Fisher Price – the best possible start

Prima Baby is thrilled to announce we are now proud distributors of the world-famous baby products brand, Fisher-Price.

Known globally as one of the leading developmental toy companies from America, Fisher-Price was established in 1930 and has grown from strength to strength, now including line of baby products that will give your child ‘the best possible start’.

Fisher-Price has always been notorious for the best in children’s toy products, and we have no doubt the baby products will meet the same standard of quality that moms have been trusting for generations.

From feeding products to gifting, décor, clothing and toys, the Fisher-Price range is an exciting new development for South African moms, allowing access to products that are quality guaranteed for newborns to toddler, all not previously available in SA.

The Fisher-Price baby ranges will be available instore from April 2018 through Prima Baby.


In this moment Time stood still

And then he kissed me !

Little bear smothers us in love and kisses all the time. Huge big sloppy toddler kisses that have accompanying soundtracks that sound like gumless zombies eating mangos.

This morning on the bus I was taking a few selfies of us and he gently reached up and placed the softest butterfly kiss on my cheek.

I was overwealmed at how gentle and unexpected the gesture was.

Such a pure expression of love


in that moment time stood still.

My Pinterest fail moment

For the last two months I’ve been dreaming up this paint shoot idea.

I’m not sure if it’s been done yet or even if it’s a thing but I wanted to do something different to remember bears 18 months milestone.

The idea inside my head was of a large white sheet surrounded by ballooons full of paint. The object was to pop the balloons and bear would be covered in paint for a fun photo shoot.

The reality was much different.

I’d grabbed the balloons only to discover the paint was not going to get inside easily. So plan B…

I decided to fill them with food colouring and water. This seemed like a good idea. But i only had yellow!

So there I stood at my kitchen sink dropping a few drops into each yellow spotty balloon , filling them with water, blowing in some air and tying them shut.

Bear was mesmerized.

Dylan lay a sheet down outside for me. It was old . I knew I was throwing it away after this.

Dylan demonstrated how to pop the first balloon for bear and excitement mounted.

Bear was ready and eager.

That is …

Until the first ballooon he popped sploooshed yellow water all over him.

I’m sure his screams of horror could be heard in Tibet.

As Dylan ran him upstairs and put him in the bath we ran before hand, I cleaned the mess.

It was then that I realised just how horribly wrong this idea had gone .

Not only did i not get my photo shoot and I’d traumatised my poor child but I’d also managed to use a horrid colour food colouring that now resembled dry blood all over his sheet .

Note to self …

Get a photographer to plan my next elaborate shoot 😂🤣😂


Pretoria parents are you ready for the biggest expo showcasing the best the South African baby market has to offer?

  • 150 exhibitors, carefully chosen for their high quality products and services.
  • A parents lounge hosting a selection of parenting experts to answer your questions.
  • Expert seminars
  • Hands on workshops
  • Amazing show specials
  • Exciting competitions
  • And Live entertainment

BOOBALOO is an expo not to be missed!

Sponsored by Dis-chem, Jaguar, Sun arena /Times Square, Beeld, Bennetts, CryoSave, 4D scan, GrootFM, BeSafe, BuildaBrand and Stokke, Boobaloo will be located at the Sun International Menlyn events arena , in the very heart of the Pretoria East Business hub between the 23 – 25 March.

For directions

Ticket prices

Tickets can be bought from

Prices range from R40 -R75 per person and children under 2 years are free.


The amazing Lollos will perform to keep the kids entertained and dad can enjoy the Jaguar display.


Parents can attend the Bennetts Masterclasses taking place at the Expo.

What makes these Masterclasses much more exciting, is that each person who attend will receive a FREE Bennetts Gift Bag worth R100 and a lot of valuable information from the Masterclass speakers… All you need to do is register at the Expo.

Only 40 people per class.

To find out more go

A special thought….

I was especially happy to see that the expo is both pram and wheelchair friendly.

Fun mamma SA in collaboration with Boobaloo Expo are giving 2 lucky moms the opportunity to win double tickets each.

How to win ….

Head over to our Instagram or facebook page and follow the prompts. One winner from each page will be chosen on the 21 March 2018.

