Sunday Funday ideas


15 things to do that won’t cost you money

Here’s a list of 15 things you can do with your family this weekend that won’t cost you much money .

  • Visit the park – we have so many amazing parks on Cape Town. My favourite is the Greenpoint Biodiversity park. It even has an amazing fenced in play area for little kids.
  • Go sightseeing – I recommend a trip to the V&A, they have a free walking history tour. Just grab a map at the tourist information centre and follow the maps and signage.

  • Play a board game – when last did your family sit down to monopoly or scrabble? My boys are currently enjoying Risk.
  • Visit the library – go grab some new books and havd a chilled weekend relaxing with a good read.
  • Try a new recipe- the internet is full of devine recipes. Pick one to treat the family with.
  • Draw something- you don’t need to be an artist to draw. Try your hand at nature journaling. Take a book and some pencils outside and sketch what you see.
  • Camp out – if you have a tent put it up in the back yard . Build a bonfire and let the kids camp outside for the night. If you can’t camp build a table blanket fort and spend sometime in the fort reading to the kids.
  • Watch a movie – between DSTV, Netflex, YouTube and the internet your choices are unlimited . Or you could go old school and rent some dvds. Don’t forget the popcorn.
  • Learn a new skill – take the time to start that diy project you’ve been dreaming up or trying a new craft.
  • Budget- sit the family down and work out an entertainment budget for the month. Get the kids to make lists of things they would like to do as a family.
  • Make a time capsule- collect a box and everyone writes letter to their future self if puts in an item that is special to them. Agree to open in 2030.
  • Go through old photos – the kids will enjoy seeing younger photos of themselves and it’s always fun to relive a memory.
  • Exercise -take a walk,join a fun run or go for a bicycle ride.
  • Go geocatching – Navigating to find caches.Learn more on

  • Make paper aeroplanes – teach the kids to make paper aeroplanes and race them.

Parents Night Out with the Kids gym


What a fantastic idea for your older bears. The kids Gym have arranged a special evening to keep the kids safe and entertained whilst mom and dad get some much needed date night time.

Need a night out without the kids?

Here’s your chance!!!

Enjoy your night out whilst your kids are treated to a SUPER INCREDIBLE evening of FUN, GAMES & a MOVIE at The Kids Gym !

WHEN: 16th February 2018

TIME: 17h30-21h30 (can collect anytime between 21h00-21h30)

INCLUDES: A Pizza, Juice, Frozen Yoghurt & a Movie

WHAT TO BRING: Pillow, Blanket & Water Bottle


COST: R200 pp


Click on the below link to book your spot now!

For more information contact :

Our first Adventure clubs adventure.


We’ve been working through our January Bucket list.

One of the items on our list was a picnic in the park. Now , picnics are no fun alone so I decided to try setting up an adventure with the Adventure clubs app.

As you know , I love this app and was eager to try it out.

You can read more about the app here.

How it works 

It was really easy to create the event after you’ve downloaded the app.

Once you log on, you are given a home page which shows you your adventures and gives you a tab to create an adventure.

Home screen menu

From here you click create and follow the steps. 


Pick one of the many categories.

Pick a catagory


Fill in the details about your adventure.

  • Title 
  • Date
  • Time
  • Day
  • Location (a map is provided . This is so helpful especially to those like me who can get lost anywhere)
  • A description of the adventure
  • Number of people
  • Age range
Fill in the details


Be a bit more descriptive. Give your new adventure friends a few more clues on how to be prepared for the day out.

Tell them :

  • Is it inside or outside
  • What to bring along
  • How much it costs
  • What to wear.  
  • Is the area pram friendly or not ? (After lugging my pram around these holidays this has become a vital question for me)
  • Where to park
Be more descriptive


Your adventure is ready!

Our adventure

Our experience 

 I loved that I received a message each time someone commented or sent an R.S.V.P.

I also liked that it was a safe space to message each other as these were all strangers meeting.

I found it easy to set up and easy to use.

The morning of our adventure I received a reminder which in our busy lifestyles is fantastic and means we won’t double book an event.

How did the Adventure go?

I was a bit dissapointed in the turn out. Only one other parent from 4 made it to the picnic. An awesome dad and his little boy.  

Neither of us were too peturbed and we ended up including 2 other picnic groups with us .

So at the end of the day it was an amazing day and little bear enjoyed a picnic in the park with his new friends.

Picnic time for teddy bears

Little bears bucket list … January #3 – Go for a ride on my Bike.

Wednesday was scorching hot and we sat melting in our little flat. No amount of air seemed to be circulating and it was almost 40 degrees outside, so it wasn’t like I was going to venture out to find the shade of a cool tree anywhere.

We all lazed about, fan going and bear running about in just his nappy. 

The heat started to wane at about 4 pm and I messaged papa bear to suggest that we take bear down to Eden on bay to enjoy his bike ride and for all of us to cool off.

