Your divorce memo

I first published this in 2013 whilst going through my own divorce.

It was a difficult time. One full of self reflection , tears, guilt and courage to rebuild my life.

I hope that you will gain something from my experience.

The divorce memo you never received ….

1. You will never get away from whatever bugged you about your spouse , in fact all their faults and irritations will double as they no longer care if you impressed or not.

2. Divorce does not solve disputes -it makes more. If you couldn’t handle an argument whilst married , good luck when divorced dealing with hurt emotions.

3. Divorce will not make you richer ,nor will it allow you a fancier car /ect -you now have two homes that need to be looked after.

4. Divorce will not solve parenting issues . If you couldn’t parent together before, doing so during divorce is 5 times as difficult.

5. Divorce is not a magical word that suddenly turns you into an 18 year old again -your kids have a hard enough time going through pubity without dealing with a ‘teen scene’ parent

6. Divorce doesn’t solve the underlying issues , it gives you space and a new perspective. You still have to sort those issues out in order to parent your children !

7. Divorce does not allow you to give up your responsibilities or duties . In fact all of those just doubled as you prepare your children for a new way of life.

8. Divorce does not allow you to take your moods out on others. No matter how hurt or angry, bitter or sad there’s no reason to blame the world.

9. Divorce also forgets to tell you , your children still need to be brought up, and they will have children. You will have many opportunities to interact with your ex -forever is a long time for someone to hate you!


Game of Humanity cards

Last year we reviewed the Game of Humanity cards.

Thus brilliant set of cards were designed to spread positive gestures one card at a time.

The idea behind this concept is to pick a card, complete the random act of kindness and leave the card with the person you gifted /helped for them to pay it forward.

You can purchase your own set at

Tree of life App

Have you ever heard of a “brelfie”?


A BRELFIE is a selfie chosen to make breastfeeding even more beautiful than what it already is.

How does it work ?

The app allows you to add a magical Tree of Life to their pictures, and the effect is nothing short of stunning.

You can either download pictures from the internet or use the app’s Tree of Life sticker pack.

You can also add other magical effects.

How to use the App

Moms have been sharing their BRELFIES on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags.



Why share this ?

Moms are sharing not only to highlight the beauty of breastfeeding but also to reduce the outdated stigma of breastfeeding in public.

Cosatto introduces the Zoomi Car Seat


Just when you thought Cosatto couldn’t outdo themselves in terms of making baby travel gear better, they have now released a car seat that not only has the most stylish look, but offers the ultimate ‘anti-escape’ system to keep baby safe on the roads.

Cosatto brings a thrill of colour, pattern and quirky design to the world of baby stuff.

They believe that every newborn needs a brilliant fanfare of joy and colour – and that’s just for starters.

They believe every newborn also needs to be celebrated with maximum joy and colour.

The business of ‘saving the world from boring baby stuff’ is about their stuff being the best. “It’s about the service you receive, being the best. We’re parents too and expect the same as you. We want to bring you the moon on a stick”, say this quirky company.

And this is where we welcome the new Cosatto Zoomi car seat into the South African market.

Protect your wide-eyed wanderer with these stunning any-age, any-stage adjustable car seats. State-of-the-art safety kit developed above and beyond, these toughies know how to cuddle.

Grrrr… a kid’s gotta get from A to B – places to go, people to see.

The Zoomi is the daddy of child car seats. With sturdy support and unique safety features, this anti escape beauty is a handsome high-backed seat that is good at literally everything.

Some of the reasons to invest in the Zoomi:

 Converts from baby hugger through to booster seat for big kids. 9kgs – 36kgs.
 Grows on the Go – No need to buy separates. From small to tall, Zoomi’s there for the full journey – cuddling away, forward facing, fitting front and rear seats.
 Adjustable – With booster seat conversion, 2-part reversible seat liner with grow-how for extended cuddling and a 5 position head rest – Zoomi’s a growing pillar of security.
 Padded Protector – With tummy pad and chest pads plus comfy padded armrests, Removable washable covers.
 Snug Security – Bringing a five-point safety harness with quick release buckle for home time plus layers of padding around a tough core.
But let’s talk about the revolutionary anti-escape system that has set the bar higher on car seats.

Research has shown that more than 70% of children wriggle out of car seat harnesses, risking severe injury. That’s unacceptable – but Cosatto have built the solution.

The Anti-Escape System has been built alongside the makers of the original, award-winning ‘5 point plus’ harness system and in tests, 9 out of ten children could not wriggle out of the Cosatto anti-Escape System – now that’s a result!

With two new designs on the market, the Zoomi is now available in South Africa through, Hamleys Eastgate, Sandton, Menlyn, Mall Of Africa,, Me Mom and Dad Greenstone , , , Greendot Baby Hurlingham Manor for the suggested price of R6999.00.

Invest in a life of safety swag for your little one today!