Our PRODUCT OF THE WEEK in collaboration with Happy blocks and Toys is this Air Powered boat.

This STEM children’s classic is Hamish’s favourite bath time toy and simply from observing how we blow up the balloon and how the air deflates and makes bubbles he is able to grasp the concept of how the air moves the boat and that he has air in his body ( He’s still a bit young to know it comes from his lungs)

Made from wood you can observe how the boat propels over the open seas of a bath tub .

The box comes with an informative leaflet explaining energy and extra balloons for hours of play.

Your child attaches the balloon to the top of the boat and then blows it up through the little pipe at the back. This pipe acts as an exhaust as the balloon deflates, letting out air to move the boat forward.

Learning Benefits

While playing with this your child will develop the following skills
⛵oral motor development for speech production
⛵expansion of lung capacity for breathing exercises

They will also
⛵learn and understand how energy changes from potential energy to kinetic energy
⛵observe how air pressure propels the boat forward
⛵understand force

You can also use this to open discussion on how air pressure affects weather and other objects like tornados and aeroplanes.

This little boat is great in the classroom, at home or to have races with in the bath tub.

Designed for children age 4 +

For more information visit

This post was sponsored by happy Blocks and Toys.


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