Passion and business

February is the month of love and to end the month I thought I would discuss passion and business.

As a business owner there would have been a driving passion that led you to decide to start your business.

A love for your craft or skill set. A need to follow your dreams ….

Do you still possess that same level of passion?

A business woman with passion is a formidable force and has many advantages over business owners who lack a passion for what they do.

5 ways passion gives you an advantage:

  1. Your passion inspires others to believe in themselves.
  2. Your passion acts like a fuel,driving others forward and stopping them from quitting.
  3. Your passion gives others the courage to leave their comfort zones .
  4. Your passion is contagious, it will motivate those around you.
  5. Your passion acts like a magnet attracting the right people and network connections your business needs.

Passionate people also attract other passionate people.

Where does that kind of passion come from?

Passion is not something we learn. Passion is something we create ourselves. It is defined by the things we hold as important and place value in.

Passion is our hope and belief in a dream that we hope to achieve. It’s the willingness to work hard and sacrifice to make your dreams come true.

Dream big dreams. Convert the dreams into goals… then create a plan to make your goals a reality.

It’s impossible to overstate the positive impact passion can instill in your business and life.


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