The forgotten mom

I love the mothers day connect outreach programs and the concept that they want to bring about. As moms we need strong support groups and networks to assist in the often daunting task of parenting. 

I remember being a single teen mom of 17 with an alcoholic mother , scared out of my mind that I would somehow parent my precious baby girl wrong. My misguided often trial by error (and self education via every book in the library ) parenting fails still managed to raise a well balanced strong willed young lady (and a few more after her 😄).

But, for others it isn’t always the case. …

Some mother’s never have that support. Others battle PND, depression and other hardships alone and unguided.

In 2015 , I had the privilege to help a still starting group of volunteers headed by Kerry Hoffman, called Souper Troopers. They spent a weekend a month making and distributing soup to the homeless.  I’d watch as the wonen approached with a sadness deep within me… these were someone’s mothers,  how had they ended up on the streets? 

The story’s vary, most speak of hardship,  loneliness and lack of choices or support. Others didn’t know better or tried to escape an evil worse than being defenceless and grasping daily for basic needs. 

Those with children, often in acts of love, sent them to be cared for , sparing them the agony of not knowing where their next meal would come from. Others had their children  removed from them and had given up hope, not caring where they landed, trudging through one struggling day after another. A few chose  to keep their babies with them.

This year , for mother’s day I pledged 300 biscuits, a small gesture to brighten mother’s day for those forgotten moms, to the Souper Troopers mother’s  day lunch.

I enlisted the help of my two favourite bakers, kiki and monkey and set them the task to complete.

They woke early Saturday morning and with pjs still on set to work neatly cutting the biscuits into shoes, hearts and flowers. Monkey added chocolate to his biscuit mix because after all moms love chocolate. Several hours later they had completed their task.

Sunday afternoon, papa bear and I loaded the 3 youngest bears into the car and we drove down to the service dining rooms a shelter for  the homeless in town. As we approached several homeless men lay on the ground  and others blocked the path to the door. I saw the look of horror on monkeys face,  this was certainly out of his comfort zone and his look to me said ‘is this safe?’

I stepped out with our offering in hand, and greeted an elderly gentleman. His broad smile dispelling any fear in monkey, as he looked at the large box and directed us to where we needed to be to leave our contribution towards their mother’s day celebration. 

I can only hope that with our small gesture one mom rembered how special she was and that someone cared.  I also hope that I have reminded my children that sometimes the gifts of our time and love that we give others are of the most important gifts. 


Cape Gate Magnificent Moms breakfast

Tbear gifted me and her future mother in law a wonderful breakfast yesterday at the Cape Gate Magnificent Moms breakfast.  We seldom all get time to spend together and it was a wonderfully pampering morning full of spoils and giggles. 

We arrived to find women from all walks of life seated at the stylish tables adorned with fresh flowers and goodie bags. Each mom excited for a few moments alone without someone needing her and eager for the pampering to begin.

Torrador arranged breakfast cards for us to mark our preference and I chose their healthy muesli, after all one of us is still trying to loose the baby weight.

I wasn’t dissapointed…. yummoberrylicious! ! !

A quick peek in the goodie bag and we discovered it laden with beauty samples, treats and vouchers . Who doesn’t love a goodie bag ?😆

The event MC was Dieter Voigt, who had us in fits of giggles and his singer wife , Martelize entertained us with her beautiful voice.

Also on hand were cekebrity stylists, Andrea and Marilise to give us a run down on the latest winter trends, sorbet to spoil us with our nails and Revelon to do our make up,

Our breakfast was followed by a huge slice of the most moist cake from Limnos bakers accompanied by my favourite Lindt chocolate. ….so much for eating healthy 😉

 I thoroughly enjoyed my morning, the spoils  , the pampering,  the food and mostly the good company of my eldest child and her mother in law. 


Playdough for mamma

I’m in love ….
Today I made my first fondant creation and I have to say I honestly think I’ve just found the latest medium for my creative moments.

I’ve always been slightly intimidated by the thought of working with fondant.  It loomed over my creative brain like a huge carrot dangling before me.

And so onto the bucket list went ….learn to work with fondant.

An advert on fb looking for people to assist making a little baby’s first birthday come true meant I was now baking. No baby should be denied a first birthday !

Call in best friend. We’ve been baking for a few orders so I broke out the fondant , found the right tools and set to work.

First I threw a little icing onto my plastic board and I started to work the fondant . 

My first thought was this feels like playdough .

I must admit I may have squished,squeezed and played with the fondant much longer than I needed to 😂 but I eventually cut a cute onsie out , added some fondant details and painted with a quick paste of food colour and rose water.
I was so impressed with my onsie for the special cupcake that I cut a few bottles for the top of the mini cupcakes.  

I even baked Monkey his 16th birthday cake and decorated by myself .

Here’s to many more adventurous creations ….


Stay at home mom diaries day 16 

Well I’ve officially been a wfhm for 16 glorious wonderful days.

As I watch bear discover the world around him I’m happier daily at my decision. 

I’ve ditched the crutches and so the 1000 steps to walking without my daily hobble shuffle hop begins.

We walking daily and bear loves his pram rides. 

In attempt to loose the baby weight , yip I’m trying , we collected my health walker the other day . Dusty and ditry from someone’s garage it’s come to motivate me ….um! I’m yet to use it . 😨

On the plus side I’m enjoying cleaning and getting my home back into order. 6 months of being immobile has done little for the state of dust amoung us. There are dust bunnies running rapid everywhere …sigh! 

I’ve caught up with good friends and managed 3 full productive work weeks . Truly feeling amazing at achieving so much in such a short time ….

#loving it