New website

I’m so very excited to share that Fun Mamma S.A has a brilliant new website and so many new developments in store.

Our blog is moving over to the new domain . Whilst I will won’t be closing this site until I’ve moved all the blogs over ( which could take a while ) you can pop over and read all the new blogs at

I’d love your feedback on the new site and keep checking back as there will be alot of new developments over the next few months .

These will include a book shop and educational resources available free to download.

Thank you as always for supporting my dream .


Mamma & Bear


How to create stress free mornings

Mornings are one of the busiest times in most households.

Families need to wake up, get dressed and ready, eat , make lunches and tidy up all before leaving for work or school.

In most households mornings are also the times moms yell the most.

If you not screaming for someone to get up, or for everyone to get out the door, you’ve just been served a last minute cake sale notice and two kids who forgot it was test day.

So how do you ensure smoother Mornings?

Here’s a list of 12 things you can do to achieve morning harmony.

1. Pack all bags the night before. Handbags, school bags, baby nappy bags and laptop bags.

This way you would have checked all homework, pe clothing and consent forms are ready got the next day.

2. Allocate a special spot for bags and baskets. This way each person has a space and not only is it neat but there will be no hunting for missing items in the morning.

3. Put out your clothing and shoes for the next day . Always check the next days weather on a weather app to help with this.

4. Make and pack lunches the night before. This really does save alot of time in the mornings, especially if you have a large family. I like each person to have a mini lunch cooler box this helps to keep lunches fresh over night and at work.

5. Take out the ingredients for the next nights meal from freezer and place in fridge to defrost. This way you can also check if you need to grab something on the way home.

Also always have one cooked meal ready to defrost and serve in case you work late, get stuck in traffic or an emergency comes up.

6. Get a family calendar. On this you can write everyone’s activities so no one forgets of makes extra plans. Everyone will be able to see the schedule. It’s also a good idea to use a different colour marker for each family member. Using Google calendar is great as it sends a reminder straight to your phone.

7. Keep the kitchen clean. There is nothing worse than waking up or coming home to a dirty kitchen.

8. Get the morning coffee/tea set up the night before by preparing everything. Check you have milk and the sugar bowl is full. If you take coffee or tea with you on the drive to work have your travel mug ready.

9. Keep a basket next to your bed with essentials to grab in the morning. Car keys, house keys, sunglasses, purse, medication,ect.

10. Plug your cell phone in at night and have a spare charger in your bag incase you have forgotten to charge your phone.

10. Shower or bath in the evening. This saves time in the morning.

11. Do your laundry and neaten your house daily after work. If you keep everything up to date there will be less to do and you will also have more free time over the weekends.

12. Relax. Take some time to read, watch tv or relax with your favourite hobby. Stressed moms are not happy moms.

48 lessons for your tween daughter

1.Give back.

Continue to teach your daughter that there is more to life than material items and the importance of paying it forward and giving back to the community.

2.Don’t judge.

Everyone is unique and it takes all types of people to make up the world. Try to embrace and forgive differences and diversions and deceptions.

3.Get over yourself.

For every selfie there should be a post about the world. Do not become so self centred and selfish that you forget to be kind to others and be involved in the world around you.

4.Be nice.

Don’t be one of the Mean Girls. Nobody loves a bully. Kindness will get you much further in life than popularity.

5.Learn the power of words.

Becareful of what you say and don’t say. Learn when to talk up, shut up or just smile and walk away.

6. Smile

A friendly face is always remembered.

7. Try talking

Texting can often cause misunderstandings. Learn the power of talking, not texting. Have a real conversation with your friends.

8.Do the right thing.

9.Include others

Always include those around you , especially someone who looks new or uncomfortable, even when the group tells you otherwise.

10.Karma is a good thing.

11.Pursue your passions and interests.

Especially when the going gets tough. School and hobbies are a great distraction from the unnecessary drama.

12. Be yourself.

13. Always be the best you.

Never stop trying to be better but don’t beat yourself up when you fail or falter.

14. Not every friend is a true friend.

15. Don’t feel guilty.

16. Own your decisions.

Be prepared to take the cobcewuebces for your decissions and own up to the responsibilities of them.

17. Learn.

Never stop learning. Knowledge is power.

18. Try.

Don’t be afraid to try or be afraid to fail. Life is like photography, you develop from the negatives. You won’t know if you enjoy something until you try.

19. Respect yourself.

20. Read.

There’s more to life than Netflex and YouTube. You will learn valuable lessons, new vocabulary and a love of learning from books.

21.Help someone every day.

Look around. Someone needs a hug, a hand or a hello.

22.Be your own best friend.

23. Find balance.

Extremes seldom work for anything. Learn balance, moderation.

24. Look me in the eye

Learn the power of eye contact. It shows respect and confidence.

25. Family

Never forget how important family is. For everything. Now. Later.

26. Get off your phone.

Life existed before Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat — trust me. Take time to connect with people and learn to enjoy your life without needing your phone 24/7

27. Choices

Not every decision has a right or wrong choice. Just make a choice.

28. Life can be unpredictable.

Planning is great but embrace unpredictability. Life doesn’t always run smoothly or according to plan.

29. Leave pride in your pocket.

Accept help when you need it. Everyone does.



It’s not always easy, but do it.

32. Laugh.

33.Advocate for yourself and for others.

Be the voice for those who can not speak for themselves and never be afraid to stand up for yourself even if you stand alone.

