Montessori vs Mainstream

I love this comparison table. It highlights the differences between Montessori schools and Mainstream schools.


15 things to do that won’t cost you money

Here’s a list of 15 things you can do with your family this weekend that won’t cost you much money .

  • Visit the park – we have so many amazing parks on Cape Town. My favourite is the Greenpoint Biodiversity park. It even has an amazing fenced in play area for little kids.
  • Go sightseeing – I recommend a trip to the V&A, they have a free walking history tour. Just grab a map at the tourist information centre and follow the maps and signage.

  • Play a board game – when last did your family sit down to monopoly or scrabble? My boys are currently enjoying Risk.
  • Visit the library – go grab some new books and havd a chilled weekend relaxing with a good read.
  • Try a new recipe- the internet is full of devine recipes. Pick one to treat the family with.
  • Draw something- you don’t need to be an artist to draw. Try your hand at nature journaling. Take a book and some pencils outside and sketch what you see.
  • Camp out – if you have a tent put it up in the back yard . Build a bonfire and let the kids camp outside for the night. If you can’t camp build a table blanket fort and spend sometime in the fort reading to the kids.
  • Watch a movie – between DSTV, Netflex, YouTube and the internet your choices are unlimited . Or you could go old school and rent some dvds. Don’t forget the popcorn.
  • Learn a new skill – take the time to start that diy project you’ve been dreaming up or trying a new craft.
  • Budget- sit the family down and work out an entertainment budget for the month. Get the kids to make lists of things they would like to do as a family.
  • Make a time capsule- collect a box and everyone writes letter to their future self if puts in an item that is special to them. Agree to open in 2030.
  • Go through old photos – the kids will enjoy seeing younger photos of themselves and it’s always fun to relive a memory.
  • Exercise -take a walk,join a fun run or go for a bicycle ride.
  • Go geocatching – Navigating to find caches.Learn more on

  • Make paper aeroplanes – teach the kids to make paper aeroplanes and race them.

Chess for Chicas

Meet Sophie ….

Sophie is a 9 year old dynamic young girl with a passion for chess. So much so that she has not only written her first book to encourage other girls to learn to play but also has her own range of pink chess boards.

I was honoured to receive her book for review. Having loved the game of chess as a child and taught my children how to play I was both curious and excited to see this unique book.

I was not dissapointed. This informative, well organised book is broken down into step by step techniques with several practice examples.

It was easy to read and fun to follow.

The layout was exciting and even though it’s written for girls this handy guide is perfect for everyone just starting out learning the game.

For more information or to follow Sophies blog go to

World read aloud day


Today is World Read Aloud Day.

Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, ( February 1st) people all around the globe read aloud together & share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to everyone.

Benefits of Reading aloud:

  • Builds motivation, curiosity and memory
  • Helps children cope during times of stress or anxiety
  • Take children to places and times they have never been – enlarging and enhancing their worlds.
  • Creates a positive association with books and reading

Resources to use to make read aloud day fun.

Discover a healthier , happier you in 2018

January is the month that we reflect on our previous year and try to make changes to our lifestyle in order to get healthier, happier and reach our goals.

Here are 4 changes you can make to your routine to discover a healthier happier you .

1. Practice mindful eating

Slow down and pay attention to your food. When you eat mindfully, it’s easier to notice when you are feeling full so you are less likely to overeat and more likely to enjoy your food.

2. Take time to relax and sleep

When it’s time to sleep, it’s time to relax. Set a healthy bedtime routine and get your 8 hours sleep. Without enough sleep your brain will be foggy and you will not be able to concentrate.

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

At the end of each day to reflect on what you’re grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal is a way to shift your focus and minimize the negative influence of stress.

4. Walk for 30 minutes a day

Getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day can be as simple as taking a walk.

Lastly, remember there’s no good time to start so start now !

Happy 60th Lego

January the 28th marks the 60th birthday of the iconic Lego block.

These little plastic building blocks were launched in Denmark in 1958.

They take their name from two Danish words that mean PLAY WELL.

“Leg” and “godt”


Since its humble beginnings over 480 billion bricks have been made.

Lego is now one of the biggest toy brands in the world with theme parks,expos, movies and videos dedicated to the brand.

In 2016 alone , 75 billion pieces were sold worldwide.

To celebrate their 60th birthday a giant 10 feet tall 2×4 Lego brick statue was unveiled on Friday in New York at the Flat iron Plaza.

The statue is made up of 133,000 individual Lego bricks and it took Lego’s master builders more than 350 hours to construct.

A very Happy Birthday Lego !