Tree of life App

Have you ever heard of a “brelfie”?


A BRELFIE is a selfie chosen to make breastfeeding even more beautiful than what it already is.

How does it work ?

The app allows you to add a magical Tree of Life to their pictures, and the effect is nothing short of stunning.

You can either download pictures from the internet or use the app’s Tree of Life sticker pack.

You can also add other magical effects.

How to use the App

Moms have been sharing their BRELFIES on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags.



Why share this ?

Moms are sharing not only to highlight the beauty of breastfeeding but also to reduce the outdated stigma of breastfeeding in public.


31 days of self love challenge

As women we need to learn ourselves in order to care for those we love.

Join me on a 31 day self love challenge starting today. Each day I will follow the image task and blog about it.

If you don’t blog follow with an image or post on Facebook or Instagram

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To the preschool biter 

A note from your teacher…

To the playground biter……

(By judy dooley) 
You took a bite of Toms arm 

A chomp on Suzies ear

A tiny nibble on Sallys toe

And you’ve got the kids running off in fear
Yesterday you bit Jims face

His back and bottom too

And now its Caras little hand 

What more are we to do!? 
Mommy says you an angel

And dad says the kids provoke

I’m not so sure they entirely right

As you quite a feisty little bloke.
Strange how its always your naughty bum

Sitting on the time out chair

As we look at your cheeky eyes 

And want to pull out all our hair 
Just one day I think mom and dad 

Should teach your preschool clan

And maybe then they’ll see 

How hard we do what we can
To get their bright and bubbly boy

To tone down and sit

Please try real hard to hear our rules 

We need to stop the kids being bit.
Your Exaspirated Teacher

Blog challenge 17 … my hidden talent

This title implies I should share just one but as I hardly follow rules I’ll share a few….

I can knit, crochet (limitidly), Sew ( I used to make my bears their clothing), make soft toys , cross Stitch, do embroidery and most other forms of crafting.

Over the years I’ve taught myself most craft forms from calligraphy, to candle making (gosh  was that messy).

I love fabric painting and decorate. I’ve been known to make jewellery and can bead up a storm.

I can also bake, Cook, make pickles, preserves and homemade bread from scratch.

I studied art at tech so I’m somewhat creative and go through wild periods of sketching, painting and creating.

I play the piano …all be it badly and taught myself to read music.

So, i’d sum my hidden talent as being slightly creative.