31 days of self love challenge

As women we need to learn to.love ourselves in order to care for those we love.

Join me on a 31 day self love challenge starting today. Each day I will follow the image task and blog about it.

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5 kitchen treats for valentines day

For mammas the best way for us to show our love is through food.

So I’ve rounded up 5 fun kitchen treats that you can suprise your loved ones with on Valentine’s day.

1. Egg bread

Use a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart to cut out the centre of a piece of bread or toast. Fry an egg. Place the bread over the egg so that the yolk is in the centre of the heart.

Garnish with little heart tomatoes or peppers.

2. Funky fruit

This is perfect for the lunch boxes. Dress up a piece of fruit with a corny love note.

3. Lunch box love

Now there is no excuse not to remind the kids how much they are loved. Make a sandwich and cut it into a heart shape. Tie a little twine around it.

Next cut cucumber slices and cheese into hearts.

4. Say it with hearts

Decorate heart shaped biscuits with bright red and pink icing. Don’t forget to add a love note.

5. Cute cupcakes

Use marzipan to decorate some cupcakes. Add small Valentine’s symbols on the top.

Which ever way you chose to spoil your loved ones we know they will enjoy their sweet treats. ❤

Date night with Pick n Pay

After a very long Janu-worry, budgets are only started to find an even balance before Februaries month of love strikes with cupids arrow declaring Valentine’s day.

So if you find yourself in a tight spot wondering how to spoil your Valentine without breaking the bank, consider exchanging R30 worth of your smart shopper points for a 2D movie ticket.

Movie tickets are valid for Ster kinekor and you can chose a movie of your choice.

Thank you Pick n Pay and Ster Kinekor, this one is tops on my Valentine’s spoils .

Fun mamma SA 5 Top Valentine’s gifts for toddlers …

Show your toddlers some love this month with one of these awesome gifts .

1. A furry new friend


Build a bear are currently running an awesome 2 for 1 promotion. Valid until 3 February.

2. A paw patrol pal


If your toddler loves Paw patrol as much as little bear does you are not going to want to miss this 3 for 2 sale at Toy Kingdom.

3. The Hamley’s train


Little bear enjoyed his Hamley’s train ride so often it’s now a regular treat for him when we visit the V&A.

4. Playdoh


I love playdoh and it’s one of my favourite gifts to gift a toddler to keep them busy, encourage language, develop fine motor skills and build creativity and imagination.

5. Develop your little artist


These beautiful artist themed chalkbooks bring the works of Monet and Van Gogh to life . Perfect with their buttersticks no dustchalk.

4 frugal Valentine’s ideas

Valentine’s day is so much more than just chocolates and roses.

It’s a time to reflect on the one you love so why not try to celebrate your love this year remembering what is important and using one of these 4 frugal Valentine’s ideas.

  1. Buy nothing- instead of buying a bag of items to show off your Love, spend the day building memories together. You could go for a hike, have a picnic or just relax on the couch with dvds.
  2. Celebrate the day -gather a group of friends for a bring along supper and board game.
  3. Do something you never do – If you always wanted to do something together but haven’t found the time. Use the day to do this. We’ve been saying we going on the big wheel since we met so this year that is our valentines gift to each other.
  4. Be creative -make each other gifts this year. You will find alot of ideas on my blog.

To me if you love someone you should celebrate love everyday not just on Valentine’s day.

Sweet Valentine’s gifts to make 

Below is a list of Valentines gifts made with sweets that will take you a few minutes to put together for a sweetastic treat……

Love is sweet as candy

1. Candy jar

Candy jar

Fill an empty glass jar with small sweets, the a ribbon or twine at the top and add a sign that says YOU ARE SWEET.

2. Candy crush

My candy crush

Print a small sign with one if the candy crush messages in and attach to a tube of sweets.

3. Personalised chocolate bar 

Chocolates covered in love

Online you can find quite a few printable chocolate covers or you can design your own and print. 

Take the origional cover off a chocolate bar and cover with your own printed message.

4.love bugs

Love bugs

Fill a small glass jar with sour worms and add a hand made love bug sign. 
5. Sweet butterflies 

Sweet butterflies

Fill a small Ziploc bag with small sweets. Not too full.

Paint a peg and glue on googly eyes.  Attach pipe cleaner feelers and peg the peg  onto the midway mark of the bag to form wings for your butterfly.

6. Lolly bouquet

Lolly bouquet

Cut several flowers out of red or pink card. You can write a message on the card and stick a lolly through the centre. A sweet bouquet for the one you love.

7. Donut what Id do without you.

Donut what is do without you

Place a few mini donuts in a bag. The with ribbon and attach a tag that reads I DONUT KNOW WHAT I’D DO WITHOUT YOU.

8. A treasured friendship

Pirate love
This idea is really cute for the boys to give to their classmates . In a jar add a few chocolate covered coins. Attach a pirate map gift tag.

9. For the star wars lover

Yoda one for me

If your Valentine is a star wars fanatic anyone of these cute pictures drawn into a piece if white paper and glued onto a tic tac box will be a treat.
10. Rock my socks off


In a small bucket place sone popping candy and a pair of socks.  Add a label that says YOU ROCK MY SOCKS.