First day poem from your teacher

Author unknown


To the preschool biter 

A note from your teacher…

To the playground biter……

(By judy dooley) 
You took a bite of Toms arm 

A chomp on Suzies ear

A tiny nibble on Sallys toe

And you’ve got the kids running off in fear
Yesterday you bit Jims face

His back and bottom too

And now its Caras little hand 

What more are we to do!? 
Mommy says you an angel

And dad says the kids provoke

I’m not so sure they entirely right

As you quite a feisty little bloke.
Strange how its always your naughty bum

Sitting on the time out chair

As we look at your cheeky eyes 

And want to pull out all our hair 
Just one day I think mom and dad 

Should teach your preschool clan

And maybe then they’ll see 

How hard we do what we can
To get their bright and bubbly boy

To tone down and sit

Please try real hard to hear our rules 

We need to stop the kids being bit.
Your Exaspirated Teacher

A teen invasion 

I remember waking up a year ago to about 9 kids in my lounge.

There I was skimpy nighty going downstairs, sleepy eyed and needing caffeine…

This was the result 😲😉 ….

I tip toe down the stairs 

In hopes to find

My youngest children

Asleep, safe and sound
But to my dismay 

No sleeping i see

But several new faces

Staring up at me
Blondes and brunettes

Skinny and tall

The fat one , the pretty one 

Come one , come all
So many teens

Admiring my pjs

Morning mom, meet our friends

Its 7am, we hope its ok?
Steam erupts from each of my ears

I’m not so pretty with sleep in my eyes

My pjs are crawling,my hairs in a mess 

I haven’t had coffee yet, you guys.
Mess in the lounge , tv blaring

Bodies scattered from stairway to kitchen

They look quite settled, with no plans to move

Not before coffee, so mom starts abitchin
Out came the lectures

 on rules and respect

each teen marched out 

The orders were direct 
Go wake your own parents 

With an army of friends

And see just how fast 

My teen chucking method trends 
Now , I love kids, don’t get me wrong

But if your manners are lacking 

and your respect is gone 

Ill be the one to send you a  packing! R
(Judy dooley)

The blue cross

Many years ago in the midst of  messy divorce, unemployment and the struggle to get onto my feet we found ourselves with a Christmas of nothing.

So, we ( Kiki, Monkey, Sbear and I) decided to make each other gifts.

Monkey made me a blue cross necklace to wear to church. Something in his love and dedication tugged so deep at me.

This is his story …

The blue cross
His tiny fingers lingered on the shattered shards of glass. 

Beaded hues throwing rainbows across the cold concrete floor.

A gift of love -destroyed by the idleness of frayed string.

Deliberately , his little hands , carefully sifted through the remains , choosing each glass bead .

Only the perfect , the best , the brightest remained in his childish palm.

Slowly, he strung each bead in perfect sequence, 

Delicately designing a master piece of love.

Clasps tied securely to a new string .
Hours later, he presented his gift ,

To she who holds his heart -his mother.

A masterpiece of love

Dylan’s poem

This poem was written for  very special little boy who won my heart the moment I met him.

We shared a few brief moments together.

Dylans poem
Big eyes 

Excited smile

Tiny hands

Linger awhile

Absorbing life

Watching all

Such huge wonders

For one so small

Little giggles

Twinkling eye

Active mind

Questioning why

Simple pleasures 

Happy day

Sleepy gestures 

Follow dreamlands way

Small fingers

A soothing sound 

Looking for dad 

Where love is found . 
(Judy dooley)

Ronan’s poem

This is a poem i wrote for monkey maby years ago when he was about 5 or 6.
Ronans poem
To see the world through your eyes

No jugement

No illusions

No lies

To see a pure and simple love 

Of trees

And flowers 

For the bugs and dove

To watch as nature claims your soul

The rocks 

The leaves 

The buck and mole

To see the world through your eyes

Is to live 

To be 

To realise……..

That every part of you 

Is joy

Is hope

Is true

A little boy with wonder in his soul

A loving heart

A gentle touch 

In nature -you are whole