Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour is today, Saturday, 24 March 2018 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Celebrated annually on the last Saturday in March.

For one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time, people all around the world are encouraged to switch off their lights, screens and appliances as a symbolic gesture of unity to reflect on human impact on our planet.

But the Earth Hour movement is about so much more than just switching off lights for an hour.

Did you know, This year the theme for Earth Hour is “Let Nature Shine”.

The South African campaign focuses on food‚ energy‚ water and waste. Encouraging collective action towards combating climate change and conserving our natural resources.

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8 fun facts about the Cape Fur Seal

One of mine and little bears favourite activities at the V & A Waterfront is to go and spend some time saying hello to the seals.

As we cross the bridge to go over to the Clock Tower I scan the water to see if we can see any seals swimming in the harbour.

Mostly we just view them within their enclosure, lazily sunbathing on the concrete.

Little bear loves them and is completely quiet for the duration of our visit.

Today I thought I’d share 8 fun facts about the Cape Fur Seal.

1. The Cape Fur Seal is endemic to Southern Africa. They can be found as far North as the tip of Angola and large colonies live along the coastlines from Namibia to Algoa Bay.

They prefer the secluded pristine beaches of Namibia and the small islands off the West coast of South Africa as these offer protection from preditors and humans. Seals are not quite as agile on land as they are in water.

2. An adult male is usually larger than the female and can weigh up to 350kgs. A female typically weighs between 80 – 150kgs.

3. Males who have reached sexual maturity gather harems of females and form a smaller colony. These colonies can comprise of up to approximately 50 female seals.

4. A female seal can delay her fertilisation for up to 3 months, ensuring that she will only give birth to her pups in the begining of summer ( November/December)

The pups will be born without blubber and unable to swim so they will depend entirely on their mother for the next three months both for nutrition and protecton.

5. Cape Fur seals enjoy a diet of mostly pilchards and anchovies. Due to overfishing the numbers of these fish have dwindled and the adaptable Cape Fur seal will eat crayfish, other fish, shrimp, sea gulls and penguin.

6. There are 3 main species of seal : the true seal, the fur seal and sea lions.

The main difference between real and fur seals are:

  • Fur seals have little ears on the side of their head, real seals have no external ears.
  • Fur seals have larger front flippers to propel themselves in the water, real seals use their back flippers to move in the water.

There are 9 species of fur seals.

7. On land Cape Fur seals have tiny eyes but in the water they seem to grow larger and torch like. This is to assust them to see through the murky water as they can dive as deep as 200m.

8. Fur seals have two thick layers of fur. A soft inner later and a bristle outer layer. These layers along with the inner blubber helps to keep them warm in the cold water.

So when next you at the Waterfront pop by and say a quick hello to the resident seals .

The Future kids …because children care.

Rocco Antonio Da Silva is 9 years old. He loves penguins and want to be a scientist when he grow up.

But he is also a remarkable young boy who with the help of his mom and a few other people, has created The Future Kids.

What is The Future Kids?

Inspired by his chess teacher who was creating an App, Rocco wondered if he could create a website to help kids and adults look after the environment and learn to recycle.

Rocco approached his mom with some questions …

“Mom, I have an idea”

An idea and a couple of ‘what if’s.’What if a website could be developed to help save the environment?What if we were able to educate kids (and adults) on the importance of taking responsibility to care for the environment?What if we were able to influence people to become more proactive in protecting and preserving the environment?

What if a website could be developed to help save the environment?What if we were able to educate kids (and adults) on the importance of taking responsibility to care for the environment?What if we were able to influence people to become more proactive in protecting and preserving the environment?

And so the idea for the website was born.

Why The Future kids ?

To Rocco the name The Future Kids means being responsible for our future and taking action to make sure we have a clean and safe environment.

As Rocco says “ As it is our future, I believe it is up to us to look after it and help make the world a better, cleaner place.

What is The Aim of The Future Kids?

The focus of The Future Kids is the awareness of everyone’s responsibility to …

  • Keep our ‘immediate’ areas clean

  • Learn about and implement recycling/upcycling
  • Take ownership of our spaces
  • Keep our spaces safe for the future

The Future Kids club

Rocco and his amazing team have developed a special club for kids who care.

As a club member you would :

Commit to attend monthly clean ups with the help of the recycling gurus at Interwaste

Commit to being aware and conscious about recycling at home

Help spread the recycling/upcycling word

Commit to being kind to others

Perks of The Future Kids Club

1. Membership is free

2. Pride in the commitment made to the environment and your future

3. A Future Kids Club pledge certificate

4. A free branded T-shirt

5. A free canvas shopping bag

6. A free sticker page

7. A free badge

(Extra items can be ordered for the whole family)

First meeting – Save the Date!

