What to do with your baby scans

I remember the excitement I felt at each one of my first scans.

That first glimpse of your baby…their first photo.

I also remember how mostly these images were carelessly forgotten in a photo album.

With bear we had a scan every month and I have a beautiful collection of his growth both on DVD and in a special handmade album.

I also remember wanting to try include papa in this specialness and Nelia from www.givethanks.co.za made him this very special card from Hamish.

But what do you honestly do with all those scan images other than keep them in an album?

I’ve rounded up a list of custom items that can be made to display your babys beautiful scan photos.

Most of these items can be ordered from your local printer.

The keyring can be made by editing a scan image on the computer to make it smaller and printing it. You can purchase keyrings that allow you to slip a image in from a craft shop.

This would make a special thank you gift at the baby shower. I used a photo of bears scan as Thank you cards for my baby shower guests.

The decoupage heart can also be made by using modge podge to paint over a scan photo onto a heart blank. I love this idea to use on a Christmas tree or as a special ornament for grandparents.

The jewellery is stunning and there are many online traders. Just some advise I ordered several photo jewellery sets and the supplier did not look at the jewellery quality so I ended up with a necklace with missing gems.

Ask what the return policy is and always inspect your jewellery for flaws immediately after receiving it.


Twinkle little star

As I always do I randomly burst out into a bad version of song for little bear.

Today it just happened to be Twinkle little star…

It’s fun, has actions and I’ve been dying to sing a song where bear joins in.

Not expecting much bare a little finger flickering I started.

Me :

Twinkle twinkle little star ( hands opening and closing)

How I wonder what you are ( hands turned up as I shrug in wonder)

Up ..

Strange voice of bear singing:








(Wildly pointing heavenwards)

What? Had I heard and seen correctly?

Bear knew the song … and was now looking at me fingers together as if to construct a diamond patiently waiting for me to finish the song.


UP above the world so high (pointing up)

Like a diamond in the sky (fingers forming a diamond shape)



Wild clapping.

He was now done with the song as he climbed off the bed to go find a car to crash.

There so few words for the amazing amount of mommy pride I felt .

I’m also quite ashamed at the 30 or so times I tried to get him to repeat his actions so I could record it.

You would think by now I’d know toddlers never do what you want them too.

We have a talker …

Over the last few weeks I watched bears vocabulary grow in leaps and bounds from simple words and gutteral gestures to full blown conversations.

This morning was the cutest…

Bear was watching Caiou when the little boy hugs his mom , next thing bear runs up to me and gives me a big hug. Well my heart just melted into a puddle of mommy mush right there… I mean , just how darn cute is that ?

Next he’s at his toy box and he looks at me and in his best Barney sing song voice ge says ” I wuv oooo”.

A few minutes later he ungracefully shoved a “kaaar” into my hands and told me to “Taaaa” so he could eat his “naanaa”. He proceeded to chomp the banana, and his eyes spotted his Fischer Price talking “og” ( that’s dog for those who don’t speak beginner toddler).

For the last few days we’ve been talking more directly to bear. By this i mean , up until now we’ve included him in conversation, read to him and spoken to him but now we have this underlying goal to have our baby be able to communicate with us.

So I insist he say ta when he wants something and no longer just give him things he points to . I wait for the thank you after he’s received an item.

We purposely point out animals and items and hope to have him copy the word.

Last night as him and i sorted the mismatch chaos of his puzzle play I said dinosaur …what he copied was no where near dinosaur but it was a good try.

At the moment bears vocabulary is about 25 words and 4 phrases.

So how can you assist your toddler to develop their vocabulary?

1.Teach new words daily

Try to m

ake it a habit to teach a new words everyday. To do this you can point out the different objects in your home or in books. Bear likes us pointing out the animals in his puzzle and i find he loves to tell us what each piece is before placing them in the right space.

2. No baby talk

Developing language not only requires speaking but also listening so talk to your child as you would to another adult. This will encourage them to use proper words, rather than baby talk.

3. Describe your life

Talk as much as you can and often.

Spend the day describing your activities, the things around you, what you see and the sounds you hear to your toddler. Your child may not appear to be paying any attention but he is listening

and learning.

4. Use cues


ake advantage of the cues around you. If it’s time to eat for example, involve your child in putting plates on the table and smelling the food before saying “it’s lunch time!”

Your child may not understand the word “lunch” but will soon get the idea that whenever you say “lunch” it means it’s time to eat.

5. Create opportunity


reate opportunities for your child to respond to you. Ask your toddler plenty of simple questions throughout the day.

You can start by asking ‘yes or no’ questions.

As he becomes more responsive, ask more complex questions like what do you want to eat or where do you want to go?

Remember to pause after asking a question to give your child time to reply.

6. Simplify

If you can, use simple words and short sentences to make it easier for your toddler to grasp what you’re saying.

“Ta bottle” may be easier for your child to understand in the begining, rather than “please go collect your bottle from the table.”

7. Repeats to correct

Sometimes, your child might say ‘naanaa’ instead of banana , in this case reply with the actual word so that he can hear it. Reply by saying “yes, this is a banana”.

8. Keep it fun

Introduce singing , rhymes and poetry to your child’s day. These are fun ways to keep your child wanting to learn more.

