Workers day

Happy first of May !

Can you believe , as we celebrate Workers day , that we are already five months into the year.

Time seems to be moving faster with each blink of my eye.

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing day today free from working too hard.

For us mamas,  we know our work is never done but I hope you got some time to put the feet up and relax a little. 

Mamma bear xxx


A fragrant mothers day 

I love the fragrance boutique and often can be found lost in scent in their Bayside branch finding a new fragrance to try.

Two of my favourite lines are YSL and Diesel.

After all every mamma needs a little pampering.

Take advantage of their amazing Mothers day promotion below and buy yourself or your mamma a special treat, who knows you may just be the lucky lady winning a years free fragrance.

For more information see their Facebook

Or http://www.fragranceboutique.co.za



Our Happy feet morning

This morning we celebrated our own World penguin day with a very unique little penguin 😂

Bear got his happy feet on and we dug deep into the dress up box to find his penguin suit (he may have some growing to fit into it properly lol)

He thought we were playing peek a boo, as the head kept falling over his eyes. 

Eventually I ended up rolling on the floor laughing so hard as he hid his eyes and  popped out with a loud “oooo” (boo).

 Found him the cutest penguin at Pep last week, which is just big enough for him to cuddle.

This mamma took advantage of the big smiles, fluffy toy and a few moments of Bear sitting still to take a few pics.

He’s looking so grown up …sob ! My little baby really is becoming a big boy overnight. 


World penguin day 

Happy world penguin day

​25 April 2017

Know your penguins

Take time today to learn the different penguin species. 

A nice quick game is to print the above image twice. Cut one up and let your child build the cut up one like a puzzle.

You could also cut one as flash cards and glue onto card card to teach the kids the species names.

Get a wildlife book and match the cartoon puzzle to the real image.

Or you could enjoy making any one of our penguin crafts in the next post today.

Whatever you do …sit back and enjoy rewatching Happy feet for a good penguin giggle