The first official clean up will take place on the 7th April 2018 between 10 -11 am.

The venue is still to be announced but you can follow The Future Kids on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to find out where the clean up will take place .

“Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about” by Ashleigh Brilliant.

If enough people care about our environment then it HAS to make a difference.

We encourage you to do your part and spread The Future Kids word.

For more information or to join the club visit za

Listerosis … source found

The Department of Health and Safety issued a press release today announcing the source of the deadly Listeriosis virus.

You can read more about the disease here.

It was revealed that the source of Listeriosis is from the Enterprise company and many meats are in fact contaminated and being recalled.

This report by highlights the facts we as consumers need to know. issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

” Food safety is of paramount importance to Woolworths and we take all issues regarding the production of our food seriously.

Woolworths has a team of food scientists and technologists who proactively manage food safety, in addition to our independent food safety testing and auditing, to prevent microbial contamination of food. This testing includes Listeria.

Following the recent announcement by the Department of Health on the source of the Listeriosis outbreak, and as an additional precautionary measure, we are recalling a limited number of viennas and cold meats.

Customers who have any of the listed products, should return the products to their local store for a full refund

A list of recalled lunch meat, sausages and other products was listed for recall.

Mammas I for one won’t be rushing out to buy any processes meat anytime soon.

How to bath in Cape Town according to little bear

How to bath in Cape Town according to little bear.

Step 1 … gather supplies (@sanexkids body wash, @xoxobabysa bathmitt and mammas fluffy towl)

Step 2 … put soap on mitt and lather up

Step 3 …jump in bucket, remember to throw bubbles all over the shower and jump high enough to make the water sploosh out.

Step 4 …use mitt and wash off days dirt.

Step 5 …. rinse off. Save the bucket of bubble water to make the toilet smell nice .

A walking perspective

As most of you know I don’t drive . I guess I could if I needed to I just haven’t found the need to.

I’ve always used public transport and have lived in areas close to all the amenities I’ve needed.

People ask if I’m restricted the answer is no!

I love walking and if left to my own devices would walk for hours.

Often the only problem is that I walk to far forgetting that I need to turn back 😂🤣

Walking and running for me are a source of relaxation. A time to think and reflect. I’m able to solve my problems, think of new ideas and draft wondrous stories in the quiet of my own space.

I also love catching the bus. It’s social and always exciting. There’s bound to be someone new who strikes up a conversation , someone new to connect with or someone hilarious making the journey fun.

Today as I walked home from dropping my bear off at school it struck me at how friendly people are at 7.15am.

Bear and I will often greet and chat to the people we pass or walk behind on our journey. We have a few regulars the two Chinese ladies with scarves around their mouths who exercise at that time, the old man taking his dogs for a walk, that bunch of school boys who love to greet Bear, the pregnant first time mommy who asks a question each morning, the single dad getting his little boy to school and the homeless man who sleeps at the corner of the bus stop.

My only conclusion is that exercise is a great mood enhancer so having to walk , breathe in fresh air and start your day awake puts you in a good mood.

I also noticed how even those walking and using public transport didn’t look rushed. My opinion is because you know how long it takes to get there you mentally prepare and leave home earlier giving yourself time to arrive early.

The other thing I noticed (from months of early traffic trips to work) is that commuters in cars are rushed. They impatiently wait in queues of traffic, hurriedly gulp down coffee and breakfast in the car, stop to do makeup at robots and try to rush other tasks before finally arriving at work.

To add to their already rushed, anxious morning full of frustrations are the bad drivers, accidents and taxis.

There’s no time for quiet reflection. No time to admire the scenery around them. To stop and point out a flower to your child. No time to gather your thoughts calmly or to get more organised.

It’s rushed.

It is a rare sight to find a friendly smiling driver in the morning traffic.

So for now I’ll stick to using my feet to take long walks and standing in the bus queues joking with the other commuters. I’ll enjoy pointing out nature to my bear and breathing in the fresh salty air.

For now I’ll let people look at me aghast and pity my walking. 🌻

Bubiroo healing balm (review)

When I first spoke to Bubiroo about her awesome products, I mentioned little bears face rash.

He was teething and drooling. The fact that he sucks a dummy wasn’t helping much either on his #sensitive skin.

I had tried a few products and mostly just resigned myself to the fact that until those teeth were out the rash was here to stay.

This is the result of daily use for a week of the Bubiroo healing balm….

I apply a little each morning and again after bedtime .

The rash is completely gone !!!!

Thank you Bubiroo

For more information contact :