Table mountain’s birthday gift to you …

Today is Mountain day and i thought i’d highlight my favourite mountain …Table Mountain.

More specifically, did you know that you  get a FREE Birthday return trip on the Table Mountain Cableway?

 The tickets are valid to all adults for a return trip. You need to visit the mountain with your ID to claim your ticket. Please note the tickets are valid for 7 days.

My trip up the mountain

We went up for my birthday two years ago and it was amazing . My birthday falls in winter so I have to tell you I froze, we were surrounded by mist so had very poor viability at the top but Wow! It was an experience I won’t forget.

 The mountain is beautiful and as you slowly inch your way up in the aerial cableway , you glance over the breathtaking view of Cape Town. I can only imagine just how beautiful this view is at night with the city lights shining.

Up on the mountain a wide array of fauna and flora are yours to admire. From lazy lizards to wild dassies. Awaiting you are a few different paths to walk and some strategic lookout points to explore. 

I could have spent alot longer at the top and going back up is on my 2018 bucket list.

Fact file 

Below are some Table mountain facts you may not have known about our famous mountain.

1. This flat topped mountain over looking Cape Town is over 250 million years old. 

2. The highest point is 3,563 ft above sea level.  

3. Table Mountain cableway opened in 1929.

4. Table Mountain was inaugurated as one of the world’s  new 7 wonders of nature and the only one situated in an urban area, making it most accessible.

5. It is the only terrestrial structure in the world to have a constellation name after it. 

6. At least 2 couples get married on Table Mountain every month.

For more information 



Please don’t feed baby ! 

I’m not easily offended but when I eat out I expect the following

  • Great ambiance 
  • Fantastic service
  • Efficient staff
  • Yummolicious food 
  • Family friendly

I feel these are reasonable requests for shelling out between R100 and R200 per person eating.

So, you can all imagine my horror when not one but several restaurants I’ve been into this last month don’t offer a baby chair.

Are you kidding me ? 

Really? As a restaurant owner I need to ask you..

  1. Are you under the impression that parents don’t eat out with their children?
  2. Are you too cheap to invest in a baby chair ? Because 1 family eating will most likely cover 2 chairs #justsaying
  3. Do you like losing business?
  4. Do you honestly want a frazzled mother trying to balance a wriggly baby or toddler on her lap as well as shovel piping hot food down her throat ? ( I don’t need to pay someone to do that …really I get to do this EVERY day for free)
  5. At what point did you forget to note that a jumping child or tumbling toddler on moms lap can break your crockery, burn themselves and grab a knife cutting themselves alot faster than if they were secure in a seat ?
  6. Do you really think your grown up chairs are suitable for babies and toddlers? 
  7. Or do you actually just not care enough to make your patrons comfortable ? 

Aside from it being highly frustrating as a parent , imagine the horror as a tourist who may be delighted to try your cuisine discovers you don’t actually accommodate feeding babies.

This should be a prerequisite, along with customer service and quality food. 

20 odd years ago when my bears were little every family friendly restaurants had a baby chair.

Now we have to hunt down a decent restaurant to eat at that also accommodates our toddler.

Last weekend at Tablebay mall I walked out of Lisa’s and had to go across to Mugg and Bean to find a baby chair for bear. 

Today I walked out of Barroco in Century City because of no baby chair. Eventually finding a baby chair at Colcachios. You also won’t find a baby chair at Primi or any of the other ‘flag ship’ restaurants in Century City… Such a huge mall but apparently their marketing gurus have mislead them into thinking families don’t shop here because baby chairs aren’t needed.

Either that or these companies don’t need the business and don’t care.

I for one will walk out of every restaurant that doesn’t accommodate kiddies … my money is better spent at a venue that caters for the whole family. 


Smart Toy Club …. A review

I was totally curious when I first saw this toy rental subscription idea … after all at the rate that kids develop and grow we all know that an expensive toy you bought last week can be quickly outgrown in a day or two.

Subscribing to a program that aims at allowing your child to learn through play and at the same time saves you money and the clutter of too many toys seemed like a dream come true.

So, when bear was offered a two month trial I was super excited. 

