National Irish Coffee Day

January the 25th is celebrated as National Irish Coffee Day.

So I thought I’d treat papa to a homemade Irish Coffee when he got home.

As a whiskey drinker, he likes the odd Irish Coffee and how hard can it be to make ?


Well , it turns out I first needed to pop across the road to get cream. I stood in front of the dairy shelves wondering which cream was best. Thankfully it doesn’t matter as long as you have cream.

I also grabbed a flake as you can’t serve anything with out chocolate 😉

Of course I did taste a bit (ok half) of the chocolate.

Whipping the cream was the hardest part of this recipe.

You simply make a strong cup of coffee, add in some whiskey and top with cream.

This got me wondering as to the origin of Irish Coffee.

According to the original version was invented by Joe Cheriday, a head chef in County Limerick. He added whiskey to hot coffee to warm up a group of American travelers on a cold winter evening in the 1940s, and when asked if he was serving them Brazilian coffee, he told them that it was, in fact, “Irish coffee.”


Nursemaids elbow 

Nursmaids elbow

What is Nursemaids elbow?

Nursemaids elbow is a common injury in toddlers and preschoolers, it is caused when a ligament slips out of place and is caught between the two bones of the elbow joint.

Sometimes it gets unstuck by itself but in most cases a doctor needs to quickly and gently move the arm to get the ligament back in place.

Although this is painful , it thankfully does not cause permanent damage.

What are the causes of nursemaids elbow

Nursemaids elbow can be caused with just a small amount of force.

Some of the ways in which you could cause this are

  1. Pulling a child up by the hands. This can place stress on the elbows. Always lift a toddler under the armpits.
  2. Swinging a toddler by holding onto their wrists or hands.
  3. Jerking an arm by pulling a toddler or grabbing their hands quickly. This can cause the ligament to slip. Always be gentle with your toddler.
  4. If your toddler breaks their fall by over extending an arm out for protection.
  5. Rolling over with their arm bent in an awkward position.

Between the ages of 5 and 7 your childs ligaments will start to tighten.

Signs and symptoms 

A child who has nursemaids elbow won’t want to use their arm because moving it is painful. They may keep their arm extended straight or slightly bent at the elbow. 

As there is no deformity or swelling caused with the injury you may not notice it.

Always check with your doctor as it may be a fracture or bruise to the elbow , not neccesary nursemaids elbow.


Your doctor will examine your child and ask how the injury occurred. There are no specific tests to determine nursemaids elbow, but an xray should be done to illiminate more serious injuries.

If there is no swelling or serious injury , your doctor will do a gentle maneuver called a reduction.

Your child will sit on your lap while the doctor gently takes the arm from a straight position and bends it upwards or straightens the arm while turning the palm to the floor.

Your child will experience a brief period of pain but will soon feel better 5 to 10 minutes later.

 Some cases may require more than one reduction to successfully fix the injury.

A reminder

It’s important to know that children who get nursemaid’s elbow might get it again. So be mindful of the risks and don’t pull, tug, or swing your child by the arms or hands. 

Be sure to tell all caregivers to do the same.

A letter from your child … the last child at school

Dear parent of the last child to be collected from preschool
Its been such a long day

And you were not here

I missed you so much

When will you appear? 
All the mommys and daddys

Collected their boys and girls

All my friends left 

With their bags and their curls
I’m just little and I don’t understand 

Why the boss kept you late

Or why the traffic was bad

I’m waiting for you at the gate
With noone around

I’m lonley and sad

Sometimes I think im forgotten

By my mom and my dad
So please dont leave me

To be last at school

Its really not nice

And not very cool
Love ,
Your precious child
(Judy Dooley)

South African dads get Paid Paternity leave on new proposed Parental Leave bill.

A new Parental Leave bill

On Tuesday the 28 November 2017 ,South Africa Parliment gave the go ahead to award fathers 10 days paid Paternity Leave.

Although the Labour Laws Amendment Bill was passed in our Parliment National Assembly, it still needs to be reviewed by the National Council of Provinces.

Other benefits

In addition to Paternity Leave , the bill has provisions for Surrogacy Leave and 10 weeks Parental Adoption Leave (applicable to one adoptive parent only).

Increased UIF and Maternity benefits have also been addressed.

A new view on child care

This is a fantastic step forward as to how we as a country view child care.

Traditionally women are awarded Maternity Leave as our salaries are less and our husbands /partners need to be at work to earn the salaries we require for survival.

My view

As a mother I welcome the initiative to further involve a father’s role in a childs life. 

The early days are a special few moments of learning and getting to know your baby. They set the foundation for future routines and an often exhausted ,sleep deprived mother would welcome the assistance of her babys father being hands on. 

In a culture where woman still have the majority say and involvement in a child’s life, this will effectively break the stereotypes and assist in creating bonded families where parents share equal responsibility for raising a child.

What is encouraging , are the other factors to the bill being that of surrogacy and adoption. It’s great to see our government looking to invest our hard earned monies back into the development of strong family units.

Our current law 

Currently fathers wanting to stay at home with a new baby have to either apply for family responsibility leave, which is limited to 3 days, or take annual leave.

Family responsibility leave only comes into effect once you’ve been employed for more than 4 months.

There are currently no provisions for Paternity Leave, Surrogacy Leave or Adoption Leave.

A mother is entitled to 4 months Maternity Leave. This is unpaid and her position at work will be held open for her. 

She is entitled to apply for UIF for 17 weeks. She will be paid 38 to 58 percent of her salary depending on the length of time she has been employed and contributing to UIF.