Activity board from print24 …. a review

Every parent wants to invest in a product that keeps their growing bear busy for longer than 3 months and if you like me it needs to be something that educates, entertains and contains a kiddy wow factor .

Well , this activity board from Print24 did all of that and more !

I was completely blown away when I opened the packaging and bear made a beeline for the board before I could even point it out to him. His chubby fingers finding a door latch whilst his little eyes watched the ticking clock.

A light weight double sided board that is sturdy enough for bear to lean and push against without it falling.

The one side is a white board with a small holder for markers. Perfect for drawing time and later homework sessions.

The other side is an array of working items , bright, bold and catchy enough to keep him busy for many years to come.

It contains 

  • a peek a boo box to hide little treasures to discover 
  • Counting rods that are magnetically fixed. Awesome for colour recognition,  Counting, maths sums, building, sequencing learning about length and arranging in sizes.
  • An abacus for math lessons, counting and for bear to spin and slide.
  • A set of 3 puzzles. Puzzle building skills help with cognitive learning. Bear is too small for these but as they aren’t fixed I can put them up for later and use these spaces to place my own items for discovery , like a mirror,spring or items following his schools weekly theme.
  • Bolt.. this will help little fingers learn to slide items and develop fine motor skills.
  • A computer keyboard. I love this touch. Our children are exposed to technology very early and they can learn to type , practice spelling , learn the alphabet and gain keyboard skills while playing. This keyboard works and can be attached to a pc so your child can see what they type.
  • Marble run.  Bear finds it fascinating to watch as we place the marbles in one end and they magically drop into the bucket. The sound of each marble ping has him giggling and its not only entertaining but teaches cause and effect as well.
  • Round tin containing marbles. Again here you can remove the marbles if your kiddy is too small and place your own item inside for them to view through the see- through lid. As they gain more skill they can also learn to remove the lid and then to place objects inside and take them out.
  • A clock. This is great for moms to keep an eye on bath time and to teach our little ones time. Bear was fascinated by the mechanisms going round and the quiet tick tocks.
  • Door latches are great for fine motor skills .
  • A lock with 3 keys …this will keep even the most active toddler busy as they try to find the right key to unlock . 
  • Number stickers 0 to 9 to help with early counting and number recognition.

Aside from being a product that will keep my almost toddler bear busy for hours i can also see this being something that grows with him over the years.

This truly is one of the best additions to our playroom. 

For more information or to order your own contact 




Cape Gate Magnificent Moms breakfast

Tbear gifted me and her future mother in law a wonderful breakfast yesterday at the Cape Gate Magnificent Moms breakfast.  We seldom all get time to spend together and it was a wonderfully pampering morning full of spoils and giggles. 

We arrived to find women from all walks of life seated at the stylish tables adorned with fresh flowers and goodie bags. Each mom excited for a few moments alone without someone needing her and eager for the pampering to begin.

Torrador arranged breakfast cards for us to mark our preference and I chose their healthy muesli, after all one of us is still trying to loose the baby weight.

I wasn’t dissapointed…. yummoberrylicious! ! !

A quick peek in the goodie bag and we discovered it laden with beauty samples, treats and vouchers . Who doesn’t love a goodie bag ?😆

The event MC was Dieter Voigt, who had us in fits of giggles and his singer wife , Martelize entertained us with her beautiful voice.

Also on hand were cekebrity stylists, Andrea and Marilise to give us a run down on the latest winter trends, sorbet to spoil us with our nails and Revelon to do our make up,

Our breakfast was followed by a huge slice of the most moist cake from Limnos bakers accompanied by my favourite Lindt chocolate. ….so much for eating healthy 😉

 I thoroughly enjoyed my morning, the spoils  , the pampering,  the food and mostly the good company of my eldest child and her mother in law. 


This lucky mamma

Im really  bad with gifts and surprises,  often wanting to rather offer  few choices of what I like to my precious loved ones than to wait and be surprised.  So it was no shock when I picked out my gift for mothers day from bear.

We had bought a brag bag for his gran in December and I had been threatening to get one for myself, and when Give Thanks ran their Mothers day special I knew exactly what I wanted. 

A quick email and it was ordered. The proof was stunning and I couldn’t wait to get my bag,

A week later I saw the make up mirror and had to add that  in aswell,  this time choosing a different image.

I was not disappointed at all. The images are clear and catch your eye. Bear loves to see himself wherever we go and people stop me to compliment my bag.

Such special memories forever immortalised in every day products I can use . 

I really am a lucky mamma!

Thanks bear❤❤❤❤


Fragrance Boutique  …review

I must admit one of my mommy indulgences is good perfumes.  Nothing brightens my soul,  lifts my mood and straightens my tiara like the scent of my favourite perfume. 

So I was elated at recieving a bottle of one of my favourite scent from fragrance boutique for a review.  Although they are the generic of more popular brands their likeness is very similar. 

 Lady Gaga said ” you shouldn’t have to have money to have luxury fragrance ” 

As moms we want to look and smell good but often neglect ourselves due to the more pressing demands of wetwipes and nappies. It is always appreciated when we can find our favourite products at prices we can afford.

If you pop over to fragrance boutique  website you will find a large variety of fragrances avaliable for him and her,  with online delivery of only R30.

With 15 years experience they have become Africa’s leading fragrance franchise, with all fragrances imported from Grasse in France. 

This Mother’s day , fragrance boutique are offering you the chance to win a year’s free fragrance for mom when you purchase any 50 ml parfum in store.



Damhuis …review

Last Monday papa and I got to spend a wonderful lunch at Damhuis in Melkbos.

I must admit I’ve eaten there twice with little bear and both times the staff and food have been amazing. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for being child friendly.

