Wooden table numbers 

As a DIY fan , it wouldnt e my wedding if I wasn’t trying to make something for it.

These table numbers are stylish and yet simple in style.
Have wooden blocks cut to size .

Glue strips of hessian.

Paint or order vinyl numbers to paste on.


Sand memories 

As we planning a boho beach wedding , I’ve been on the look put to show our photographer what we want. These two sandy images stuck out for me .

I just love the simplicity in the just married sign drawn into the wet sand and the wedding rings on the hand makes a unique way to capture the day .

Framed photos of the beach you marry on are also wonderful wedding reminders. I love the two ideas below.

Do you have any other sandy ideas? Please share them with us .


Time line for the big day 

Planing a wedding is its own level of stress as I’m discovering. 

I thought I’d share some helpful ideas along the way for anyone who may be thinking of marriage in the near future.

Below is an example of the big days time line to Base yours on.