Toddlers can often be their own level of fussy and feeding them can be quite the challenge.

Bear’s school like to give the kiddies a 10 o clock yoghurt but bear is all about finger food at the moment and wants very little to do with a yogurt pot.

This has meant trying to come up with some creative alternatives that he will eat.

Yes I’d love to be the mom packing on celery sticks and baby tomatoes but truthfully bear will probably just use them to splat onto his table so what else do you feed a fussy toddler for snack time?

Being not well the last 2 months means I often grab the easiest things that I know he will eat so his snacks aren’t always the healthiest, ( #momfail) but knowing that he has a balanced breakfast, lunch and supper I’ve cut myself some slack and decided to rather feed him what he will actually eat , as opposed to letting him starve.

Here’s a list of my top 10 favourites to add to his snack bag.

1. Yougurt … not that bear is eating his yogurt at the moment .

2. Fruit … although the school give the kids fruit daily I like to add extra fruit for him. His favourites at the moment are banana, berries ( especially strawberry), naartjie, orange and watermelon.

3. Anything from the oh my goodness range by Gordon Ramsay. Bear is addicted to the date bars, berry drops and rice cakes.

4. Mini chedars… let’s face it who doesn’t love these?

5. Cheese … I cut cheese into little blocks for him and I know he won’t share any of that with anyone.

6. Bakers minis …. I especially like the eet sum mors, tennis biscuits and Marie’s.they the perfect size for little hands.

7. He loves the Happy baby finger snacks and the puffs are his favourite.

8. Safari fruit snacks …the soft ones like raisins, berries, fruit bars and little fruit nibbles.

9. Vital rice cakes …these are a staple diet in our home.

10. And as unhealthy as they are simba chips. I love the strips as they easy to tear off and quick to pack in.


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