Baby games 0-3 months …..A gentle touch

My grandmother was famous for saying you can never spoil a baby with too much love.

Your baby will learn about relationships through being held and touched as this assists them in developing a sense of trust.

If baby cries and you pick him up he automatically associates you with a good feeling and trusts you to comfort him.

Much of your babies first experiences and lessons learnt will be through his senses and experience with you.

So how can you strengthen this bond?

❤ Hold baby close to you, speaking softly as you tell him how much you love him.

❤Gently stroke his face as you speaking to him.

❤ Remember to use your baby’s name when speaking to him. This helps him to develop an identity.

❤ Always use the same gentle tone when speaking to Baby, this allows your baby to associate your voice with good feelings of love and trust.

Happy cuddling

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