Fingerprint carrot art 

Bear and I had great fun with this arty creation.

First I drew the ground and a bunny outline. I also added the stalks to a few carrots.

We painted his little finger with orNge paint and printed 3 times to make each carrot. 

Next I placed some green paint on the paper as grass and let Bear use his fingers to smudie it in.

Lastly I went over the bunny with some glitter glue.


Easter eats

This weekend serve up some easy Easter eats for your bears to enjoy.

1.bunny sandwhich

Make your normal sandwiches and use a bunny cookie cutter rlto cut them into Easter bunny shapes.

2. bunny face breakfast

Construct this awesome bunny breakfast from a crumpet , 2 mini crumpets for mouth area, cheeses strips as whiskers,cut strawberry for nose, apple pieces for teeth,blobs of yoghurt with blueberries for eyes and banana for ears.

3. Bunny bum treat

To construct the bunny bum use a large crumpet with a dollop of cream for the tail. Attach 2 smaller crumpets as feet. Add cut strawberry and icing details to the paw


Hoppy Easter

It’s Bears first Easter and he gave us the gift of sleeping till 8.20am.

He’s spent a busy Easter Friday morning playing in his play area whilst I cooked breakfast and Pappa bear got the washing on. So many toys and colours to keep our little bear busy.

After helping Pappa bear with the washing , tucking into a yummolicious breakfast a tired bear is taking a nap so I thought I’d take the time to wish you all a very Happy Easter weekend from our home to yours 💖