Make a tshirt scarf

Every season I throw out a handful of shirts that I just won’t wear again

 Repurposing them would be a much better idea. 

So this shirt scarf is ideal to turn your unwanted summer shirts into wearable winter warmers.

Simply cut the arms and neck off. Leaving you with a double square of fabric. 

Cut lengths on both the top and bottom edge and knot as above.

Stylish and economic friendly 


Noughts and crosses on the go

I wanted to make the kiddies coming to our wedding, something special that they could keep but also something functional to keep them busy.

This noughts and crosses set is perfect. 

It gets stored in a simple drawstring hessian bag that you can decorate with perminent marker.

On the front our wedding date and at the back the lines for the game. 

You can use any stones but as we in Cape Town and Scratch Patch is right on our doorstep I’ve decided to use gem stones. 

I hope the kiddies like their thank you favours 😋


Make your own barefoot sandles

I just love these barefoot Sandler. 

So how to go about recreating them for my bridal party? 

Using a hessian stein plait a long strand.

Next start by placing under toe, cross over the top . At this cross stitch together with cotton matching string . Now tie up leg.

Pep sell really cheap platinum flowers and so by grabbing a bunch you can cut them off and glue with bostic in place.

Happy walking 👣


Love bucket centre piece

When I was looking for centre pieces to make for our wedding tables these love buckets caught my eye.
How easy and so beautiful.

Paint some metal buckets with acrylic paint to match your colour theme and then paint each one with a letter to form the word love.

Fill wit flowers of your choice.

I really like that these can be repurposed in your home after the wedding.


Mason jar lanterns

These lanterns take ten minutes to make and a little longer to dry.
First cut your design from contact paper. In our case a heart. 

Place on jar and pull off the excess.

Paint over the entire jar.

Leave to dry.

When dry pull your design off and you will now have created a clear area.

Place a small tealight inside.