Make an Egg-stra special Easter breakfast

We love to play with our food and aside from bringing out a dash of my creativity, it also ensures my toddler eats all his food if I design fun patterns and shapes on his plate.

My latest creation was this Easter bunny.

Hamish is not a fan of boiled eggs at all but enthusiastically gobbled up this poor unsuspecting Easter bunny with a rather unhealthy amount of tomato sauce.

( Don’t judge in my soul I’m actually a 1960’s mom -we eat a balance of the good stuff and tomato sauce)

You will need

2 × boiled eggs

a slice of ham

1 x naartjie or orange

2 pieces of dried mango for the eyes or raisins

How to make it

Boil and peel both eggs.

Cut one egg in half horizontally to form an oval tummy with one half. from the other half, remove the yolk to become the tail and cut 2 ears.

From the second egg cut a section diagonally to firm a face . Use some of the yolk to make ear inserts.

( Eat the left over bit of egg because we all know us mom’s do that)

Next cut a tiny bow tie and triangle nose from the ham slice.

( Yup! you can eat the rest of that too)

Peel the naartjie and place as grass.

Lastly cut eyes from the mango pieces.

Serve to your toddler.

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