Table mountain’s birthday gift to you …

Today is Mountain day and i thought i’d highlight my favourite mountain …Table Mountain.

More specifically, did you know that you  get a FREE Birthday return trip on the Table Mountain Cableway?

 The tickets are valid to all adults for a return trip. You need to visit the mountain with your ID to claim your ticket. Please note the tickets are valid for 7 days.

My trip up the mountain

We went up for my birthday two years ago and it was amazing . My birthday falls in winter so I have to tell you I froze, we were surrounded by mist so had very poor viability at the top but Wow! It was an experience I won’t forget.

 The mountain is beautiful and as you slowly inch your way up in the aerial cableway , you glance over the breathtaking view of Cape Town. I can only imagine just how beautiful this view is at night with the city lights shining.

Up on the mountain a wide array of fauna and flora are yours to admire. From lazy lizards to wild dassies. Awaiting you are a few different paths to walk and some strategic lookout points to explore. 

I could have spent alot longer at the top and going back up is on my 2018 bucket list.

Fact file 

Below are some Table mountain facts you may not have known about our famous mountain.

1. This flat topped mountain over looking Cape Town is over 250 million years old. 

2. The highest point is 3,563 ft above sea level.  

3. Table Mountain cableway opened in 1929.

4. Table Mountain was inaugurated as one of the world’s  new 7 wonders of nature and the only one situated in an urban area, making it most accessible.

5. It is the only terrestrial structure in the world to have a constellation name after it. 

6. At least 2 couples get married on Table Mountain every month.

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Blog Challenge 10 … the best trip of my life 

As a self confessed gypsy and frequent traveller I’ve had the fortune of visiting and travelling to some of the most amazing places in South Africa.

One of my favourite places has to be Hole in the Wall.

We visited there in 2016 with our friend Lita. I was immediately in love.

Below is what I wrote about it on my blog Sparkarella, shortly after our return home.

As we carefully ambled our way in our faux 4×4 over dirt roads and potholes , we were left breathless by the splendid beauty surrounding us.
Traditional houses lined the emerald green hills leading a bright path to our remote destination……The hole in the wall.
Here in this forgotten region earths creatures live in harmony with those around her as horses graze outside the front door of many homes. 
Along the winding dirt path we passed several goat and sheep who gave us a curious glance before returning to their activities. An elderly lady lead her pet cow home and one is instantly struck by the simplicity of life. 
17km of blazing sun shine and pothole scattered dirt road later , we embarked upon our destination. This hidden gem was smothered in admirers and after the sparse human sighting en route I was surprised to so many people.   
As we drove closer I was struck by the simplistic beauty of nature. Clear lagoon pools of azure water leaking slowly back into the rip tides of an aqua ocean. White horses dancing with delight as the calm.  tide rolled to shore. 
Not mearly a hole in the wall, but a breathtaking reminder of the strength and grace of mother nature. 
The neighbouring hill showed an eroded crevice, where the cruelty of earth’s elements had worn over the years and all around us rolling hills shone in varied shades of greenery as they boldly overlooked the lavish valleys below them.

 The beach sands boastfully glistened in humble hues of browns and bronzes, invitingly calling you to step barefoot and admire this small piece of heaven.