Meet Lambert the Lamb

I’m super egg-cited to say that I’ve fallen in love with the adorable Lambert the Lamb products from

Two cute plushies that any child would love to cuddle on Easter morning.

This adorable stacking wooden lamb toy for toddlers to learn through play.

A soft pencil case with some fluffy white marshmallows and a Bobby head pencil to match for the tweens.

And last but not least this limited edition handmade chocolate sheep covered in mini marshmallows for the teens. (Or mamma 😉)

Bunny tales

I often wished I’d started blogging when my other 6 kids were younger. Life with 4 boys had its moments…

To understand my bunny tale I need to give a little back story.

As the home schooling,nature loving mom to 6 kids our home looked like a scene from my family and other animals at any given stage.

There is hardly an animal that we haven’t kept as pet, bred on a farm or healed to release.

So when moving to Cape Town from a years travels , it was only natural that my kids would want a pet.

There were several problems …

Firstly we were broke and i hardly had money to feed us let alone a pet, secondly we now lived in a flat the size of a cardboard box and there was no space for pets.

This did not deter my kids…

I arrived home to find a white fluffy Easter bunny on my lounge floor. Shaun had magically found the bunny just hopping in the road so he saved it. Of course he did!

To this day I have no idea where the bunny came from.

Slightly annoyed but not too sure yet what to do with our new fury squatter, we found a box and made a make shift home.

For 4 days this hop a long rabbit would escape and without fail I would come home to a complex of children frantically searching for the bunny.

By day 5 I was done . Really if the bunny had a problem with my hospitality he could just hop a long his merry way .

That afternoon I came home to Kiki crying the bunny couldn’t be found this time.

Sending up some silent thanks I assured her bunnys are smart and I was certain it had hopped in the vlei area to find his family.

The next morning was a Saturday and I arose early and opened the door of our pokey flat for air.

Low and behold…

Here in front of me stood the bunny and he snorted in disgust at having been outside all day whilst jumping over my feet into the door.

I gave up. Let them keep their Easter bunny.

Two days later I came home from work and discovered my children, heads under a bed and bums and legs sticking out.

What were they up to ?

As I greeted an excited monkey yanked out a tiny pink creature….

It seems our bunny was a she and had just laid some Easter bunnies…

8 little pink Easter bunnies to be exact.

Only in my house !!!

We survived The Cape Town Carnival with a toddler

Bear is at that age now where he Does Not sit still, not even for a healthy amount of bribing.

He loves to explore and the world is just so big and exciting … of course he wants to view it all, touch it all and do it all.

This naturally means all outings currently feel like Olympic sporting events with one or both of us running after him.

Our eyes have to be EVERYEHERE.

Do not be fooled by those adorable blue eyes, inside my cute little toddler lurks a pint sized Tasmanian devil, who posseses the road runner’s sprinting skills and can climb and swing on everything like Mogli from the jungle book.

Bearing all this in mind we diligently still try to engage in normal activities to maintain a degree of our sanity.

Last night was no exception.

We attempted to watch the Cape Town Carnival …

With a toddler !

It was going well, I packed enough oh my goodness snacks (see what a good mom I am …did I mention this was because we were going to skip supper and full up on junk) a bottle , warm clothing and a blanket.

I dragged along his pram to sit in and was confident that we were ready for this.

We secured a spot behind some deck chairs and waited …

I seemed to have forgotten we would be waiting and bear got very bored.

Not allowed to run around he also got very cranky.

We tried to entertain him. Papa rushed off to find a milkshake and thankfully the parade eventually started.

Trying to get bear a good view of the parade, papa held him on his shoulders and the oooohs and aaaaaahs started.

How refreshing to see the carnival through the wonder and delight of a child’s eyes.

Bear loved the lights , the floats, the music and the excitement.

At one point papa and I were dancing to the drums with bear.

At 9pm, an hour after bedtime and 4 trips to find milkshakes later bear grabbed his blanket from me . Took hold of his bottle and fell into a deep sleep in his pram ….just as the marching band came past.

I held my breath

Not a sound from bear …

Can someone please explain how my toddler sleeps through a marching band but if I so much as move at night he wakes up.


The life of a toddler mom ….so many struggles! So many rewards!