Keep your family memories

Are you making memories with your loved ones daily ? Or have you let life get in the way and are too busy to stop and enjoy those you cherish most ? 

Yesterday we took bear for a quick walk on the beach. We were both lazy . It was after 5pm and yes supper needed to be made, bear bathed and evening washing packed away but these are not the things bear will remember. …

He will however remember that his mom and dad loved to walk on the beach with him.

As the mom of older children with lives of their own I speak from experience when i say all too soon your precious little one is gone and you mostly have the memories of their childhood and some random phone calls and visits to show for it.

Start storing those memories now. 

Take the time to craft with your child,  do activities together, make that video, take that photo. …

Keep your memories💜

Some brilliant ideas to preserve memories are :

Build a family website 

Write letters to your child to give on landmark birthdays

Make videos

Start a Facebook page for family photos 

Invest in photo books or albums

Write annual family newsletter

Have regular photos taken as a family.

Make fridge magnets of your photos.

Make time casuals. 

Encourage journalist. 

Keep memory boxes from holidays and special events.

I know of several people who’ve lost a loved one who would give a moment of time to have some of their memories back.

Today … spend some time making memories for tomorrow.  



5 best couple gifts

I’m not a big fan of gift registers for many reasons .

Whilst I understand their function I was brought up to believe a gift is given from the heart and so you should be great full for what you recieve.

I also feel it rude to demand a particular gift and quite uncomfortable for those who can’t afford items on your list.

As for the tradition of asking for cash ….that just makes me cringe. 

Whilst planning our wedding goodies I happened to find some fantastic ideas to gift couples that I thought I’d share with you for if you like me and prefer to just ignore the registery and buy a gift to give.

Couple shirts

These are too cheesey not to be cute. Not sure if I’d personally find them that adorable to wear out in public but they’d be great for a photo or seven.

Personalised scatters

These are my favourite and I plan on having some printed for us. Such a thoughtful and practical way to remember a special day.

Sensory gifts 

Gift the couple a gift to  match each sense.for example sound …a favourite cd,  sight…a photo of them in a cute frame,  smell …a Reed diffuser for their room,  taste …a box of chocolates and touch …a fluffy throw for the bed.

Shell and stone pictures

Make a romantic image by using shells and stones to form a romantic picture. There are many examples online.

Word images

These can be created using free image generators online and can incorporate the couples names and sentimental details.


She devil

Friday we were in Muizenberg waiting to meet a woman whom I was buying some second hand wedding decor from.

We sat in the car, radio softly playing and bear Asleep in the back seat.

Friendly waves

I looked up and saw a young girl , in her teens maybe early twenties smiling and waving at us. By her enthusiasm i assumed this was the woman we were meeting, and Pappa rolled down the window.

As she came closer I noticed her thinly worn demin jacket and grungy clothing. Her hair was slightly unkempt and her eyes glased over.

Then came the speech

Without ceremony she saw her chance and jumped right in with her well thought out speach

“Hi. Do you guys have a fourteen rand for me to get something to eat.?”

Papa and I looked at one another. It was obvious this young girl had no intention of eating and I’m sure by the state of her eyes she was looking for a fix of sorts.

Before we could answer she spat out …

“This is very embarrassing for me ” and tried to conjour up a false set of tears.


By now I’d about had enough and politely told her we didn’t have any money on us at all.

She continued to beg “How about seven? ” “what about five?”

A stern NO! Sent her on her way and we continued to wait for my mason jars and cake knives.

Flashing fingers

Not long after we’d sent our young friend on her way she came past skipping. We remarked that she must have found her donation of happiness and as i looked up found our princess of scquallor flashing us a huge double finger whilst she skipped away.


I should ”ve been revolted or upset but the mom in me kept seeing a young rebellious child doing what they can for attention.

I’ve had way too many rebellious teen moments to concern myself over a finger.

And , most teens believe they right …. she clearly believed we were wrong for not giving her what she demanded, hadn’t earned and did not belong to her.

As a mom i hope she learns her lessons soon before life teaches her the hard way,


I survived the babysitter and other lessons learned 

Somewhere during the course of last week I agreed to let Dbear and the gf babysit bear this Friday.

It seemed like a good idea.

I mean Dbear is 22, responsible and awesome with little ones.  The gf is amazing with bear and he loves her. The bonus being that Kiki and Monkey were here to help if there was a problem. 

So , in reality , I’d actually arranged 4 sitters for bear.

Date night set.

