How to stop your kids bouncing off the walls 

I often hear from parents my child is bored or they so hyper at home and I always ask the same question ….

When last did you let them run outside?
Children are never bored when they outside.

Outside they learn to explore and appreciate the wonderful world around them.

Outside they learn to use their imaginations for play.  I’m sure you remember making mud pies .

Outside they learn to face dangers and test their limits. Just think of when you learnt to climb a tree.

Outside all their senses are stimulated.

Outside they exercise their gross motor muscles and become more agile.

Outside they learn the basis of a healthy life.

So what you waiting for ….let them play outside 


Finding Nemo ….a trip to the Aquarium 

The Aquarium has been on my bucket list for the last 3 years, so when I saw tickets were half price on the Waterfronts museum night I knew exactly where we were headed.

Dressing bear for the Cape winter we headed off early determined to try avoid a long queue. 

Friendly aquarium staff ushered us to the right line and before we knew it we had out tickets and we’re entering the exhibit.

As we entered a photographer snapped our pics for sale later (at R250 a set it’s well worth the memory. 3 pics in a wonderful keepsake frame full of info about the Aquarium,  a postcard and 2 small pics that you can turn into a magnet or keyring)

We always do things the wrong way lol and started at the sharks first. I’d read that they had just this week completed the shark tanks and introduced the few ragged tooth sharks we saw. Bear was in total awe as these magnificent creatures swam slowly past us.

Next we found the Nemo tank where you can crawl into the centre and have a full view of inside the tank. Papa got to snap a few pics of bear and I. I watched as a facinated bear watched  the fish swimming about , babbling about what he saw.

Next we past small tanks of various fish and sea creatures. Each as beautiful as the next, giving us a wonderful glimpse of the oceans secrets.

The wave pool was intriguing and bear giggled each time the ‘wave’ crashed into the large fish pool.

I couldn’t help lingering a little longer at both the star fish and sea horse tanks …two of my favourite creatures.

Soon we came across the jelly tanks , strategically placed in a darkened room the florescent jellyfish seemed to dance before us.

I loved the I &J tanks with a giant turtle shyly hiding in the courner as large sea creatures swam around him . Ahead of us was a tunnel and I wondered what kind of tunnel you’d have at an aquarium. The tunnel is made of glass and as you walk through the fish swim above and to your sides. This allows you perfect close up views of the animals in the tank.

Something that stood out for me was the touch tanks , where bear got to touch sea weed and a live starfish. This was not a sensory experience he enjoyed. He could also dig for fossils. Sadly he’s a bit young to understand what he was doing.

We gave the kids play area a skip,  mostly because it was bears suppertime and we were eager to view the penguins. But it was encouraging to see so many families , especially with small babies visiting. The Aquarium is completely pram and wheelchair friendly.

You smell the penguin enclosure before you see it and if you’ve been to Boulders beach you will know that smell only to well.  A cross between ocean, fish and dirty socks. The penguin are as cute as can be as they stare at their visitors .

I found this the most beautifully decorated exhibit with its wild fauna creating an ambiance of exoticness. 

It was nice to see an area dedicated to how green you are and we noted a kelp forest interactive game for older kids. I also saw a microscope section manned by aquarium staff who were educating the visitors about various sea life.

The sign boards are informative , without being too rigid and the staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have. There were many opportunities to interact with certain exhibits, touch and take unusual photos.

If you haven’t visited , it’s well worth the visit .


NutureOne -All in one bib (review)

I was very excited to collect bears NurtureOne Fuss Free Bib as now that I have an active crawling baby who wants to feed himself on my hands EVERYTHING gets messy.

The fuss free bib is made from a durable plastic and folds itself into a small pouch attached to the bib. The pouch is small enough for you to pop into a nappy bag or even your handbag and pull out when needed.

I also like the fact that by folding it back into the pouch , you are able to store these bibs on top of each other neatly. So great for other OCD moms like me who have nightmares over the neatest way to fold and store material bibs.

It slips on easily and attaches at the back with Velcro. I’m happy to say it will fit kiddies older than a year. Bear currently wears clothing age 12 to 18 months and the bib was comfortable with room to grow. It also covered all of his outfit.

Easy to clean and dries in minutes. I wiped his bib down with a wet cloth after breakfast but after lunch he’d smeared yoghurt all over it so I gave it a quick hand wash in warm soapy water , hung it up and when I went back 20 minutes later it was dry, ready for supper time.

The bib is not just great for messy eating but also for messy play time. A stress less way to keep your baby and toddler neat as they enjoy water play, paint , play dough or messy play.

I’ll be popping this into my bag and taking it along to bears Moms and babes classes for messy play time …no more dragging along a change of clothing for this mamma. 

For more information on the product contact




Ripleys … believe it or not (review )

I’ve been a fan of Ripleys amazing facts since I can remember.  As a young girl I would read for hours from the huge volumes of facts that we collected each year in his book of records.

 As I grew older I found some of his old comics in vintage books and would read these over and over again. So when I saw the Ripleysbelieve it or not exibit I just had to see if the hype was real.

In the pouring rain we headed to the Clock tower at V & A, to be greeted by Jean , our amazing tour guide and one of the most knowledgeable young men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  With a warm welcome he lead us to the beginning and showered us with facts that certainly aided the exibit.

