I am a preschooler

Credit http://www.howweelearn.com


Cloud bottle

I found this stunning experiment for kiddies online and wanted to try it with bear.

For older kids you can show them how the colours blend and mix to form a new colour.

But for bear I just wanted him to see the colours mixing and enjoy the experience.

He sat dead still as he watched what his mamma was doing. Huge grins as i squeezed the foam out the can.

I have to admit I’m sure he thought we were baking when he saw the food colouring lol

After I’d managed to squeeze enough foam on top of the water in my jar, I dropped different colours onto the top of the foam and we watched as the food colouring floated gently to the bottomof the jar through the foam cloud and fused to form a new colour,


Shaving cream sensory fun

Bear loves sensory play activities and the mushier the better.

Yesterday after our cloud experiment, we used some of the shaving cream on a cutting board and bear got his fingers all Mooshy rubbing the shaving cream into the board,his leg and the mat …it’s a good thing shaving cream doesn’t stain .