The Leftovers … a sustainable kitchen story

Staring Mom in the kitchen, 1 kg of pasta and a household of fussy eaters.

Our story is set in an urban apartment on an ordinary Monday night.

Scene 1

As usual mom stands before the fridge wondering what to cook. A packet of defrosted mince laughed at her, as she scratched her head.

Another day! Another meal she muttered turning the stove on high and throwing the pan onto the stove .

Within minutes the smell of hot oil and garlic sailed through the home, alerting the family to the supper before them.

An hour later, a fresh bowl of sour cream and cheese pasta was served to the hungry family.

The smell of fresh herbs mixed with cooked mince wafted through the air as each member of the family dished up a healthy bowl of pasta onto their plates.

Supper was served.

Scene 2

The kitchen

Our mom is once again standing before the fridge, asking what to make for supper as she commiserate with moms worldwide cooking for their families.

A familiar blue bowl, full of pasta looked at her, teasing her with the amount still in the bowl.

No way were her family wasting food when so many went homeless and hungry each night.

She whipped out the bowl.

Grabbed a packet of mushroom sauce and some tomatoes. Adding the cut up tomatoes slightly fried in olive oil and drizzling a fresh hot new mushroom sauce she placed the bowl once again for the family to eat from.

For a second time a family of 7 ate to their hearts content.

Scene 3

Mom stands in front of the fridge. As soon as she opens the door the blue bowl of pasta laughs at her displaying half a bowl of uneaten pasta.

Wtf! Thinks our mom, quite distressed at the thought of pasta again.

Her determination to save the world takes hold of her as she channels into her early pioneer spirit.

Grabbing some boerewors , she thinks up a whole new meal for this pasta.

Come hell or high water it will be eaten she mutters under her breath.

Frying the boerewors , she makes a tomato salad and places the last of the pasta into an oven bowl. Carefully she greats cheese on top and throws on a dash of paprika.

20 minutes in the oven and the fresh smell of supper had brought the family downstairs for their meal.

Upon their plates is a pasta bake , tomato salad and large piece of boerewors.

A family once again fed.

Scene 4

Mom stands at the sink washing the evening dishes. On her shoulder sits a little fairy….

Well done mom , you won this round.

Let no leftover try to challenge a mom again.

Mom sighs a happy sigh….


….what to cook tomorow!!!!


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