Round about Wednesday ,Papa started asking what I wanted to do for date night? This was also round about the same time the butterflies moved into my stomach and my nerves began to get the better of me.

What happened if bear cried, or wouldn’t go to sleep? What happened if he needed us or got hurt or …. (and here you can honestly just fill in with words that sound like mommy guilt and paranoia)

I wasn’t sure it was such a great idea and didn’t give too much more thought to it.

Until papa booked the movie tickets!  

Now there was no going back. Sneaky man , books the tickets online so I couldn’t back out of this .😉

Dbear and gf arrived just as papa bear pulled up with the other bears. I was half ready , dreanched in mommy guilt and secretly wondering how to get out of this.

Before I knew it Dbear was cooking, the bears were settling and bear was eating his supper from gf.

Guess I had no choice but to get ready.

As I pasted on a quick face and brushed my hair i started to feel human. Less mommy bun harassed and my anxiety was quickly replaced with an excitement. 

I love dressing up and haven’t had too much time to do that lately.

I also love spending time with papa . This would be our first few hours alone in 9 months.

The nagging mommy guilt brought me right back to the reality that for a few hours of quality time with papa I was about to abandon my poor bear into the land of the unknown.

As we closed the door and headed to the car, I realised I was just being paranoid. Bear was surrounded by 4 responsible people who love and adore him. 

I resolved to focus all my attention on papa. After all with a demanding toddler in the house it’s easy to forget each other.

It was strange not having to check bear was in the car seat correctly before starting the car.

But within seconds I’d relaxed enough to thoroughly start enjoying the evening.

Our date night was nothing extrodinary in the eyes of many…but for me it was perfect.

An evening alone to connect with the man I love. Sushi and a movie.

Papa even pulled out my chair and we held hands , something we don’t often get to do now as our arms are usually full of baby paraphernalia. 

I tried not to overthink the unimaginable and stopped myself 300 times from reaching for my phone and checking all was OK at home.

I had my first meal in 9 months not having to gulp it down because my attention was needed . I came away from the meal without the stains of a self feeding toddler.  And I sat through an entire movie without interruption ….it was wonderful.

Truthfully I was sorry the night ended so soon (four hours later) and we walked to the car imagining the chaos our home was in, certain bear would be awake.

But it was even more amazing to come home to a clean home, sleeping bear and 3 bears and the gf cuddled up on my bed. 

What did I learn ?

I learnt that in every relationship you need to focus on each other. Papa and I love our time as a family but we need that time alone to reconnect as to why we fell in love with each other to start with. Putting each other first is just as vital as raising bear.

I learnt that bear will survive a few hours without me. That others are capable of looking after him and that I need to let go a little and trust those around him who love him. 

I learnt that mommy guilt will rob you of enjoying the moments without your children if you let it.

I learnt that I raised responsible , loving, capable bears

I learnt that I can survive bear being babysit! 


Meeting the mama

Those who’ve met my older bears know that, like their mama they can be a little unconventional.

So I didn’t flinch when I received the following conversation from Dbear….



DbearAre you home




Dbearwoman who gave birth to me


Followed by my response at 5.20pm 

Meyes child of my womb

It seems by my response if he was in grave danger I’d have missed his call due to the survival need to cook a meal. 

But , as it was only mild hysteria all was good and mom could save the day.

The crisis….

He was stuck in traffic and his girlfriend was headed my way for supper. Could she arrive early without him please.

I’m unsure why he needed to ask but I took his thoughtfulness and as I really like her had no problem with them arriving two hours early for supper.

Imagine my suprise when I’m greeted at the door by both her and her mom. 

Inward I was cursing the boy… if I’d known a mama was coming too I’d have brushed the mommy bun down , made up my face and prehaps not answered the door in baby supper stained track wear and just my socks.

I must have given the look away on my face as gf mama kept apologising for interrupting. 

I fetched bear from upstairs, got ready to boil the kettle and we started chatting. 

Before I knew it gf mamma and I had bonded over the drunken mentor of Katnis Evergreen,  divulged our Steven king secrets and right off discovered that we shared a birthday. 

Half an hour later we were still laughing at our odd mamma jokes before gf mamma went off to a meditation class and I headed to fold paper boats for the wedding. 

All in all I have to say , this certainly was one of the nicer suprises at my door. 

Oh ! 

And supper ….well that never happened as the kids had other plans 😂😂

And what do you expect ….

With 7 kids life is certainly not boring 😉