Nappy Ever After launch

As you know I was invited to the Nappy Ever After nappy launch.



I was really excited as i’d like to learn more about cloth nappies (see future blogs mammas) and I wanted to see the vibrantly bright Sugabums range.

Nappy Ever After

I arrived at Primi at the V&A waterfront not too certain what to expect. 

I was immediately greeted by the warm smiles of Shaakira Mathews and Rufqua Abbas Hoosain,  the two dynamic moms behind these brands.

Their passion is infectious and one just has to listen how they knowledgably guide you and speak of their own cloth experiences to understand the dedication behind their businesses.

A perfect setting

Primi was the perfect setting. Quiet and stylish to host a group of moms and relaxed enough for those with children to allow them to play or be cared for by the babysitter.

I took my seat and watched as an array of moms joined the launch. Each with their own cloth nappy  journeys….

Thank you …

At each setting a neat little Thank you adorned our plates. A quick peak inside revealed a branded biscuit treat and a sample of the newly launched Sugabum bum cream .


Nearby an assortment of visually appealing products were on hand for us to sample , purchase and both ladies were avaliable to answer any questions .

The nappies are bright and appealing. Soft and durable.  I personally love how neat they look when stored.

I was most impressed with how affordable they are. These are stylish nappies that grow with baby and are tailored to suit a new parents budget.

All products are handmade , except for the imported Little Lamb range.

Cloth display

Newly launched was the Sugabum bum cream. This product is exclusively made by Roots so you can trust in it being 100% natural and organic. With its fresh scent and smooth application this  is soon to become a favourite in most households.

Sugabum bum cream

A lovely healthy breakfast menu was offered and moms could choose from one of Primi’s three yummolicious options 

  • Eggs on toast
  • A breakie burger
  • Muesli bowl

I opted for the muesli bowl and wow was I suprised at just how delicious this beautiful breakfast was. ( ps ..the cocoa balls were my favourite. )

Muesli bowl delight

All in all an enjoyable morning spent with fellow mommies and fabulous hosts.

Thank you 😘

Thank you again to Nappy Ever After and Sugabums for our prize. I can’t wait to try bear in cloth.

Cloth prize


Wildlife clothing … a review

As an avid nature lover I fell in love with Wildlife clothing from  the very first shirt I saw.

Then , I visited their website and was blown away… 

Baby 5 for babies 

I immediately wanted the baby 5 shirts for little ones.

 I have been looking for a decent “Image of South Africa” print for bear since Heritage day and have sadly only found baby onsies (that he is too big for ) or shirts for older children (which he is too small for ). 

It was great to find a site that catered for kiddies age 1-3 as well as the rest of your family. 

Gifts from home

It’s also nice to know that there is a place I can go to order a special keepsake from South Africa to send to friends around the world without having to  visit a tourist market and pay exuberant fees.


 So many of our friends and family now live overseas and when looking for gifts we really want to send a piece of home to them. 

Our shirts

So when our two shirts arrived I was eager to see the quality of both the shirt and the print. 

Fast service meant we had our parcel within a few days of it leaving the depot.

Bear and monkey were super excited at receiving their shirts. Monkey even took his batman one off in favour of the big 5 image. 

Bear loved the bright orange colour and kept touching the animals.


How many times have you bought a stunning print only to have it crack, lose its colour or start to wash out after a few washes? 

The shirts are of a good quality. Thick and durable. The colours are vibrant and I was suprised that the prints stood out against all colour backgrounds.

But …

Still there was the wash test !!!!
The wash test

Being boys, it wasn’t long before both shirts landed in the wash basket …  here came my chance to test the print quality. 

After three washes the shirts still look brand new. No fading,  no cracks , and the colour of the shirts are still as vibrant.


Simple, stunning designs that are breathtakingly beautiful. Totally realistic and eye catching. 

I believe these images capture the  essence of Africa with their fine lines and striking resemblance. 

The wildlife company don’t only design animal shirts. They also have a range of ethnic prints as well. 

They currently have a portfolio of over 30 designs all drawn by local artist Stefan Rousouw.

For more info or to order your own pieces of Africa visit 





Moms and babes Tableview

Way back last November I attended my first ever moms and babes class.  Those of you who remember the review will recall how much I wondered if I would gain anything from the lessons (being that bear is the baby of 7 kiddies  )


We are now in our 3rd term and Im genuinely concerned what we will do when Bear finishes his last term.

