Facebook round up of 15 fun things to do this weekend

I recently found these fun things to do with your kids on Facebook.

I’ve tried to give credit where I can.

1. Playdough

2. Easy garage for those cars


3. Home made finger paints

4. Glow in the dark bubbles

5. Bottle bottom turtles

6. Gummy bear treat


7. Paint with water

8. Water pinatas


9. Outdoor bowling

10. Moonsand

11. Create sea glass

In South Africa you can use wood glue instead of Elmer glue

12. Play snow


13. No spill paint cups

14. Homemade paint

15. Colourful drinks


Defining your toddlers 5 types of play

As a parent or educator by understanding that if you are encouraging play you are supporting every aspect of your toddlers growth and development.

You are helping to build new physical, emotional, social, language and cognitive skills.

Different types of play have different roles in child development.

There are 5 types of play that your child will engage in :


Let us break these down to understand them further.

  • Solitary Play: This is when your toddler plays alone. All children like solitary play at times.
  • Parallel Play: This is when your toddler plays beside another child without interacting. Your toddler will observe the other child and often imitate what they do. Toddlers enjoy parallel play.
  • Imitative Play: This is when your toddler and another child copy each other’s actions, words or behaviour.
  • Social Play: This is the first step toward having fun with others. Before the age of 2 years, your toddler will offer toys to other children. This is your toddler’s way of communicating.
  • Cooperative Play: As your toddler gets older,they start to play with other children. Many toddlers are not ready for this kind of play until they are 3 years old.

I think Jean Piaget said it best when he said …..

Mommy bear … EST 1992

It was 25 years ago ….

I was a single teenage mom navigating my way in an adult world, trying deseperatly to soak up enough knowledge to raise this beautiful little girl who had turned my world upside down.

I was 19 years old in this photo. Tammi was 20 months old. It was Christmas eve.

My father and stepmother were drunk.

I had popped enough popcorn for an entire army and my sister, step brother, little girl and I strung the popcorn for the Christmas tree.

We coloured in and made Christmas cards.

That year her big gift was a baby doll from Santa. She got some plastic high heels from me and I wrapped a story book and wrote ” with love daddy “.

Daddy never knew… he was too busy enjoying his youth and avoiding his responsibilities.

I worked 2 full time jobs and waitressed or did promotions after hours to support my child. I was a youth leader, taught Sunday school each Sunday and served as a volunteer at a soup kitchen once a week.

On Sundays (my only day off) we caught a bus and went to flea markets, museums, a park or to feed the pigeons.

Each night we read beautiful stories from the library and every day I felt I was faking this parenting gig. I was clueless and lost. Overwealmed and not sure what it was a good mom did.

So, I did the only thing I knew how to do ….

I became the mother I wished I’d had and I loved my child .

Mom’s there is never a right time to have a child. No one , not even a parenting expert , has all the answers. We all feel like we’ve failed our children but the truth is your child just needs you ….. exactly as you are ❤

13 Free play ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers learn best through play.

The activities below will keep your toddler busy as well as teach them vital skills.

I’ve personally used each idea either in a class or with my own kids.

  • Ribbons in a bottle

Take an empty bottle with a wide lid . Stuff with ribbon. Help your child to push the ribbon in and pull it out.

  • Pom pom play
  • For this you need a bowl of pom Poms and some tweezers. Use the tweezers to transfer the pom Poms into and out of the bowl.

    • Colander pipe cleaners

    Take several coloured pipe cleaners and a colander. Turn the colander upside down and have your toddler stick the pipe cleaners in using the colander like a peg board.

    • Corn kernel sensory box

    This is great for if you have a child learning about the farm or food theme. Place popcorn into a shallow box. Insert farm animals, farmer and a tractor into the kernels covering them.

    Give your child spoons, a funnel, an empty container and a jug to play with.

    Let them discover the animals and scoop out the kernels. Teach them to pour the kernels into the container and how they pass through the funnel.

    • Cardboard box

    This is self explanatory, give your child a box and let their imaginations go wild.

    • Rip tissue paper

    This is fantastic for fine motor skills. You can start with soft papers like serviettes, tissue paper and work up to white paper, old magazines and wrapping paper.

    • Fabric scraps

    Give your child a box of fabric scraps.

    On a huge piece of paper trace around their body. Let them glue on the fabric scraps to make clothing.

    • Jars and lids

    Take several jars with lids. Unscrew all the lids. Muddle them up and have your child match the right lid to the container and screw it on.

  • Pots and pans orchestra
  • Hold your ears with this one. Give the kids some old pots and wooden spoons let them make music.

    • Transfer water

    This is especially fun in the bathroom but a bowl of water outside will also work.

    Fill a container and have your child transfer water from it to another container.

    You can use a variety of different items like spoons, cups, jugs, buckets, ect.

    • Stack cups

    Let your child stack plastic cups or Tupperware in your kitchen the same way they stack blocks.

    • Toothpicks and meat trays

    Draw a simple picture on a meat tray and let your toddler prick all around it to make the pattern.

