Orange chocolate pudding faces

Orange Chocolate Pudding faces

Makes 8 servings

¼ cup sugar
¼ tsp salt
9 oranges, washed and dried
¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
¼ cup cornstarch
4 cups whole milk, divided
½ cup semisweet-chocolate chips
4 pretzel sticks, broken into halves

1. In a large saucepan, combine the sugar and salt. Zest 1 orange directly into the pan; reserve the orange for another use. Add the cocoa powder and cornstarch and whisk until combined. Still whisking, slowly add 1 cup milk. Whisk until it is smooth.

2. Microwave the remaining 3 cups milk until warm, about 2 minutes. Whisk into the cocoa mixture. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Let boil for 2 minutes, still stirring. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate chips. Whisk until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the pudding. Refrigerate until cold and firm, at least 3 hours and up to 1 day.

3. Meanwhile, cut ½ inch off the tops of the remaining eight oranges. Reserve the tops. Place 1 orange on a cutting board. Run a small knife around the edge of the orange, angling the tip of the blade toward the centre while rotating the fruit, to release the flesh from the rind without cutting through the bottom. Scoop out the flesh and save for another use. Repeat with the remaining oranges.

4. With a black permanent marker, draw faces onto the oranges. Using the tip of a sharp knife, cut out the stem centres from the tops. Insert a pretzel-stick half into each top.

5. Uncover the pudding and whisk until smooth. Divide among the orange cups. Place the tops back on the oranges.


Build a bear birthday parties

Did you know that Build a bear workshops host beary dpecial birthday parties ?

Make your little one’s special day the most fun ever.

You can Pick your own theme, enjoy a fun-filled party and let each guest make and take home a new best furry friend to love.

Each bear comes with its own certificate and cub condo. The best party favours for your little guests.

At the workshop a party leader will be a valuable to guide your guests through each workshop station.

A party must contain a minimum of 6 guests and you can go online to download one of the free fun adventure theme printable.

Party invites

Cake toppers

Name tags

Thank you cards

Your birthday child will also receive a free gift .

You can choose from the following options

Bear hugs R199 per guest

Super smiles R259 per guest

Fantastic fun R329 per guest

Awesome adventure R449 per guest

Ultimate celebration R549 per guest

Or you can discuss your budget with a party host and build your own party.

No mess! No fuss! And No cleaning up!

For more information:

5 kitchen treats for valentines day

For mammas the best way for us to show our love is through food.

So I’ve rounded up 5 fun kitchen treats that you can suprise your loved ones with on Valentine’s day.

1. Egg bread

Use a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart to cut out the centre of a piece of bread or toast. Fry an egg. Place the bread over the egg so that the yolk is in the centre of the heart.

Garnish with little heart tomatoes or peppers.

2. Funky fruit

This is perfect for the lunch boxes. Dress up a piece of fruit with a corny love note.

3. Lunch box love

Now there is no excuse not to remind the kids how much they are loved. Make a sandwich and cut it into a heart shape. Tie a little twine around it.

Next cut cucumber slices and cheese into hearts.

4. Say it with hearts

Decorate heart shaped biscuits with bright red and pink icing. Don’t forget to add a love note.

5. Cute cupcakes

Use marzipan to decorate some cupcakes. Add small Valentine’s symbols on the top.

Which ever way you chose to spoil your loved ones we know they will enjoy their sweet treats. ❤

Happy 60th Lego

January the 28th marks the 60th birthday of the iconic Lego block.

These little plastic building blocks were launched in Denmark in 1958.

They take their name from two Danish words that mean PLAY WELL.

“Leg” and “godt”


Since its humble beginnings over 480 billion bricks have been made.

Lego is now one of the biggest toy brands in the world with theme parks,expos, movies and videos dedicated to the brand.

In 2016 alone , 75 billion pieces were sold worldwide.

To celebrate their 60th birthday a giant 10 feet tall 2×4 Lego brick statue was unveiled on Friday in New York at the Flat iron Plaza.

The statue is made up of 133,000 individual Lego bricks and it took Lego’s master builders more than 350 hours to construct.

A very Happy Birthday Lego !

National Irish Coffee Day

January the 25th is celebrated as National Irish Coffee Day.

So I thought I’d treat papa to a homemade Irish Coffee when he got home.

As a whiskey drinker, he likes the odd Irish Coffee and how hard can it be to make ?


Well , it turns out I first needed to pop across the road to get cream. I stood in front of the dairy shelves wondering which cream was best. Thankfully it doesn’t matter as long as you have cream.

I also grabbed a flake as you can’t serve anything with out chocolate 😉

Of course I did taste a bit (ok half) of the chocolate.

Whipping the cream was the hardest part of this recipe.

You simply make a strong cup of coffee, add in some whiskey and top with cream.

This got me wondering as to the origin of Irish Coffee.

According to the original version was invented by Joe Cheriday, a head chef in County Limerick. He added whiskey to hot coffee to warm up a group of American travelers on a cold winter evening in the 1940s, and when asked if he was serving them Brazilian coffee, he told them that it was, in fact, “Irish coffee.”

Princess tea party 

A beautiful sign

On Friday night Fun Mamma S.A. was invited to the 2nd Tableview Brownie troops to give a lesson on Table manners .

The evening started with our young princesses making their own silver crowns and paper wands.

Setting up our mock dinner table

After a brief introduction and a lesson on our ten table manners, the girls answered a fun quizz to test their knowledge.

Princess academy in action

We then took turns learning to set the table correctly and demonstrate the correct way to sit at a dinner table.

Dinner table
Princesses in training

We moved on by demonstrating “how to make tea“.

 This is one of the Brownie badges and we chose 3 little volunteers to brew their own tea. 

Tea making station
A little help to pour the hot tea

Next the girls tucked into their supper and got to put our table manners to the test

After dinner the girls were shown how to make their own marshmallow tea cups for pudding. A quick demonstration at each table and our young chefs were proudly showing off their masterpieces.

Princess academy

After clearing up it was time for a fun fashion show, as the girls showed off their princess outfits down the mock run way.

Getting ready for bed

Before we knew it , it was dark and time to get ready for bed. A quick setting up of their sleepover beds and changing into their PJ’s and the girls were ready for our last princess surprise…. A pin the kiss on the frog game.

Pin the kiss on the frog

It was great fun and this tired mama headed home very impressed with the girls manners.

To find out more about Brownies contact :

To order your own princess tea party sign, pin the kiss on the frog or table manners posters click here

To book Fun mamma S.A. for a Table manners or one of my life skills lessons for your children or organisation please pop me an email