Vanessa has not just become our friend but also one of Bears favourite trusted adults. He spends hours staring at her in class (my boys first crush 😂😂)

We’ve met so many wonderful mommy’s and their amazing bears along the way and made a few lasting friendships.

But the question was always what would bear gain that he wouldn’t get from me at home ?


We started the classes when bear was 8 weeks old. Just a tiny newborn … nine months later I have a confident, social little boy who is not afraid of new people or groups. He is comfortable to leave me and explore his environment and loves playing with the other “babas”


I battled to bond with bear as a newborn . Broken ankle didn’t help either. Whilst I loved and adored my little bear cub I felt distant from him. 

 Our moms and babes classes have given me the chance to connect with bear.  To enjoy his cuddles and have become a special sacred time for just us. 

So much so that my new half day position allows me off on a Thursday to attend lessons. 


Because of this I’m able to be in tune with bears needs and he is a much happier little boy. In fact we are very lucky. We are blessed with a smiling bear constantly.


Bear loves to sing and clap. We use all the songs from his lessons and he now sits in the car chair as we travel doing actions to the songs he knows. 

I love watching how he claps his hands to ‘if you happy and you know it’ or how he tries to play ‘pat a cake ‘ with me .


I find I’m more award of his milestones than I was with the other bears and I’ve noticed he had reached his milestones a lot quicker than normal . 

He seems to grasp concepts very quickly and had developed both a nice attention span (for a baby) and a curiosity about the world around him.

Gross and fine motor

Bear has very strong and well developed gross and fine motor skills.

He crawled and stood early.   I atribute this to his tummy time exercises and the early classes where we aided in baby sitting.

He also has wonderful fine motor  skills and doesn’t struggle with his pincer grip …just ask my cheek that he pinched last week 😂😂


Bear is never bored. 

I find in school I can see the days he isn’t stimulated.  He needs no sleep. After a moms and babes lesson an exhausted bear will often nod off for a nap🙄

We usually reinforce what he’s learnt at home and bear loves to redo the exercises he’s learnt.

Repetition is the key to learning at this age.


Again I always feel safe when a new activity is introduced as I know the program was designed by professionals and the instructors are well trained.

Bears favourites

At the moment bears favourite activities are the action songs, sensory pools and posting boxes.

Moms favourite

Mine have to be the cuddle time while I read him a story and the messy play. There is something too cute in watching a little one squish a new texture between their fingers.

Im greatfull each week that we chose to continue with our lessons.


Rumplestiltskin review

If Santa had a master toy designer it would be Mellissa from Rumplestiltskin.

This talented lady not only sews up the most beautiful of plush toys, she also dreams up and designs her own patterns. 

Each one sewn to meticulous detail and delivered with a piece of their own personality and her heart.
As an avid follower on her page I love to see the sneak peeks of a new creation on her table and delight in the final soft product she produces.

So many of her creations are given away free to those who need an extra cuddle and love and her dedication to her craft  is not only admirable but truly a passion for good. 

I awaited with antisipation when I heard I’d review one of her giant elephants.  This honestly was a product I’d fallen in love with. So , when the box was finally here I rushed across the road to Postnet to collect.

Bears eyes widened as he saw the cardboard box , but that was nothing compared to the delighted chattering as he reached for Elis grey trunk. It was love at first sight.
The elephant is beautifully crafted. Each crease in his forehead is defined and bear has his name neatly embroidered on its foot. The flappy ears are his favourite and he likes to lie on its tummy rubbing the soft blue fabric of the inner ear. 
The elephant is larger than bear and when seated is as tall as an arm chair. But you can order smaller sizes.
These elephants are not just great accessories for a baby room , the make a fantastic feeding pillow, first bean bag and best friend.
Thank you Melissa for gifting bear a treasured friend, soft hugs and a bean bag that he flops and lies all over.
To order one of Melissas gorgeous creations please contact




Macrame swing …review 

I love anything boho and handmade so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled onto Knot a Dream’s gorgeous facebook page.

I fell instantaneously in love and ordered a wedding backdrop with a tree of life macrame dream catcher as the centre.
But it was the baby swing that blew me away the most ….

Two days later I had the pleasure of meeting Rosinne,  the creator of these masterpieces and her husband Alan.

Wow! What amazing people …. this dynamic dueo are punctual and organised. 
Bear received his swing and I was even more impressed in real life , as the photos do not do the hours of patient knotting justice.

A strong sturdy base that he will be able to use until he is at least 3 or 4 years old. 

