Top 5  groom gifts 

Here are my top five groom gifts.

A new shirt

Nicely presented in a neat box and tied with a bow tie you could gift your groom a favourite tshirt,  shirt for him to wear on the wedding day or an item of clothing to use on honeymoon.


I specifically like these cufflinks dud to their slogan but you could also have personalised wood ones made or buy cufflinks that match a hobby of interest of his.


I love the little saying on this box so much more than the actually gift. 


Socks to wear on the wedding day are a cute little gift. You get really nice ones with all sorts of slogans on. 

And lastly this Tshirt

 If you appreciate my odd sense of humour you too will see that this is the perfect gift for any husband 😋😂


Driftwood boats

The beach has to be my every day place. 

My moods are as diverse as the ocean when I’m there. It can be a happy place or my place of solitude so it was only natural that we have a beach wedding and add a part of the ocean in our planning.

I wanted to originally  use the boats as name place markers with our guests names on them but have since decided to rather use them as decor on one of the walls.

Collecting the drift wood is the biggest challenge here.

Once you have your drift wood , drill a little hole and glue your dowel in place.

Cut a large triangle from cloth.

Start at one side and a fix string. Fold the triangle round the dowEl and stitch up with string. When you get to the top twirl string round and pull down to tie at other end of the driftwood.

Glue a piece of ribbon as a flag to the top.


Wedding I spy 

There are several games online to download  used to keep the guests busy whilst you having your photos taken .

I like this for teens and kids who may otherwise get bored.

A fun list of things for them to find .

You could hand them a disposibke camera and have them photograph each item

It will be fun to see things from the eyes of the children at your wedding. 


My worst habit

If I had to think about my worst habit it has to be always imagining the worst. 

I have adult and teen children so I’m not with them all day so when I hear of an accident in their area I have to check they OK. 

If I get a call late at night or a whatsapp when I know they wouldn’t normally be what messaging mom I immediately need to know what’s wrong.

I think it’s a mom thing 😂😂😂😂

But it drives everyone insane.  


My earliest childhood memory

 My earliest childhood memory is of me spinning round and round outside. Watching my green dress twirl higher and higher.

I was proberbly about 3 or 4 and we lived in Natal in a red face brick house. The green of the grass and cool bare feet always come to mind when I recall this image.

I loved that dress.

Sadly , my mother threw it out and so my twirling days were no more.
What is your earliest memory ? 


3 things not to post to Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful influences in the world.  Billions of people log in daily whether for business or pleasure. 
Knowing this ,you should be aware  of what you are posting .

So , although  Facebook says they protect your privacy certain bits of information can still be accessed from your account.

It’s wise not to have the following information visable on your profile.

1.Personal information

Information like your home adress,  telephone number or birthday.

This information can be used for people to access your profile,  bank accounts and personal details online.

You alway may want to avoid that stalker who suddenly got your number.

Remember by tagging yourself at home you just gave the world an open invitation to find you on GPS.

2. Your children 

I’m awful as I have hundreds of pics of bear up on fb but I avoid any image that have him naked , in a bath , etc.  Although I have security settings in place you are never certain who can see your account.

Where they go to school or their location until after we have left an area. 

There’s a lot of hype about what kind of information your child will want to see about themselves later, I for one feel childhood is innocent so as long as the pictures are tasteful I don’t see your child complaining.

3. Boarding passes and holidays 

Another one I’m guilty of. It’s fun to post about your holiday , where you going and how long you’ll be but according to research your insurance may not have to pay out if you are burgled whilst on holiday and you posted about it.

Also , did you know your barcode on your boarding pass contains all the information you gave your flight centre, so people can access that info with your photographed boarding pass.



The 3 positive personality traits I’m proud of

This was a difficult one to answer as often times as mamas and wives we focus on what’s negative about us and how we need to change.
So , giving it some thought… here are my 3 best personality traits. 

Im loyal …. sometimes too much so to the wrong people but loyalty is something I admire in others and is very important to me. Because if this I’m deeply upset by disloyal behaviour. 

 I can see the positive in most situations … i try to be positive as much as I can. Like anyone I have my down moments but for the most part I’m able to turn a negative situation positive because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m helpful. ..It’s second nature for me to want to jump in and help . I like to see others happy and smiling so I’m as helpful as I can be. Sadly this sometimes means my kindness I’d taken advantage of . 

What are the 3 personality traits you’re most proud of mamas ?