Tree of life App

Have you ever heard of a “brelfie”?


A BRELFIE is a selfie chosen to make breastfeeding even more beautiful than what it already is.

How does it work ?

The app allows you to add a magical Tree of Life to their pictures, and the effect is nothing short of stunning.

You can either download pictures from the internet or use the app’s Tree of Life sticker pack.

You can also add other magical effects.

How to use the App

Moms have been sharing their BRELFIES on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags.



Why share this ?

Moms are sharing not only to highlight the beauty of breastfeeding but also to reduce the outdated stigma of breastfeeding in public.


Back to school is cool … 6 activities to make going back to school a fun adventure.

Going back to school can be both exciting and a little scarey at the same time.

Whilst your child may have missed the interaction with their peers over the long holiday they may also be apprehensive about the new year, new teacher and work.

Make the last week of holidays fun by spending some one on one time discussing your child’s feelings and enjoying some fun crafts and activities to get them ready to go back to school.

It’s back to school time ..

1. Learn to sign 

Teaching our children to include others who may be different is important.  Help your child learn to sign the word welcome by using the poster below and explain what sign language is and why it is used.

If your child is interested you can visit and teach them more signs.

Let’s include all our friends

2. Issue a certificate 

There are many online sites that allow you to download certificates for your child . At the end of their first day issue them with a cute certificate and an ice cream treat on the way home.

These are my favourite sites to download certificates: 

Certificates help record the moment and acknowledge the achievements.

3. Photo props 

I love photos and photo props. There are so many available in the stores but you can also design and print your own.

Pinterest has an abundance of pins with links to print the cutest props.

I personally love the free printable over at

Have some photo fun with cute props.

4. Apple balloons 

On the first day of school what would be cuter than waking up to a bunch of helium apple balloons? 

This is also a fantastic idea for in the classroom. 

I would print the year on each balloon .

Easy to make. Fill 4 red balloons with helium. Cut 4 brown thick card stems and tape on. Add a thin green card leaf to each stem. On each balloon write with a marker a single number to read … 2018.

Apple balloons

5. Blackboard 

I have all my blackboard signs printed with and am never dissapointed. 

If you can’t print or download them yourself you can be like me and find a local printer to design and print it for you .

These are great for photo props and i have added those I’ve had done for bear to his scrapbook albums.

Blackboard are cool

6. Crafts

Get those little fingers and minds back into the habit of working by my doing some crafts together.

Below is a collection of my top 3 sites for awesome back to school ideas.

Crafts are cool

However you choose to spend the week remember mama’s to preserve the memories, one day you’ll be looking back at these days 💖

Guess who slept in his own cot ? 

After almost a year of sharing our bed last night  I confidently put bear into his cot…

….We both survived! !!!!


I’ll admit that the motivation behind his transition to cot had more to  do with the fact that I couldn’t breathe, my throat felt like fire and someone was blazing matches into my eardrums … the thought of a now well bear catching this virus again scared me more than a few tears of protest from him.

And honestly …. I just wanted to sleep !!

Lead up

Having said that though, I have been concidering the move for the last week or so. He really is getting too big to be in our bed and sleeps well in the cot at school.

Blanket fort

So over the weekend I turned his cot on its side, threw over a blanket and taa daa…

….a blanket fort.

He loved the fort and spent hours going in and out with his trucks and cars.

Mamma even abandoned the adult world and climbed in with him.

Time will tell

Night one done and dusted and here’s holding thumbs for night two. After all it only takes two weeks for a habit to form and maybe now this mamma will get more sleep 😉

Moms and babes Tableview

Way back last November I attended my first ever moms and babes class.  Those of you who remember the review will recall how much I wondered if I would gain anything from the lessons (being that bear is the baby of 7 kiddies  )

We are now in our 3rd term and Im genuinely concerned what we will do when Bear finishes his last term.

Vanessa has not just become our friend but also one of Bears favourite trusted adults. He spends hours staring at her in class (my boys first crush 😂😂)

We’ve met so many wonderful mommy’s and their amazing bears along the way and made a few lasting friendships.

But the question was always what would bear gain that he wouldn’t get from me at home ?


We started the classes when bear was 8 weeks old. Just a tiny newborn … nine months later I have a confident, social little boy who is not afraid of new people or groups. He is comfortable to leave me and explore his environment and loves playing with the other “babas”


I battled to bond with bear as a newborn . Broken ankle didn’t help either. Whilst I loved and adored my little bear cub I felt distant from him. 

 Our moms and babes classes have given me the chance to connect with bear.  To enjoy his cuddles and have become a special sacred time for just us. 

So much so that my new half day position allows me off on a Thursday to attend lessons. 


Because of this I’m able to be in tune with bears needs and he is a much happier little boy. In fact we are very lucky. We are blessed with a smiling bear constantly.


Bear loves to sing and clap. We use all the songs from his lessons and he now sits in the car chair as we travel doing actions to the songs he knows. 

I love watching how he claps his hands to ‘if you happy and you know it’ or how he tries to play ‘pat a cake ‘ with me .


I find I’m more award of his milestones than I was with the other bears and I’ve noticed he had reached his milestones a lot quicker than normal . 

He seems to grasp concepts very quickly and had developed both a nice attention span (for a baby) and a curiosity about the world around him.

Gross and fine motor

Bear has very strong and well developed gross and fine motor skills.

He crawled and stood early.   I atribute this to his tummy time exercises and the early classes where we aided in baby sitting.

He also has wonderful fine motor  skills and doesn’t struggle with his pincer grip …just ask my cheek that he pinched last week 😂😂


Bear is never bored. 

I find in school I can see the days he isn’t stimulated.  He needs no sleep. After a moms and babes lesson an exhausted bear will often nod off for a nap🙄

We usually reinforce what he’s learnt at home and bear loves to redo the exercises he’s learnt.

Repetition is the key to learning at this age.


Again I always feel safe when a new activity is introduced as I know the program was designed by professionals and the instructors are well trained.

Bears favourites

At the moment bears favourite activities are the action songs, sensory pools and posting boxes.

Moms favourite

Mine have to be the cuddle time while I read him a story and the messy play. There is something too cute in watching a little one squish a new texture between their fingers.

Im greatfull each week that we chose to continue with our lessons.