Table manner game

All children should start to learn table manners early in life.

Below is a simple game to help install good manners in children. 

Give each child points for remembering their table manners and reward them with desert after their meal.

A minimum of 60 points must be earned to gain your desert .


Biscuits of love

Most of you will know by now that I’m someone who goes oooh I like that idea and goes with it, often leaving those in my wake to figure out my plan of unsure details, but none the less I get things done …usually the way I invision and like it.

And this afternoon was no exception.

I felt like something sweet and so bear and i went to bake a few biscuits.

Using my old time go to biscuit recipe I made a batch of dough.

After cutting 25 or so biscuits I got the awesome idea of baking papa a love note.

Out came my fondent pens and icing colour powder. .. before long I’d scribbled a primitive stick man note of love.

All that was left to do was bake it …

Because nothing says I love you more than hot biscuits with coffee on a rainy day


Edible frog lifecycle

How cute is this adorable lifecycle? 

I once taught my children the moon cycles using oreos and not only was that one of our more successful,  fun lessons it was also yummolicious!

So how to make the frog life cycle


Peel a grape,  cut in half and place a raisin or sultana on top. 


Poke an edible leaf (like mint) into a grape to form a tail. 

For the legs on the next stage cut thin slivers of carrot and insert.


Cut an apple in half. Cut oit a section to make a mouth. Use tooth picks to attach raisin eye and half grapes for arms. Place two half grape feet in front of the apple frog.