Why we don’t need a baby brother or sister to play with

Last night as I scrolled through the pictures on my phone I casually remarked to papa bear ” little bear doesn’t need a baby brother or sister “

By this I mean he already has 7 siblings and not that we had any plans of finding him a baby brother or sister.

But because of the huge age gap between him and his youngest sister (14 years) I naturally worried about him not spending enough time with other children his age.

It’s very strange , I spent years home schooling and never once worried about socialization. The kids were close in age, belonged to many groups and I was actively involved in their Homeschool groups, church groups and extra murals.

With little bear I think because it’s almost as if he could be an only child that I worry about how much interaction he has with kids his own age.

For this reason little bear is at school half day and loves it. He is also the only one of my children to attend preschool before the age of 5 years.

Socialization is important as children learn so many life skills interacting with their peers. I also dont want him to become too big for his age or obnoxious by only being around adults. It’s important to me that he is a child for as long as they can be and plays as one

So the reason for my remark , I ran through my last week and went through my photos I realise just how much interaction he actually has.

And I was worried about him socialising 😂🤣

My week

Both Monday and Tuesday my son Byron, his friend and her 4 month old came for a visit. Little bear was very gentle with the baby.

Wednesday we went to a funeral and little bear made a new little friend of 7. The boys spent the next few hours racing cars far too loudly in a mothers room.

Following that we went for a braai at a friend and he played with the 3 children there. A 6 year old, 4 year old and 5 month old.

As we got home my 4 big boys were home , with a friend and her little boy of 4 months old.

Thursday little bear and I were at the water expo at V & A and we sat to play at the kids park where he joined in with the other kids running about the pirate ship.

Friday we went to visit an old work collegue of mine at her preschool and little bear played with the children there.

Saturday and Sunday he had all his brothers and sisters in and out the house.

Yesterday, Monday, after a full busy day of playing with the kids at school we joined the Brownie troop for some craft time and an Easter Egg hunt. My eldest daughter is the Brownie troop leader so we often join them . Little bear loved playing with the girls and all the attention.

I can breathe a sigh of relief and not stress to badly about him mixing with other kids or the need for him to have a baby brother or sister to play with 😆


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