    Most importantly have fun and always stop an activity if your toddler has lost interest.

    15 fun Toddler Activities to do this weekend

    As an educator I enjoy easy activities that not only keep kids busy but allow them to learn through play.

    Here are 15 fun easy activities to keep your toddler ( and you) busy this weekend.

    1.Cut up pipe cleaners – collect a variety of coloured pipe cleaners and let your child practice their cutting skills by cutting the pipe cleaners into smaller pieces.

    2.Balloon badminton – make 2 bats by taping a carton tube to a paper plate. Alternatively You can cut a pool noodles and each use a piece or use fly swatter. Take turns using a balloon as the ball to hit.

    3.Bubbles wrap runway – this is very cute and perfect for little toddlers. Place a long strip of bubble wrap on the ground. Have your child stand like an aeroplane , arms outstretched and run down the runway to take off and fly.

    4.Golf tees into Styrofoam – for this you need a few golf tees and some Styrofoam. Give your child a wooden hammer and let him hammer each tee into the Styrofoam.

    5.Highways – make roads from tape on the ground and let your toddler ride their cars on the roads.

    6.Treasure hunt – hide a few items in a room or outside. Draw the items into a piece of paper and help your child to find each one. I like a nature hunt where each child has to find a few items to collect outside.

    7.Cereal necklaces – using a cereal that looks like hoops make a necklace by stringing tgem onto a piece of string or ribbon.

    8.Thread cereal onto a spaghetti stick – place a piece of raw spaghetti into a piece of playdough. Thread cereal with hoops onto the spaghetti.

    9.Newspaper balls – roll newspaper up into a ball and throw, kick and roll the balls with your toddler.

    10.Roll down a hill- I’m sure you all remember the fun of rolling downhill and in the grass. Teach your toddler to roll downhill.

    11.Balance beam- a balance beam can be made from a piece of plank or a few bricks placed together . Allow your child to hold your hand until they are confident enough to balance by themselves.

    12.Block stack – use blocks or plastic containers to stack into tall towers and let your toddlers knock it over.

    13.Lacinging cards – cut some easy shapes from card boxes. Old cereal boxes work best. Punch all around and let your child use a shoe lace to thread around.

    14.Cook with mud- who didn’t love cooking with mud as a child? Give them some old kitchen utensils and make a small mud patch outside. This is great for creativity.

    15.Peg play-allow your child to peg the clothing pegs on and off a paper plate, shoebox or string tied between two chair legs.


    For over 70 years Foppapedretti has been synonymous with quality, function and safety – and this year sees the Italian-based company releasing their brand new stroller/car seat combo into the world of baby travel gear – the Foppapedretti Bikini.

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    Also included in this beautiful combo is a foot muff, storage basket, rain cover, reversible options for the seats and all the adjustability to keep baby at ultimate comfort levels.


    Foppapedretti was formed 70 years ago by the Italian Ezio Foppa Pedretti – a young man with a fierce passion for wood.
    It was 1945, and Ezio was spending all his time dedicating to crafting children’s toys from off-cuts of wood from his uncle’s factory. By 1946, the determined young carpenter had enrolled the help of his sister, brother and mother and started up the Foppapedretti Toy Factory.
    The rest is history as the company grew from strength to strength, expanding to embrace other materials and aspects of a child’s development, yet they are still today one of the leading makers in authentic wooden toy products.

    See more of their story at https://www.foppapedretti.it

    The Bikini is available is a powerful grey and a funky green at http://www.takealot.com, http://www.loot.com, http://www.purplepepperz.com, http://www.sosobabies.co.za, http://www.thebabyzone.co.za, Hamleys stores and selected Kids Emporium stores.

    What to do with your baby scans

    I remember the excitement I felt at each one of my first scans.

    That first glimpse of your baby…their first photo.

    I also remember how mostly these images were carelessly forgotten in a photo album.

    With bear we had a scan every month and I have a beautiful collection of his growth both on DVD and in a special handmade album.

    I also remember wanting to try include papa in this specialness and Nelia from www.givethanks.co.za made him this very special card from Hamish.

    But what do you honestly do with all those scan images other than keep them in an album?

    I’ve rounded up a list of custom items that can be made to display your babys beautiful scan photos.

    Most of these items can be ordered from your local printer.

    The keyring can be made by editing a scan image on the computer to make it smaller and printing it. You can purchase keyrings that allow you to slip a image in from a craft shop.

    This would make a special thank you gift at the baby shower. I used a photo of bears scan as Thank you cards for my baby shower guests.

    The decoupage heart can also be made by using modge podge to paint over a scan photo onto a heart blank. I love this idea to use on a Christmas tree or as a special ornament for grandparents.

    The jewellery is stunning and there are many online traders. Just some advise I ordered several photo jewellery sets and the supplier did not look at the jewellery quality so I ended up with a necklace with missing gems.

    Ask what the return policy is and always inspect your jewellery for flaws immediately after receiving it.