Mornings with mommy meet up 

Cape town moms you’re invited to join us on a Friday morning from 10am12pm each week for a fun filled morning of socialisation. 

Each week has a new theme and a learning activity and craft will be set for the children. 

Moms can enjoy a cup of coffee and meet new mommy friends in a friendly environment. 

These meetings are free.




(Fun mamma sa )



Mornings with mommy …our first meeting 

I was very excited to start the Mornings with mommy group. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and to encourage mom’s to play with their children.

Our first meeting started very slow with just 1 mommy but between us we managed to talk up a storm over the delicious muffins baked by Kiki.

The boys enjoyed every minute of their outing and gurgled at one another. 

It was great to swop mommy stories and take a break from a weeks work to focus on socialising Bear.

As it was almost Easter I set a hoppy bunny art print for the boys to do and I loved the large smile on the other mommy’s face as she proudly showed off her little boys first art work.

I have big plans for this group and hope our next meetings bring more people. 

Pop over to our Facebook page and see what we get up to and from you can join us and meet Bear.