2am the hour for poets and teething baby mamas. …

Its 2am

For the last 45 minutes I’ve been rocking a miserable,  feverish, weepy eyed congested bear. 

Those top two teeth are in a lock down battle with his gums and as I rocked him gently back to sleep sent a silent curse to the tooth fairy to let her know just what kind of a b*tch I think she is.

Toothache is one of the worst pains and I can only imagine what our poor little mini human must be going through.

Feeling very sorry for myself for now being wide awake the contemplation of freezing while going to the loo is a hard dilemma as lay under the warm duvet. 

Afraid to move, knowing even the slightest movement will cause a misrible bear to stir and scream out from the pits of toothy pain hell. 

Too cold to move and truthfully too exhausted to breathe let alone make the ten steps to the bathroom.

Eventually, my child producing body could no longer hold the demands of my “too much coffee at bedtime ” bladder and I must venture the darkened room towards the bathroom.

Quietly and very slowly I raised myself from the bed. Holding my breath in fear that my movement would wake bear. 

And off to the loo….

I wondered as I sat on the icy seat how many mamas were awake doing the pj drill with me?

How many mamas would be holding their eyelids open in the morning trying to get through a day of mundane work and house chores dreaming of a few uninterrupted hours of pure blissful sleep ?

As I write this , I’ve sprayed bears nose twice . I’ve cuddled him more and I’ve watched as he moaned in his sleep.

I doubt I’m getting much sleep tonight mamas 

And as for that tooth fairy …..

Im not a fan 


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