I was interested to find out that Ripley himself was awkward as a child and so identified with the strange and unique people he often came across. A fact I hadn’t known until today. 

With over 170 artifacts and interactive exhibits, there’s something interesting for everyone. From real shrunken heads ( oh did my stomach turn) to the Olympic torch. 

Do not be fooled by the small looking size of this exhibit. It took us about an hour to amble our way through the informative plaques of each artifact.

I personally enjoyed the variety of art work from various mediums and am still amazed that there’s someone who can create masterpieces in the eye of a needle.

What really caught my attention was how child friendly this exhibit is. There are stickers placed stratigically encouraging you to take photos. The microscopes have little steps for tiny feet to stand on and the kids can touch and see certain artifacts. 

Bear got to hold the Olympic flame, sit in the eye of a needle, try out one of the largest chairs and drive a mini car. (Just look at the delight on that face )

It’s not often you can take a baby or child to an exhibit or museum and keep them occupied. Ripleysbelieve it or not ticked all the blocks for us and although I would recommend it for older children (7+) bear was constantly entertained,  and I got some amazing photos.

The dinosaur exhibit was my favourite and I enjoyed trying to guess which fossil was which … 3 out of 4 not bad for a teacher. 😂

 Hidden amidst the dinosaurs were the skeleton of a komodo dragon , dodo and two headed calf. 

It also boasts the largest nest of fossilised dinosaur eggs.

There are various screens showing clips from particular Ripleys shows and a wide assortment of strange and scarey people.

You can photograph yourself next to the fattest man or measure how tall you are next to the world’s tallest man. Don’t forget to hear the story of the tattoo lady and see how small tiny tims suit was. 

I highly recommend a visit if you’ve not yet been. Fun, educational and child friendly.  

Open from 9am to 9 pm.

One of the best exhibits we’ve seen

For more information 



Wedding expo

TBear and i discussed attending the Wedding Expo ages ago. We both won tickets from Pink Book Weddings and so off we went dragging our poor fiances with.
The expo was stylish and informative and you could see the effort each wedding supplier put in to make their stand attractive.
A few stood out for us and I must say , almost every aspect if your wedding is covered.
I would have liked to have found a few more people there…. stationers,caterers , marriage officers, florists and decor were certainly lacking. Whilst a few stands covered these I personally would have liked to have a wider variety. 
The wedding magazine ran a wonderful special of a back issue and several samples including a stylish wallet for the men and some snellalicious perfumes.
They held a fashion show and several stunning prizes were given away.
What stood out for me , as we planning a very untraditional beach wedding was the caraciture artist,  the bubbly and beer on tap and the beach style kombi photobooth. All items I wouldn’t have known about had I not attended.
A nice morning out and it was great to be able to share the planning with my fiance. This way I got to see what his preferences were and we discussed a lot of planning as we walked past each stand.


Hamleys train ride

We stepped up to the station at V & A , greeted by the friendly train conductors as they guided us to wait at the train stop guarded by the  wooden Hamleys guard.

Excitement mounted as I paid our R20 each for bears first train ride. It was only after we got home that I noted if we’d taken our tickets to the store inside we could have claimed our free button badges (guess which mamma saved her tickets for the next time we at V & A 😉?)

The polite conductors chatted away to bear, who by now knew something exciting was about to happen and was squealing in delight. After they helped me load my shopping,  fold my pram and pack it into the end coach, the conductor held bear so I could climb in the train. 

Kiddy music filled the air and I was transformed to a noddy story land awaiting our magical train ride.

I couldn’t resist asking the conductor to take a photo or seven to remember our experience.

With a toot of the horn we ambled through the V & A. Rickety sounds of train on cobbled path encompass the ambiance of this unique experience. 
Bear was a picture of delight as he squealed and waved screaming “elo” to all those we passed. Not once would he sit down . He chose to stand and hold on,  scared he would miss something along the way.

The train ride was the most comfortable , safe way to get an overall look at the V & A and just before it turned to head back to the station the driver made snake like patterns , tooting the horn and delighting all the kiddies ( and adults too) .
We ricketly made our way back to the station and I must say I was sorry to see the experience end. Bear loved every moment of the ride and it was well worth R20 each .
A huge well done to Hamleys for employing such helpful, polite staff.


The tip of Africa

Along our route home papa suggested we stop at Cape Aghulus and visit the tip of Africa with bear. I was super excited…aside from discovering something  new we would also get to visit the local lighthouse which now houses a museum.

500 years ago Portuguese seafarers discovered this odd place, calling it “needle  cape” as their compass needles did not read any variation between  magnetic and true north in this area. Now days a 24 ° variation can be found but the magnetic poles are constantly moving. 

Other stories suggest the area earned its name from the ragged rocks and pointed reefs offshore owing to the many ship wrecks in the area.

Cape Aghulus is often windy and desolate , well known for storms and raging waves. 

According to the International Hydrographic Assosiation , this is the geographic Southern tip of Africa and the begining of the dividing line between the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

We started our walk at the foot of the Southern tip foot path, a wooden walkway leading from the foot of the magnificent lighthouse , along the dune side sand and coastal fauna hiding the hibernating tortoise,  past the oceans rugged rocks and gentle waves to a monument announcing the Southern tip.

And just like that we marked off another item off our travel bucket list 😀