Game of Humanity cards

Last year we reviewed the Game of Humanity cards.

Thus brilliant set of cards were designed to spread positive gestures one card at a time.

The idea behind this concept is to pick a card, complete the random act of kindness and leave the card with the person you gifted /helped for them to pay it forward.

You can purchase your own set at


Week 3…. bake for a friend

This week is week 3 in our 30 week Random Acts of Kindness challenge.

If you following you’ll note my post is a bit earlier than normal but the bears and I had great fun baking our rainbow unicorn cupcakes today.

Week 3…. bake for a friend

We mixed up some rainbow sprinkles into our cupcake dough and spooned if into the silicone cupcake holders.

Every so often I do a quick bake in the microwave and today called for this type of baking.

When I pulled the door open 5 minutes later, the cupcakes had fused to form a stunning flower shape.

I couldn’t resist decorating the centre with a bright yellow sugar and we sprinkled dome blue sugar over the silver balls we’d baked into the top of each little cake.

Floral rainbow cupcakes

Then came the fun part…. sharing it with those we love. 😍😍

Share your baking in our thread  on the fb page or follow on instagram. 




Week 2 …write a thank you note

This week’s 30 week Random acts of kindness challenge looked easy until I had to do it .

Bears a bit young to write and the other bears are with their dad for the first half of the holidays.

This meant I’d be going solo on this one.

Who to write a thank you to? 

Which is when it dawned on me ….why only one letter ? 

So I wrote one to each of my kiddies , my bridal party and papa bear.  I’ve sealed these and plan to give them each one at the wedding.

Inside my note I thanked each person for being themselves and listed 1 positive point I loved about them ✍

I can’t wait for them to read them.πŸ’œ

Who did you write to?

Game for Humanity challenge week 1

For week 1 I randomly chose the card ….

Spend quality time with a family member 

After sharing our card on Facebook I rounded the kids together and announced our task. 

I expected much resistance and was eagerly greeted with shouts of “can I see the card ” and surrounded by the sounds of selfies been taken. 

My normally photo reluctant family shone out for photos throughout the weekend, showing ways they spent time with each other.

Selfie time

As for us , we all jumped into the car on Saturday morning after a visit from Bbear, to go watch papa play soccer. 

Bbear Kiki and bear
In the car

It was a great day and both monkey and kiki chose to spend quality time with bear in their own ways.

Kiki by pushing bear on his bike.

Bonding time

And monkey by showing bear cartoons on his phone.

Brotherly love

Sunday we got a suprize visit from Dbear and his friend who posed with our card to prove they spent time with us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I am still delighted in how much effort the kids pit into the challenge and can’t wait for Sundays new card.

Join us on Sunday on our Facebook page for the new task.

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The Game for Humanity cards

As I scrolled through Facebook a few weeks ago a post for Game for Humanity caught my eye…..I had to know more.
After a quick glance of the Facebook page, I knew this was an initiative i wanted to be involved in.

Since having Bear I don’t seem to find the time to give back as much and this was a great way for me to do small tokens of kindness and hopefully make a positive impact on those around me.

 The cards were designed with the idea of everyone being able to do a big of good and make people smile by completing small tasks.
The object is to make the world , or at least a few people in it happy. You chose a card complete the task and pass the card onto the next person who does the same , thus keeping the positive circle going. 

The Game for Humanity is well presented in a convenient card pack (easy to keep on your bag or car) and sells for just R100.

I was happy to see a school version to encourage children to be kind to one another. 

To order your own set contact


Or call 0722371513


As you all know ,I love this concept and so the first card I’ve drawn for the week is …

Spend quality time with a family member

An easy card to start with. Monday I’ll post Bear and I completing the challenge and I hope you’ll share your pics with us.

Alternatively tag us on fb or instagram with the following tags

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To learn more about The Game of Humanity cards contact for Humanity. Com

30 week Random Acts of kindness challengeΒ 

I was totally inspired when I saw the Game for Humanity cards on Facebook. 

Wow ! Finally a card game that I’d enjoy and could benefit those around me.

Most of us lead very busy lives and sometimes as much as we mean to volunteer our time or do good , time runs away from us.

Now , you can follow our 30 week random acts of kindness challenge and do 1 good deed a week. Post it to our Facebook page or under our weekly comments and let’s inspire some goodwill in our country. 

The challenge starts the first of July right here on the blog. I’ll also be posting it to Facebook  and Instagram . Please hastag 

#funmammasa #gameforhumanity #randomactsofkindnesschallenge

No need to feel pressure, you can start anytime you like and do as many challenges as you are comfortable with.

Each week I will draw 1 card from the deck , load it to the blog. Then within that week bear and I will complete the task.

Together ….let’s make a difference !