8 things to quit in 2018


Day 1 … why i cant love myself

Todays challenge is started a day late, because this was a hard one to answer.

I wanted to list something that didn’t open me up so much but the truth to this question can be found in two word ….


Pre baby I was alot smaller than i am now by almost 3 dress sizes.

The weight wasn’t an issue when I was pregnant and I was so motivated to lose my babyfat after bear was born that I booked my first run 3 weeks post partum.

Then I broke my leg and I was not mobile for almost 6 months and then learnt to walk again and regain my balance for a further 8 months.

None of this has helped my weight issue nor has it done much for my self image and confidence .

Where once I loved posing for a camera I’m now more concerned about the fat rolls,double chin and chicken wings.

Nothing prebaby fits and I hate shopping as its like a physical slap in the face shouting out “Hey fatty.”

I do have a plan ….

My exercise routine is finally able to start and I’ve cut down the amount of feel good snacks I consume.

My mind knows that my weight is no reflection of me as a person, wife, mother, friend. I know it doesn’t impact what I do for a living and it bears no relevance to happiness.

But I loose all confidence when it comes to how I feel , especially in photos.