Wildlife clothing … a review

As an avid nature lover I fell in love with Wildlife clothing from  the very first shirt I saw.

Then , I visited their website and was blown away… 

Baby 5 for babies 

I immediately wanted the baby 5 shirts for little ones.

 I have been looking for a decent “Image of South Africa” print for bear since Heritage day and have sadly only found baby onsies (that he is too big for ) or shirts for older children (which he is too small for ). 

It was great to find a site that catered for kiddies age 1-3 as well as the rest of your family. 

Gifts from home

It’s also nice to know that there is a place I can go to order a special keepsake from South Africa to send to friends around the world without having to  visit a tourist market and pay exuberant fees.


 So many of our friends and family now live overseas and when looking for gifts we really want to send a piece of home to them. 

Our shirts

So when our two shirts arrived I was eager to see the quality of both the shirt and the print. 

Fast service meant we had our parcel within a few days of it leaving the depot.

Bear and monkey were super excited at receiving their shirts. Monkey even took his batman one off in favour of the big 5 image. 

Bear loved the bright orange colour and kept touching the animals.


How many times have you bought a stunning print only to have it crack, lose its colour or start to wash out after a few washes? 

The shirts are of a good quality. Thick and durable. The colours are vibrant and I was suprised that the prints stood out against all colour backgrounds.

But …

Still there was the wash test !!!!
The wash test

Being boys, it wasn’t long before both shirts landed in the wash basket …  here came my chance to test the print quality. 

After three washes the shirts still look brand new. No fading,  no cracks , and the colour of the shirts are still as vibrant.


Simple, stunning designs that are breathtakingly beautiful. Totally realistic and eye catching. 

I believe these images capture the  essence of Africa with their fine lines and striking resemblance. 

The wildlife company don’t only design animal shirts. They also have a range of ethnic prints as well. 

They currently have a portfolio of over 30 designs all drawn by local artist Stefan Rousouw.

For more info or to order your own pieces of Africa visit 





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