Their baby chairs are spotless and the play area simply stunning.

Your child can enter a nautical playground as they climb to the top of the lighthouse to watch for passing shops. The large sandy area enables moms and dad’s to sit with their little ones as they imagine they are mermaids and build giant sand castles. The sand toys were clean and neatly stored and all the play equipment was immaculately cared for.

The children’s menu is well priced with a wide variety to suit all sorts of finicky eaters. 

I ordered a portion of ribs for little bear and all I can say is “wow “. It was a massive portion, big enough to feed me. Served with crispy chips …I took one taste and almost abandoned my Greek platter for his meal 😂😂

Well done Damhuis … We will be back 



Nestled  in the Riebeek valley is the picture perfect grounds of Allesverloren. Surrounded by old oak trees as you gently stroll up the path , you are overwhelmed by a sense of calm.

The first sight to greet us was that of a giant oak, hallowed out large enough for the kids to stand in the trunk. Its huge branches heavily  laden with autum leaves.

As we arrived at the top of the drive , an arch in the shrubbery caught our eye and the mysterious path way was begging to be explored. large enough for us to fit through with the pram we saw a rickety wooden bridge before us. Just after the bridge , down by the sadly empty steam stood a handmade swing that the kids couldn’t help but try out, I gazed at this unique sight and can only imagine how beautiful it must be when the stream is flowing.  

As we wound round the path we came to a clearing amidst the trees. A rustic alter stood to the one side , the perfect place to share vows, and as if to echo my thoughts the crudly scribbled quote lay to the side …

And on that day when I place my hand in yours , I’ll pack away my passport with the vow that my journey to find you has ended .        


The stunning grounds were green and small arches of shrubbery invited us to enjoy the picturesque building before us. 

As we had come to enjoy  the festivities of the Riebeek valley olive festival , we were greeted with the sound of live music wafting through the air. Stalls laden with a selection of delicious foods scattered the halls amidst tables of delights for the children.

We enjoyed strolling round the informal market , taking in the sights and distingushing the flavour fushions before us. I couldn’t help myself but to tuck into one of the farm fresh handmade sprinkbok pies …..yummolicious !!!!!

The children enjoyed the small funfare on the grounds and found themselves chasing each other in the giant plastic Zorbs.

Best of all had to be our tasting of olive oil ice cream …. who knew olives made such a tasty treat ?


Mommy nature Baltic Amber beads … review

Having never used Amber beads on the other bears , I was slightly doubtful about their use in babies teething.

Bear was very excited to receive his review parcel from Mommy Nature and having seen little drool spots around his mouth from teething I immediately placed the stunning strand of dark Amber and little blue beads around his neck with a casual “well here goes nothing ” thought.

The next morning bears face was clear . Not one spot. And best of all his slobbery drool levels had lessened.


Could this really have been just from him wearing his beads? 

It was in fact, as one of the benefits of using the  Baltic Amber beads is reduced drooling and therefore also reducing rashes around the mouth.

Baltic Amber beads come in a range of shades from a light honey to a deep dark black. 

Worn as a necklace or bracelet for babies,it’s designed as a natural , drug free alternative to assist babies with teething.

A necklace is often between 30 and 34 cm and the bracelet  10 to 15 cm and can be worn from 3 months of age. Some mom’s like to let baby wear a double strand necklace on the ankle.( as I do with bear)

So what is Amber?

Amber is a hardened tree resin orginating in Northern Europe’s extinct conifers. It contains antibiotic properties and covered wounds on the trees.

Baltic Amber is found in the Baltic region of Europe.

How does Amber work ?

Baltic Amber contains Succinic acid. This is the therapeutic acid that aids in teething. 

The bodies natural temperature causes the Amber to heat and release an oil containing the Succinic acid.

What are the benefits of using Amber beads

I was suprised to find Ambers properties are vast and the benefits not only restricted to teething babies.

  • Amber helps to control pain and fever.
  • Amber stimulates the bodies healing process.
  • Amber reduces inflammation, in teething this would be the horrid red , swollen gums that keep our babies up.
  • Amber reduces drooling , helping to reduce drool rashes around the mouth and chin.
  • Amber reduces nappy rashes.
  • Amber restores energy and strength to the body.
  • Amber bolsters the immune system.
  • Amber stimulates neural system recovery.
  • Amber contains Antibacterial,  Antiseptic and Antioxidant properties. 

Are Amber beads safe to wear ?

Amber beads are to be worn directly on the skin .

It’s very important to note that the beads are not for chewing . 

The beads are hand knotted between each bead to ensure that should the necklace be yanked strongly only one bead will come off. The beads are small so there is no risk to baby choking should he swollow one and it should pass soon. The thread used to make the necklace is cotton and light weight. Bear doesn’t even know he has his on.

Do not let your child sleep or play unattended for a long period of time wearing the beads.

Many parents choose to let their babies wear the Amber beads as an anklet or bracelet for fear of choking, but it’s best to rather remove the beads when baby sleeps as the hands and feet don’t give off as much heat as the body , lessening the effect of the Amber

I bought a second set of beads to allow bear to keep an anklet on whilst he sleeps . 

How to clean and store your beads

To clean the beads wash in mild soapy water. You can use an old toothbrush but scrubbing too vigorously will damage the thread. Air dry and store in a small box away from children’s reach.

If your beads look dull you can shine them with a bit if Virgin olive oil.

How do I know my beads are genuine? 

Each Baltic Amber item comes on a well presented card with an informative leaflet and serves as a certificate of authenticity

I’m a strong believer and honestly wish I’d known about the Amber beads years ago when some of my other bears cried their way through many exhausting teething moments.

To order your own go to