Creative play with Bilibo

Hamish was recently sent a Bilibo to test out from Straight Zigzag and I’ve been having the greatest time watching as he discovers how to use this open ended toy in a variety of ingenious ways.

What is a Bilibo?

A Bilibo is an award winning brightly coloured shell like toy designed by Moluk to encourage creativity.

This innovative and versatile open ended toy is only limited in possibilities by your child’s imagination.

What are open ended toys ?

Open ended toys are toys that have been designed to encourage an infinite combination of possibilities to help your child become creative through play.

These are toys that have been well designed to challenge the mind and stimulate all the senses.

So how does it work?

At first look of the Bilibo you wonder is it a toy? Is it a seat ? What must you do with it ?

But hand the Bilibo to a child and you will watch as they begin to discover the possibilities of what it can be.

You’ll start to see them incorporating the Bilibo into their play as they are challenged to think of new ways to use it.

Hamishs reaction

The Bilibo was barely on the floor and Hamish had already started to try climb in in .

First he sat down, testing his balance.

Then he spun around and around . Next he pushed himself along in his boat and lay down on it scooting about.

That evening it was time to take his Bilibo to the bath.

The bathroom is currently his favourite place to play with the Bilibo and it becomes an ocean and a pool for his bath sharks. In the shower he catches water and makes it rain and yesterday I found him standing on it to reach the basin to brush his teeth.

He also often just sits in it during play, to build a puzzle or watch a cartoon. I notice that he is able to keep moving even when sitting for an activity and adjust his body to how he is comfortable in his Bilibo.

We’ve also used the Bilibo in our obstacle course to stand on, as a tortoise shell and as a bucket outside for Hamish to scoop sand into.

But he really enjoys turning it into a mountain and tunnel with his car track. The cars travel up and down the mountain or through the tunnel. ( often with an amazing soundtrack)

The play possibilities with Bilibo are endless and we will certainly be adding more open ended play toys to our toy box.

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