How to bath in Cape Town according to little bear

How to bath in Cape Town according to little bear.

Step 1 … gather supplies (@sanexkids body wash, @xoxobabysa bathmitt and mammas fluffy towl)

Step 2 … put soap on mitt and lather up

Step 3 …jump in bucket, remember to throw bubbles all over the shower and jump high enough to make the water sploosh out.

Step 4 …use mitt and wash off days dirt.

Step 5 …. rinse off. Save the bucket of bubble water to make the toilet smell nice .


A walking perspective

As most of you know I don’t drive . I guess I could if I needed to I just haven’t found the need to.

I’ve always used public transport and have lived in areas close to all the amenities I’ve needed.

People ask if I’m restricted the answer is no!

I love walking and if left to my own devices would walk for hours.

Often the only problem is that I walk to far forgetting that I need to turn back 😂🤣

Walking and running for me are a source of relaxation. A time to think and reflect. I’m able to solve my problems, think of new ideas and draft wondrous stories in the quiet of my own space.

I also love catching the bus. It’s social and always exciting. There’s bound to be someone new who strikes up a conversation , someone new to connect with or someone hilarious making the journey fun.

Today as I walked home from dropping my bear off at school it struck me at how friendly people are at 7.15am.

Bear and I will often greet and chat to the people we pass or walk behind on our journey. We have a few regulars the two Chinese ladies with scarves around their mouths who exercise at that time, the old man taking his dogs for a walk, that bunch of school boys who love to greet Bear, the pregnant first time mommy who asks a question each morning, the single dad getting his little boy to school and the homeless man who sleeps at the corner of the bus stop.

My only conclusion is that exercise is a great mood enhancer so having to walk , breathe in fresh air and start your day awake puts you in a good mood.

I also noticed how even those walking and using public transport didn’t look rushed. My opinion is because you know how long it takes to get there you mentally prepare and leave home earlier giving yourself time to arrive early.

The other thing I noticed (from months of early traffic trips to work) is that commuters in cars are rushed. They impatiently wait in queues of traffic, hurriedly gulp down coffee and breakfast in the car, stop to do makeup at robots and try to rush other tasks before finally arriving at work.

To add to their already rushed, anxious morning full of frustrations are the bad drivers, accidents and taxis.

There’s no time for quiet reflection. No time to admire the scenery around them. To stop and point out a flower to your child. No time to gather your thoughts calmly or to get more organised.

It’s rushed.

It is a rare sight to find a friendly smiling driver in the morning traffic.

So for now I’ll stick to using my feet to take long walks and standing in the bus queues joking with the other commuters. I’ll enjoy pointing out nature to my bear and breathing in the fresh salty air.

For now I’ll let people look at me aghast and pity my walking. 🌻

Bubiroo healing balm (review)

When I first spoke to Bubiroo about her awesome products, I mentioned little bears face rash.

He was teething and drooling. The fact that he sucks a dummy wasn’t helping much either on his #sensitive skin.

I had tried a few products and mostly just resigned myself to the fact that until those teeth were out the rash was here to stay.

This is the result of daily use for a week of the Bubiroo healing balm….

I apply a little each morning and again after bedtime .

The rash is completely gone !!!!

Thank you Bubiroo

For more information contact :

Why we should refuse plastic straws

As an avid beach cleaner and ocean lover I’ve seen first hand the number of plastic straws that litter our beautiful beaches.

All it takes is refusing the straw given to you.

If you don’t want to drink ftom the can, bottle or cup , takd your own reusable bottle.

Alternatively invest in a glass, steel or bamboo reusable straw.

Take a stand! Refuse a straw! Save our world!

15 things to do that won’t cost you money

Here’s a list of 15 things you can do with your family this weekend that won’t cost you much money .

  • Visit the park – we have so many amazing parks on Cape Town. My favourite is the Greenpoint Biodiversity park. It even has an amazing fenced in play area for little kids.
  • Go sightseeing – I recommend a trip to the V&A, they have a free walking history tour. Just grab a map at the tourist information centre and follow the maps and signage.

  • Play a board game – when last did your family sit down to monopoly or scrabble? My boys are currently enjoying Risk.
  • Visit the library – go grab some new books and havd a chilled weekend relaxing with a good read.
  • Try a new recipe- the internet is full of devine recipes. Pick one to treat the family with.
  • Draw something- you don’t need to be an artist to draw. Try your hand at nature journaling. Take a book and some pencils outside and sketch what you see.
  • Camp out – if you have a tent put it up in the back yard . Build a bonfire and let the kids camp outside for the night. If you can’t camp build a table blanket fort and spend sometime in the fort reading to the kids.
  • Watch a movie – between DSTV, Netflex, YouTube and the internet your choices are unlimited . Or you could go old school and rent some dvds. Don’t forget the popcorn.
  • Learn a new skill – take the time to start that diy project you’ve been dreaming up or trying a new craft.
  • Budget- sit the family down and work out an entertainment budget for the month. Get the kids to make lists of things they would like to do as a family.
  • Make a time capsule- collect a box and everyone writes letter to their future self if puts in an item that is special to them. Agree to open in 2030.
  • Go through old photos – the kids will enjoy seeing younger photos of themselves and it’s always fun to relive a memory.
  • Exercise -take a walk,join a fun run or go for a bicycle ride.
  • Go geocatching – Navigating to find caches.Learn more on

  • Make paper aeroplanes – teach the kids to make paper aeroplanes and race them.

Water alternatives

I recently stumbled across this water alternative chart from and wanted to share.

How many of these options have you implemented in your homes?

1. Hand sanitizer

I have sent hand sanitizer with the kids to school to keep in their school bags but must admit I hadn’t thought of using it at home.

2. Toilet flush

Yes, we let it mellow . I have 2 toilets and to make it easier for cleaning we use one for flushing only and the other we’ve turned the water off and fill the cistern with grey water.

We also use Wee Pong to spray after each use. It smells so fresh and disguises the horrid mellow yellow smell.

3.Sponge bath

I must admit we still showering but I’m thinking that we could sponge bath over the weekends.

I did sponge bath bear this week and he didn’t seem to mind.

4. Spray /rinse/paper plates

I rather run a little hot water in a bucket and then use that water for the yard or to flush the loo.

As a household of 6 , I have to cook so spray drying oily plates doesn’t seem so hygienic.

Also paper plates are great but how many paper plates will I go through in a week not to mention how large our landfills are going to be.

5. Fire/one pot cooking

We doing alot of this . Easier meals (thankfully it’s Summer) and using one pot or one oven tray.

I’m also looking at cooking options that don’t use too much water and using my oven and microwave more.

6. Laundry

I battle with this one as I can’t stand dirty clothing.

Jeans can be worn more than once. I’m not washing our linen weekly as I did. We wearing clothing that dries faster so we can rinse the small items in our shower water and instead of washing daily, I wash twice a week.

I’ve started offering to take this water to bears school to use for the loo as we can’t store it and can’t use that much grey water before it starts to smell.

7. Drinking water

We are currently buying our drinking water or filling up a 5l bottle to put into the fridge.

We have also got some mineral water stored should our taps run dry.