It’s self standing when not hung and can be folded down and stored neatly. 
The rope is neatly decorated and the 4 strong rope strands are securely knotted to ensure babies safety when hung.

I hung ours in a small tree and it held bears 10kg weight with ease. I felt safe placing bear in the string and it was great to see that even though he placed his head through the strings, with his legs between the seat strap he couldn’t easily fall through.  The seat also remained stable as I placed him in and out of the swing.
The precision in each knot of the design is meticulous and the beauty of this product , hanging through the green branches , would enhance even the drabbest of gardens. 

He , of course , was delighted and would have stayed all day in his swing. I have since hung it near our washing line so that he can safely swing whilst this mamma hangs the washing.😋

For more info and to view their beautiful products contact 



The Game for Humanity cards

As I scrolled through Facebook a few weeks ago a post for Game for Humanity caught my eye…..I had to know more.
After a quick glance of the Facebook page, I knew this was an initiative i wanted to be involved in.

Since having Bear I don’t seem to find the time to give back as much and this was a great way for me to do small tokens of kindness and hopefully make a positive impact on those around me.

 The cards were designed with the idea of everyone being able to do a big of good and make people smile by completing small tasks.
The object is to make the world , or at least a few people in it happy. You chose a card complete the task and pass the card onto the next person who does the same , thus keeping the positive circle going. 

The Game for Humanity is well presented in a convenient card pack (easy to keep on your bag or car) and sells for just R100.

I was happy to see a school version to encourage children to be kind to one another. 

To order your own set contact 


Fb https://www.facebook.com/GameForHumanity/

Or call 0722371513


Finding Nemo ….a trip to the Aquarium 

The Aquarium has been on my bucket list for the last 3 years, so when I saw tickets were half price on the Waterfronts museum night I knew exactly where we were headed.

Dressing bear for the Cape winter we headed off early determined to try avoid a long queue. 

Friendly aquarium staff ushered us to the right line and before we knew it we had out tickets and we’re entering the exhibit.

As we entered a photographer snapped our pics for sale later (at R250 a set it’s well worth the memory. 3 pics in a wonderful keepsake frame full of info about the Aquarium,  a postcard and 2 small pics that you can turn into a magnet or keyring)

We always do things the wrong way lol and started at the sharks first. I’d read that they had just this week completed the shark tanks and introduced the few ragged tooth sharks we saw. Bear was in total awe as these magnificent creatures swam slowly past us.

Next we found the Nemo tank where you can crawl into the centre and have a full view of inside the tank. Papa got to snap a few pics of bear and I. I watched as a facinated bear watched  the fish swimming about , babbling about what he saw.

Next we past small tanks of various fish and sea creatures. Each as beautiful as the next, giving us a wonderful glimpse of the oceans secrets.

The wave pool was intriguing and bear giggled each time the ‘wave’ crashed into the large fish pool.

I couldn’t help lingering a little longer at both the star fish and sea horse tanks …two of my favourite creatures.

Soon we came across the jelly tanks , strategically placed in a darkened room the florescent jellyfish seemed to dance before us.

I loved the I &J tanks with a giant turtle shyly hiding in the courner as large sea creatures swam around him . Ahead of us was a tunnel and I wondered what kind of tunnel you’d have at an aquarium. The tunnel is made of glass and as you walk through the fish swim above and to your sides. This allows you perfect close up views of the animals in the tank.

Something that stood out for me was the touch tanks , where bear got to touch sea weed and a live starfish. This was not a sensory experience he enjoyed. He could also dig for fossils. Sadly he’s a bit young to understand what he was doing.

We gave the kids play area a skip,  mostly because it was bears suppertime and we were eager to view the penguins. But it was encouraging to see so many families , especially with small babies visiting. The Aquarium is completely pram and wheelchair friendly.

You smell the penguin enclosure before you see it and if you’ve been to Boulders beach you will know that smell only to well.  A cross between ocean, fish and dirty socks. The penguin are as cute as can be as they stare at their visitors .

I found this the most beautifully decorated exhibit with its wild fauna creating an ambiance of exoticness. 

It was nice to see an area dedicated to how green you are and we noted a kelp forest interactive game for older kids. I also saw a microscope section manned by aquarium staff who were educating the visitors about various sea life.

The sign boards are informative , without being too rigid and the staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have. There were many opportunities to interact with certain exhibits, touch and take unusual photos.

If you haven’t visited , it’s well worth the visit .