35. Don’t be a doormat.

36. Learn from hard times.

Tough stuff makes you stronger.

37. Exercise

Run, walk, play, move. It’s good for your body and mind.

38.Be loyal.

Stick up for those you love.

39.Retail therapy is a real thing.

40. Trust yourself.

If you think it’s wrong, it probably is.

41. Make time for important things.

Make the time for what’s important even if you miss something “important.”

42 . It’s OK to be scared.

43. It’s OK to be selfless.

44. It’s OK to be selfish sometimes.

45. Be selective with who you date and kiss.

Kissing is very important, intimate and incredible. Don’t just kiss to kiss. The sane with dating, chose to date only someone who respects you.

46. Be comfortable in your clothing.

When you buy that amazing shirt, skirt or something it has to look great and feel great. Don’t dress to impress the world, dress to be comfortable and reflect your personality all of the time!

47. Power naps

There is nothing wrong with napping but don’t sleep your life away.

48. I love you

Say “I love you” to someone every day.


Princess tales

I recently with the help of bear signing his Earth Day pledge won a wonderful spoil from Maddy Magoo.

Not only did i get a girly goody bag of spoils but also a hair treatment voucher.

I decided to treat Kiki and we booked her appointment for today.

She has the most stunning long hair and we discussed that she wanted some curls in her hair.

The staff were as always friendly, accommodating and super child friendly keeping bear entertained.

Kiki met Geneve and went off to have her hair washed. It looked so relaxing and Kiki was at ease ( she hates people touching her hair).

After it was dry and brushed the styling began.

Kiki has requested curls as her hair is dead straight. And sat patiently as Geneve worked magic on her long thick hair .

Slowly the curls began to appear .

Before long her hair was beautifully created in true princess form and my normally just tie my hair up daughter glanced at herself looking and feeling like a princess.

A quick spray with some hair spray to keep it in place and princess Kiki was ready to greet the world.

Sometimes you need a day of spoils to remind you that every girl is a princess and deserves to be treated as one.

Thank you Maddy Magoo for transforming Kiki into a princess today.

Taking a bath with dinosaurs

The mommy of bears elder brother’s baby , spends alot of time doing special things with bear and he loves spending time with Rora. (Aurora)

Last night they ( Dylan and Aurora) surprised bear with some grow in water dinosaurs and an early bath was called for so my young paleontologist could go swimming with the dinosaurs.

I was in the room next door and couldn’t resist rushing to get some photos as bear was so excited.

He kept calling Dine-sore. So loudly I’m sure people heard him across the road.

The slippery little creatures kept falling through his plump toddler hands with a mini plop into the water.

Bath time was so much fun … getting him out the bath … not so much so 🤣😂

The climbing frame

What is it with boys ? Especially toddler boys !

The more dangerous or difficult it looks the faster our mini adventurers rush forward to conquer the challenge.

We live in a small apartment and our garden is minute, add the Cape South Easter to that mix and you can just imagine the tornado my little enclosed area is capable of producing with small items of toddler clothing from the line.

So, we hang bears clothing on a rocky old, from the 80s wooden clothing rack.

I know we’ve knocked a few nails back into it and even the cat loved to try climb it .

When not in use , we usually pack it away in my Harry potter cupboard under the stairs but as I’ve been delegating housework it seems not everyone sees the danger in leaving said contraption out for the resident toddler to explore.

Bear knows he must not climb it. It’s closed on him a few times. It’s fallen over , even walking past it makes the old wood frame sway …And yet up he climbs.

Not one to be left out of the limelight , he also calls me .. “mommy”

Because, of course I want to see my toddler fall onto the floor, get thrown off backwards, maybe have the wood snap beneath his weight or better yet the whole damn frame fall onto him .

It always goes the same way …

Bear calls me

I shriek ( in mild mommy panic) ” off !” ( no time for pleasantries when your child is embarking on stupid superhero behaviour)

Bear giggles , and starts bouncing on the frame causing it’s rickety rods up and down like a wooden spring.

Not too sure if I’m impressed that the frame can bounce or at bears climbing skills I always turn a blind eye and hope for the best.

It’s a good thing this item is almost ready to start our next bonfire and that bears clothing is getting big enough to hang outside.

Two little black bird game

Two Little Blackbirds

This is a cute little game I often played in our classroom to teach opposites

Number of players:


How to play:

Use singing and hand motions to lead children in a song about opposites.

Two little blackbirds sitting on the hill

(Start with your hands behind your back.)

One named Jack

(Bring one hand to the front with your pointer finger extended.)

One named Jill

(Bring your other hand to the front with pointer finger extended.)

Fly away, Jack!

(Put the hand and finger representing Jack behind your back.)

Fly away, Jill!

(Do the same with your “Jill” hand.)

Come back, Jack!

(Bring “Jack” back to front.)

Come back, Jill!

(Bring “Jill” back to front.)

You can make up additional verses, just choose a spot for the birds to sit ie : in the snow, on the tree , ect .

Then choose a pair of opposites and make the second of the words rhyme with the spot where the birds are sitting.

For example

Two little blackbirds sitting in the snow. One named Fast. One named Slow.

Two little blackbirds sitting on a cloud. One named Soft. One named Loud.

Two little blackbirds soaring in the sky. One named Low. One named High.

Act out the words you’re singing emphasizing the opposite pairs ie : If you’re using “fast/slow” move your finger quickly or slowly

What the game teaches:

Opposites and imitation.