Noughts and crosses on the go

I wanted to make the kiddies coming to our wedding, something special that they could keep but also something functional to keep them busy.

This noughts and crosses set is perfect. 

It gets stored in a simple drawstring hessian bag that you can decorate with perminent marker.

On the front our wedding date and at the back the lines for the game. 

You can use any stones but as we in Cape Town and Scratch Patch is right on our doorstep I’ve decided to use gem stones. 

I hope the kiddies like their thank you favours 😋


TBT … teaching our country theme in preschool

Today’s Throw back Thursday moment comes from one of the themes in my class of 4-5 yo. last year.

I set up the theme board with examples of the art we would very doing, our springbok border,  flag, big 5, money, national anthem and symbols.

As we would be learning that Cape Town was a small part of South Africa I also included the model we would make later that week of a cable car going up the mountain.

National Anthem

I am as lucky enough to have found the poster in our storage but you can download a copy of our national anthems words.

I am was shocked that most of my class could sing the anthem, I must admit I still get stuck. 

National crest

For this I used a downloaded image and we coloured it in with crayon.

For older classes you could have them research why each item is included in the crest.


The kids had fun with this one , as at this age , most of them could identify the coins we used. 

We coloured our money, practiced cutting skills by cutting it out and then enjoyed some pretend play going to the shop to buy what we wanted. 

It’s advisable to have several sets cut out already for little fingers that may not have mastered scissor skills yet or for that one child who insists on cutting straight through the coin not round it. 

National symbols

Can you name our national symbols? 

At the end of our week my class could name most. This gorgeous poster may have helped 😋

They also learnt our president name and could list some of our national languages. 

Table mountain

Not only is Table mountain synonymous with Cape Town, it’s also one of the new world wonders. It was the perfect symbol to use for the class to identify Cape Town as their home.

I’d been lucky enough to have gone up the cable car before and so was able to show them my dvd showing off the cable car, mountain and highlights on Table mountain.

We then painted cardboard mountains the shape of Table mountain. Coloured our person in the cable car. Attached a piece of string . Folded a flap to allow the cable car picture to move freely and made our own cable cars.

This was their favourite part of the week. (Early technology lessons  ..go preschool😎)


For art I wanted to use different mediums to allow the children to be excited about more than just colouring.

We made an elephant silhouette by first painting a sheet of paper half yellow half red (allowing the colours to blend)

I handed each child 3 stencils I’d cut from card …a tree, moon and elephant  they chose to either use black crayon to draw and colour these in or black paint.

The protea was made by gluing died coconut onto our photocopies.

I simply placed the coconut in a bag with some poster paint and shook. You can also dye it the same way with food colouring.

Our big 5 collages were made by colouring the big 5. Practicing those cutting skills again and pasting them to a piece of paper we had painted green. 

The children used crayon,pencil crayon and pastel to colour their animals.

We used the flag to practice colour identification and tried to colour in the lines. Again they were given a choice of art mediums to use.

Our blue cranes were painted in food colouring diluted in water. We used ear buds as brushes .

To end the theme we read several books on the big 5 animals and our show and tell everyone bought one item that represented South Africa. 


Edible frog lifecycle

How cute is this adorable lifecycle? 

I once taught my children the moon cycles using oreos and not only was that one of our more successful,  fun lessons it was also yummolicious!

So how to make the frog life cycle


Peel a grape,  cut in half and place a raisin or sultana on top. 


Poke an edible leaf (like mint) into a grape to form a tail. 

For the legs on the next stage cut thin slivers of carrot and insert.


Cut an apple in half. Cut oit a section to make a mouth. Use tooth picks to attach raisin eye and half grapes for arms. Place two half grape feet in front of the apple frog.