add our laundry in ….

Now let’s just hope I only have to do the washing twice a week 🙈 because our washing machine uses a ton of water and with no where to run this water to or store it I feel this us where we waste most of our water.)