The subscription is open to children aged 6 months to 5 years and each month they receive a bag of specially chosen toys to keep for the next 4 weeks. All of this from as little as R249 a month for a bag of toys worth R700.

We rushed off to collect our first bag of toys and was greeted by Lyneves friendly smile and welcoming service.

I eagerly grabbed the bag and couldn’t wait to try. All the toys are packaged in a handy bag with a keyring label and your name. This meant we could keep the toys neat and hung up.

Beforehand we had gone online and filled in a form to allow her to know bears age, interests and milestones … allowing for the correct toy choice.

Bears favourite was the sticky bath toy and he latched onto it in the car. 

For the next month he played contently with the few toys in the bag. At one stage I thought he’d get bored with such a few toys , but he constantly chose the borrowed toys over his own. 

As a crawling bear I was most greatful for the duck in the ball as i wanted to get one but knew he wouldn’t have used it for very long.

I was glad to see all the toys were clean as hygiene with toys is very important. The toys are washed in Milton sterilizing solution and those with batteries and the books wiped with antibacterial wipes. None of the toys were broken or in a bad state either.

I must admit I was an awful client …planning the wedding, going back to work full time with papa losing his job and with a sick bear, meant I didn’t return my items on time. 

Lyneve was very polite and patient with me ,sending me a reminder. 

The second months toys I felt were much better suited to bear and we really enjoyed the toys and books. What was really great was that if we had wanted to keep a certain toy another month those would have been added to our next subscription bag.

It’s a brilliant service , as a mom and educator the only thing i would change is to perhaps be able to pick the toys as opposed to having them chosen for us as most babies and children develop at their own pace but there was also something magical about not knowing what toys you would receive. 

This is a great idea not just for moms but playgroups and preschools aswell.
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Space Station Canal Walk  … a review

Last night the bear clan pulled out their astronaut suits and set off on an adventure to discover the vast realms of outer space.

Hamish the astronaut

Eagerly we jumped in the car and headed towards Canal Walk filled with laughter and curiosity.

We were not dissapointed. In fact this event needs to go onto the holiday bucket list of every mom in Cape Town.

Space Station at Canal Walk

It’s the perfect blend of entertainment, education and activities to keep those enquiring minds and wriggling bodies busy. 

We arrived to find a queue of people waiting to enter and experience the realistic looking Space Station.

The space station

Upon entering we were greeted by the friendly crew and issued a handful of vouchers, entitiling us to an array of space goodies.


The ubber stylish Space cafe were serving fresh interstellar donuts, space clouds in an assortment of colours, space slushies and cosmic ice coffees. We were tempted by everything.

Bear tasting his space slushie

Space clouds

Interstellar donuts

Being a launch event, friendly crew were at hand to treat us with little bowls of Space Station nibbles. One of the gentlemen taking the time to high 5 bear.

High 5

The maze is dead centre and is inflatable so the kids can’t hurt themselves. Each corner holds a new adventure and the highlight is a large black hole slide.


 I love that there are numerous screens strategically placed so you can watch your child as they navigate through the maze.

Screens allow you to see what’s happening with your child at all times

For bear the highlight was the moon craters and the sponge area with planets overhead. He loved pressing the lights at the interactive constellations and crawling under the glow in the dark maze of the UV beams.

UV beams

Asteroids all around

His 14 year old sister was completely delighted. She was captivated by the funny mirrors, the interactive screens at the milky way and the large black hole slide.

Mission control

Once we had been through the maze countless times , we visited the pop up planetarium. Here we entered the magic of the night sky. A discriptive talk going on as we lay back and enjoyed the stars.


The Space Station holds something for everyone with a gigantic inflatable Space Maze, black hole slide launching you into the galaxy, a series of Zones to explore, an interactive constellation chamber, asteroids with swinging planet’s and UV beams, a pop up planeterium and virtual reality experiences .

Book your out of this world visit today ….

WHERE: Canal Walk ,Centre Court

WHEN: 7 December – 14 January | closed on 25 December
TIME:10am – 9pm | 45 minute sessions start every hour on the hour
PRICETickets from R40




Blog  challenge 23 … 5 places i want to visit 

So many places I want to one day visit. My bucket list is full of the mundane to the exotic areas around the globe that have caught my eye as I’ve browsed the net.

