“Mothers observe all, absorb all, 

give all, forgive all, 

offer all, suffer all, 

feel all, heal all, 

hope for all, pray for all.

But most of all,

Mothers love always.”


With eyes of wonder

​With eyes of wonder

He saw the night sky

All lit up

Like the firefly

He felt the cool waters

Of the gentle stream

And heard the flocks

Of birds that scream

He touched the grass

The trees and stone

He saw the lion

Let out a moan

He caught a glimpse

Of the buffalo heard

And witnessed the majesty

Of the king fisher bird

His love of nature

Was brought to life
By the adventurous spirit

Of a man and his wife

Who loved their son

With all their heart

Who bought him out in the wild

To impart ….

A gentle soul,

A love for earth,

An adventurous spirit.

And who thus gave birth

To a young son

All protected and warm

Who loved the earth

Through sun and storm
CopywriteJudy Dooley