Ahhh! Also the perfect opportunity to tick off one of the items on Little Bears Bucket List

(You can follow and join our bucket list for toddlers here )

Bear always gets super excited when he sees us loading his bike into the car and you can almost see the adventure written across his sparkling eyes.

As you will remember we had bought him a nice brand new transformer like gadgety first bike and he refused to look at it or even ride it , chosing his second hand charity shop find bike over the new one. 

So, off we went to Eden on bay.

I love going to Eden on bay as its one of the nicest places for bear to play. There is the walkway for him to ride his bike, the grass to picnic, the shops and restaurants to visit and most importantly the beach right there.

I was super impressed at how far those tiny legs can walk.  He pushed his bike from one end of Eden on bay to the other and then rode his bike on the grassy patch as we sat watching him enjoying a nice cold drink.

Every few minutes he’d jump of his bike and make a beeline for his cold drink. Riding your bike is hard work.

Eventually a very exhausted bear looked at me, arms outstretched and quietly said “My up‘ and that was this mammas cue that the day was now done.

I try take bear riding as often as I can . I want him to grow up to love the outdoors and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This activity also just made me add to my bucket list …. buy myself a bike to start cycling with my bear. 

If you have completed this activity or any of the others with your toddler please hashtag us on social media so we can join in your fun.


Table mountain’s birthday gift to you …

Today is Mountain day and i thought i’d highlight my favourite mountain …Table Mountain.

More specifically, did you know that you  get a FREE Birthday return trip on the Table Mountain Cableway?

 The tickets are valid to all adults for a return trip. You need to visit the mountain with your ID to claim your ticket. Please note the tickets are valid for 7 days.

My trip up the mountain

We went up for my birthday two years ago and it was amazing . My birthday falls in winter so I have to tell you I froze, we were surrounded by mist so had very poor viability at the top but Wow! It was an experience I won’t forget.

 The mountain is beautiful and as you slowly inch your way up in the aerial cableway , you glance over the breathtaking view of Cape Town. I can only imagine just how beautiful this view is at night with the city lights shining.

Up on the mountain a wide array of fauna and flora are yours to admire. From lazy lizards to wild dassies. Awaiting you are a few different paths to walk and some strategic lookout points to explore. 

I could have spent alot longer at the top and going back up is on my 2018 bucket list.

Fact file 

Below are some Table mountain facts you may not have known about our famous mountain.

1. This flat topped mountain over looking Cape Town is over 250 million years old. 

2. The highest point is 3,563 ft above sea level.  

3. Table Mountain cableway opened in 1929.

4. Table Mountain was inaugurated as one of the world’s  new 7 wonders of nature and the only one situated in an urban area, making it most accessible.

5. It is the only terrestrial structure in the world to have a constellation name after it. 

6. At least 2 couples get married on Table Mountain every month.

For more information

Please don’t feed baby ! 

I’m not easily offended but when I eat out I expect the following

  • Great ambiance 
  • Fantastic service
  • Efficient staff
  • Yummolicious food 
  • Family friendly

I feel these are reasonable requests for shelling out between R100 and R200 per person eating.

So, you can all imagine my horror when not one but several restaurants I’ve been into this last month don’t offer a baby chair.

Are you kidding me ? 

Really? As a restaurant owner I need to ask you..

  1. Are you under the impression that parents don’t eat out with their children?
  2. Are you too cheap to invest in a baby chair ? Because 1 family eating will most likely cover 2 chairs #justsaying
  3. Do you like losing business?
  4. Do you honestly want a frazzled mother trying to balance a wriggly baby or toddler on her lap as well as shovel piping hot food down her throat ? ( I don’t need to pay someone to do that …really I get to do this EVERY day for free)
  5. At what point did you forget to note that a jumping child or tumbling toddler on moms lap can break your crockery, burn themselves and grab a knife cutting themselves alot faster than if they were secure in a seat ?
  6. Do you really think your grown up chairs are suitable for babies and toddlers? 
  7. Or do you actually just not care enough to make your patrons comfortable ? 

Aside from it being highly frustrating as a parent , imagine the horror as a tourist who may be delighted to try your cuisine discovers you don’t actually accommodate feeding babies.

This should be a prerequisite, along with customer service and quality food. 

20 odd years ago when my bears were little every family friendly restaurants had a baby chair.

Now we have to hunt down a decent restaurant to eat at that also accommodates our toddler.

Last weekend at Tablebay mall I walked out of Lisa’s and had to go across to Mugg and Bean to find a baby chair for bear. 

Today I walked out of Barroco in Century City because of no baby chair. Eventually finding a baby chair at Colcachios. You also won’t find a baby chair at Primi or any of the other ‘flag ship’ restaurants in Century City… Such a huge mall but apparently their marketing gurus have mislead them into thinking families don’t shop here because baby chairs aren’t needed.

Either that or these companies don’t need the business and don’t care.

I for one will walk out of every restaurant that doesn’t accommodate kiddies … my money is better spent at a venue that caters for the whole family.