So for this blog I though about chosing the 5 local places i’d still love to visit ..

Top on my list is a 5 day tour seen from the roof of one of our red buses. Yes, I’m sure I’ve visited many of the tourist attractions but there’s nothing like being a tourist in your own town. And can you imagine the view 😊

Bucket list 1

Aquila has to be the one place I’m dying to go to. Open spaces, wild animals and safaris all in one place. A place to see our magnificent big 5.

Bucket list 2

I be not been to the Cape of Good Hope in the 3 years I’ve lived in Cape Town and so I think that would be my third place to visit.

Bucket list 3

I’ve been to V & A numerous times and always seem to look longingly at the big wheel and yet I’ve still not gone on it. I think my 4th place to visit would be a sunset ride on the big wheel.

Bucket list 4

The Cape Town Planetarium is another place I keep wanting to visit but just haven’t got there. I’m facinated by the night sky and think this needs to be on my to do list in the new year. 

Bucket list 5


Princess tea party 

A beautiful sign

On Friday night Fun Mamma S.A. was invited to the 2nd Tableview Brownie troops to give a lesson on Table manners .

The evening started with our young princesses making their own silver crowns and paper wands.

Setting up our mock dinner table

After a brief introduction and a lesson on our ten table manners, the girls answered a fun quizz to test their knowledge.

Princess academy in action

We then took turns learning to set the table correctly and demonstrate the correct way to sit at a dinner table.

Dinner table

Princesses in training

We moved on by demonstrating “how to make tea“.

 This is one of the Brownie badges and we chose 3 little volunteers to brew their own tea. 

Tea making station

A little help to pour the hot tea

Next the girls tucked into their supper and got to put our table manners to the test

After dinner the girls were shown how to make their own marshmallow tea cups for pudding. A quick demonstration at each table and our young chefs were proudly showing off their masterpieces.

Princess academy

After clearing up it was time for a fun fashion show, as the girls showed off their princess outfits down the mock run way.

Getting ready for bed

Before we knew it , it was dark and time to get ready for bed. A quick setting up of their sleepover beds and changing into their PJ’s and the girls were ready for our last princess surprise…. A pin the kiss on the frog game.

Pin the kiss on the frog

It was great fun and this tired mama headed home very impressed with the girls manners.

To find out more about Brownies contact :


To order your own princess tea party sign, pin the kiss on the frog or table manners posters click here

To book Fun mamma S.A. for a Table manners or one of my life skills lessons for your children or organisation please pop me an email funmammasa29@gmail.com


An early Spur celebration 

This weekend saw the start of papas anual weekend away with the soccer guys. This meant Bear and I would be alone at home.

I had hoped Kiki and Monkey would come for the weekend as I’m not a fan of  staying alone but  with both of them having German measles that wasn’t an option. 

So , It was just Bear and I. 


Early birthday celebrations

Friday morning , after quickly grabbing a few birthday gifts for the weekends birthday parties,  we collected my bestie P and headed to start our weekend.

A quick stop in at a Mommy and me tea and then to the mall.

Early birthday suprise

I decided to do a party for one at the local Spur. Bear was quickly seated with his Totem teepee pictures to colour ( and wax fatties to throw on the ground) , Indian brave headdress on his head and hungry tummy waiting to tuck into his plate of smilies. 

Ice cream smash

He had a ball and I secretly noted that he must be getting bigger as he hadn’t moaned yet to get out the baby chair. 😂😂

All too soon he was done and ready for his Chico the clown ice cream. (After all what is a kiddies birthday without Chico? )

Out of nowhere the sound of clapping and chanting caused poor bear to stop colouring and look with horror as the entire Spur staff quota made their way towards us singing happy birthday to him.

He was proudly presented with a sparkly ice cream (which also caught the serviette on fire 😄) 

Just this once,I sat back and allowed him the privilege of  a non OCD mom and handed him his spoon to tuck into the ice cream.

The look of delight on his face was gianormous. 

 I don’t actually think he spooned any ice cream into his mouth but he did manage to stick his hand in it, gets some on his nose  and try share with me. 

Finally we tidied up the melted mess and he received his toy … I’m not sure yet how he’s going to use the wax sticks but that’s a problem for another  day.