9. Constant exposure

Read daily. Allow your child to interact with words through tv, apps, games and flashcards.

9. Grab focus

Maintain eye contact with your child when engaging him. Doing this will promote better understanding and helps to focus on what you’re saying to him.

10. That’s my name

Always use your child’s name in a sentence.

Your child will learn their name, identify that they are being addressed and gain a send a of self esteem .

17 month milestones

As parents we like to know that our kiddies are developing on track.

When my older , now grown bears were young babies we had to visit our clinic on a regular basis . Now days your clinic visits are much more spaced out and so we often turn to the internet to Google if our child is developing correctly.

I did just that recently to see how far bears development at 17 months was …

Here’s how bear fares at 17/18 month milestones


Age: 17 MONTHS


  • Able to hold crayon ✔
  • Can undress self ❌
  • Extended vocabulary ✔
  • Improved balance can bend over✔
  • Picks up toys✔
  • Runs✔
  • Throws over hand ✔
  • Manages stairs✔
  • Brushes teeth on own ✔


  • Scribbles ✔
  • Turns book pages ✔
  • Buttons large buttons ❌
  • Unzips things ✔
  • Turns door knobs ✔
  • Builds towers (stacks) ✔


  • sleeps through ❌
  • Has daily nap ✔


  • Uses spoon to feed themselves ✔
  • Uses a drinking cup✔
  • 12 teeth❌ 8only
  • First dental checkup❌
  • Eats family food ✔

So it looks like I’ll be booking bear a dentist appointment as we wait on his other teeth to arrive.

We also plan on teaching him to undress and do up buttons ☺

Tree of life App

Have you ever heard of a “brelfie”?


A BRELFIE is a selfie chosen to make breastfeeding even more beautiful than what it already is.

How does it work ?

The app allows you to add a magical Tree of Life to their pictures, and the effect is nothing short of stunning.

You can either download pictures from the internet or use the app’s Tree of Life sticker pack.

You can also add other magical effects.

How to use the App

Moms have been sharing their BRELFIES on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags.



Why share this ?

Moms are sharing not only to highlight the beauty of breastfeeding but also to reduce the outdated stigma of breastfeeding in public.

Back to school is cool … 6 activities to make going back to school a fun adventure.

Going back to school can be both exciting and a little scarey at the same time.

Whilst your child may have missed the interaction with their peers over the long holiday they may also be apprehensive about the new year, new teacher and work.

Make the last week of holidays fun by spending some one on one time discussing your child’s feelings and enjoying some fun crafts and activities to get them ready to go back to school.

It’s back to school time ..

1. Learn to sign 

Teaching our children to include others who may be different is important.  Help your child learn to sign the word welcome by using the poster below and explain what sign language is and why it is used.

If your child is interested you can visit www.startasl.com and teach them more signs.

Let’s include all our friends

2. Issue a certificate 

There are many online sites that allow you to download certificates for your child . At the end of their first day issue them with a cute certificate and an ice cream treat on the way home.

These are my favourite sites to download certificates: 

Certificates help record the moment and acknowledge the achievements.

3. Photo props 

I love photos and photo props. There are so many available in the stores but you can also design and print your own.

Pinterest has an abundance of pins with links to print the cutest props.

I personally love the free printable over at www.oneartsymama.com.

Have some photo fun with cute props.

4. Apple balloons 

On the first day of school what would be cuter than waking up to a bunch of helium apple balloons? 

This is also a fantastic idea for in the classroom. 

I would print the year on each balloon .

Easy to make. Fill 4 red balloons with helium. Cut 4 brown thick card stems and tape on. Add a thin green card leaf to each stem. On each balloon write with a marker a single number to read … 2018.

Apple balloons

5. Blackboard 

I have all my blackboard signs printed with www.givethanks.co.za and am never dissapointed. 

If you can’t print or download them yourself you can be like me and find a local printer to design and print it for you .

These are great for photo props and i have added those I’ve had done for bear to his scrapbook albums.

Blackboard are cool

6. Crafts

Get those little fingers and minds back into the habit of working by my doing some crafts together.

Below is a collection of my top 3 sites for awesome back to school ideas.

Crafts are cool

However you choose to spend the week remember mama’s to preserve the memories, one day you’ll be looking back at these days 💖

Guess who slept in his own cot ? 

After almost a year of sharing our bed last night  I confidently put bear into his cot…

….We both survived! !!!!


I’ll admit that the motivation behind his transition to cot had more to  do with the fact that I couldn’t breathe, my throat felt like fire and someone was blazing matches into my eardrums … the thought of a now well bear catching this virus again scared me more than a few tears of protest from him.

And honestly …. I just wanted to sleep !!

Lead up

Having said that though, I have been concidering the move for the last week or so. He really is getting too big to be in our bed and sleeps well in the cot at school.

Blanket fort

So over the weekend I turned his cot on its side, threw over a blanket and taa daa…

….a blanket fort.

He loved the fort and spent hours going in and out with his trucks and cars.

Mamma even abandoned the adult world and climbed in with him.

Time will tell

Night one done and dusted and here’s holding thumbs for night two. After all it only takes two weeks for a habit to form and maybe now this mamma will get more sleep 😉