A month of motivation

I’m not entirely sure what happened to January and February but here we stand welcoming March.

Life is fast.

So, how do you keep yourself motivated through long, exhausting days that demand you to spread yourself in a thousand directions?

Three ways …

1. You slow down

In January we discussed the importance of remembering to slow down.

Our lives are so fast fast pased trying to fit in work, home, parenting, hobbies and friends that it can become easy to get engulfed into a matrix of schedules and meetings.

Often we full our busy days with meetings, things to do and scheduled activities.

We rush about to get things done but how many of us are also being busy making memories, spending time with family and friends and taking time to enjoy the activities we enjoy?

All of these are important for us to maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

Remember to take some adult time for yourself, time for your partner or to go on a date.


Time with your children is time you will never regret.


It’s also important to give back. If you overwealmed and stressed volunteering to those less fortunate than yourself or giving some time through mentorship to someone who can give you nothing can help you to recentre.


2. Take time for self care.

Self care is not selfish. It is an essential part of your mental health. You can not pour from an empty cup.

You need time to recharge to be on top of your game and continue the hectic schedules of life.

If you stuck in a rut, take the 31 day self love challenge


Your business is highly affected by your attitude. See how self care and self esteem are important elements in your business day


3. Top up on motivation.

Staying motivated is not always easy. Everyday stress and demands can play on our positivity and negatively affect up.

There’s a saying that goes … just like a bath you need motivation daily.

It’s important to wash off the days negativity.

How do you motivate yourself daily?

  • I like to start my day in thought or meditation. It allows you the correct mindset to tackle the days challenges.
  • Get some exercise. You need a healthy body as much as you need a healthy mind. Feeling good about yourself helps you to remain positive.
  • Look at the days diary page or schedule. Break your tasks up and don’t try to stretch a weeks worth of work into the first 4 hours of the day.
  • Set achievable goals and work on them systematically. Acknowledging your progress no matter how small.
  • Keep your circle as positive as you can. Surrounding yourself with negative people will rub off on you and change your positive focus.
  • Create a vision board or write down a set of goals that you look at daily to keep you motivated.
  • Read ….choose a book or devotional that inspires you to pick up and gain inspiration from.
  • All work and no play is the recipe for stress . Keep a healthy balance between both.
  • Be your biggest fan …if you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else ?
  • Acknowledge your positive traits, don’t be too hard on the negative ones. No one is perfect.
  • Choose a word for the year that motivates you …mine is Fidem! It means faith and keeps me reminded to have faith in myself.
  • Fill your life with printed quotes…use positive motivational quotes on posters, coffee mugs, fridge magnets or note books as small visual reminders throughout the day.

Game of Humanity cards

Last year we reviewed the Game of Humanity cards.


Thus brilliant set of cards were designed to spread positive gestures one card at a time.

The idea behind this concept is to pick a card, complete the random act of kindness and leave the card with the person you gifted /helped for them to pay it forward.

You can purchase your own set at http://www.gameforhumanity.com

3 easy ways to organise your life 

Three easy ways to organise your life 

People often stereotype organization with the idea of an OCD perfectionist. But the true essence of organization is to develop a sense of efficiency by reducing the clutter and stress around you. This in turn, enhances your time management, saves you money and improves the quality of your life. As a society , we also first associate organizing the space around us by decluttering our homes and organizing our personal belongings into neat little compartments. A stress free environment follows a clear thinking mind. Below are three fast and efficient ways to organize the space around you to ensure that your mind is clear.

 1. Positivity vs negativity

 The first step to organization is to change your mind set. Release all negative thoughts and things that no longer work for you. Is your job getting you down, get another. Do you feel stressed by old arguments or grudges, forgive and move on. Yes , it is that simple. Positivity allows us to move forward with faith.

 2. Prioritize

 Prioritize your time and the people who are most important to you. By changing a few habits and putting your family,career, health, hobbies and friends first we automatically lead a healthier , more fulfilling life and leave less opportunity for stress, negative situations and wasted time.

 3. Friendsthe good , the bad , the ugly 

Toxic relationships can play havoc on the mind and leave us feeling stressed and with a sense of no control over our lives. Sifting through our friends list and distancing ourselves from the dramatic, toxic friends opens us to more positive , healthy relationships and a happier attitude. The happier we are , the more in control of our lives we are. So, start now and get organized in the space around you.

Dear wishbone owner 

Dear wishbone owner
You dream the dream and talk the talk. Large ideas encorporated in your daily structured plans.  You comfortably sit on the fence day dreaming about the wants and needs that hold your thoughts captive.
But , that is all you do ….you dream. You wish.  You question why you are not getting what you know you deserve and can achieve.
The door is open for you to enter and yet you sit on the fence , too comfortable to make a move. Too scared to try for fear of failure.

Nothing good ever came from being comfortable. Growth is found in the uncomfortable,  unstable adventures of life.

You need to strengthen your backbone along with that wishbone.
To achieve your dreams you need to make a choice, be uncomfortable, work hard, believe and dream. 
And so , i hope today you unpack your backbone, jump off that fence and start digging the way to your dreams in uncomfortable uncertainty…. because that my friend is how you make your dreams come true.