Tell your children you love themĀ 

The following post is copied from an old blog of mine called home bit.  It was started in 2010 to document our home school journey …somehow it stagnated as life continued.

I will be copying over a lot of the content over the next few months as most is still very relevant. 

Tell your child you love them day

On my facebook page i started an event for today called..

Tell your child you love them day!

We all tell our children that we love them daily but there are also many children who go to bed at night who have never heard their parents utter the words I LOVE YOU.

Three small simple words that mean so much more than we can fathom.

I Love you means
.you are my world
what would i do without you
you are so very special
you make my day complete
I am so happy that i am your parent
i am happy that you are my child
i am so grateful you were born
you are amazing

It means


These words allow our children to know that no matter what they do we will always be there for them on their side.

A child needs thse words to grow and thrive.

I make a point of telling my children every night before they go to bed that i love them.

I also like to tell them as often as possible.

Nothing brings greater joy to my heart than the words I LOVE YOU.

Tell your child you love them NOW and often.


Bedtime rituals

Kiki saying her prayers

This is a photo of  my then 6 year old Kiki saying her prayers. 

Back then our ritual  would be bath ,supper , quiet play to calm down from a super busy day, story with mom, bathroom visit, brush teeth,  prayers and snuggly bedtime with half a toy box.

Naturaly it also included lots of hugs and kisses.

Not to forget the calls to use the bathroom, need for water or just to let tell me something she had forgotten to say before I announced bedtime šŸ˜‚

As I get ready to start transitioning bear into a bed of his own , I started to think of the bedtime rituals I’d like to start with him.


For me a story is vital. Reading not only calms your little one from a busy day but also builds the bond between  you and your child. You can chose to adress issues that your child may be going through through a fictional character, share a bible story or maybe a favourite from your childhood. It also sets a foundation for early readers and encourages your child to associate reading for  pleasure. 


Some parents don’t follow a faith and some alternatives to an evening prayer could be:

  • A list of 3 things your child is greatful for
  • Something good that happened during their day
  • Sending sweet dreams to the people they love. 

For us , I’d like bear to learn a small prayer to recite at bedtime.

The bedtime fairies 

With Kiki and monkey I had two fairies that would visit in the evening. Their names were Goodnight and Sleeptight.
They were encouraged to be quiet and close their eyes  so the fairies weren’t scared and would visit them.

Each fairy was responsible for a different job . Goodnight was the sleep fairy and she would full your eyes with sleep glitter to help you sleep. Sleeptight was the dream fairy. Once you were asleep she whispered good dreams into your ears.

It worked each night as they would lie still and wait quietly for the fairies .

What are your bedtime rituals mamma ?


Nappy Ever After

I used cloth nappies with all my bears but way back then it was a white towling square folded into one of two shapes …boy or girl! 

We affixed our nappies with a plastic Snappi ( because pins were going to hurt those wriggling bottoms) and hoped the waterproof of choice held the moisture long enough.

For less mess we added a nappy liner .

So when I looked at this option for Bear I was completely overwhelmed. …

Firstly at how amazingly gorgeous and stylish  the new cloth nappies are but also at how to use a modern cloth nappy. 

So many options,  new terms and choices …..

Where to begin???????

Launch Party

 Due to my ignorance I went with the disposible choice and so I was super excited to see the news of the Nappy Ever After launch party hosted by Shaakira Mathews  and Rufqah  Hoosain.

These remarkable ladies are the owners of the cloth nappy companies Nappy Ever After and Sugabums.

Together they have put together the first Nappy Ever After launch party with the intention to educate mamas like me who may want more information on modern cloth nappies and to introduce other cloth mamas to their brands.

What you waiting for

Treat yourselves to a yummolicious Primi breakfast at the V & A this Saturday as you browse these stunning products and get to meet the business mamas behind the brands. 

A wonderful opportunity to have all your questions answered by experienced cloth mamas. 

You can even bring the kids along …as a childminding service will  be provided. 

Have you booked your space yet ?