Focus groups

Friday was a particular busy day for me as I find most Fridays are.

Getting started

Bear and I headed to the Tower products focus group in Muizenberg. It’s a long drive from our home in Tableview and we left early to get there on time. Thankfully the school’s were still on holiday and so traffic was minimal.


We arrived half an hour early and grabbed a quick MacD coffee. Watching the clock we waited till 8.20 , i then loaded bear in his pram and we headed to the venue for our next 4 hours.

Immediately as i got to the door , a gentleman opened for us. Which was awesome , as you know its a science all its own just getting the pram through a door you jamming open with your foot.

The smiling receptionist greeted us and within seconds bear and I were seated watching the small river and birds through the large glass windows .

Getting to work

We were soon ushered up to a stunning board room and the other 3 members and myself took our name tags and seats around the large round table, sunlight shone through the glass window panes that spawned the space of the walls.

The amazing vibrant ladies running the group took time to introduce themselves to us and brought us up to speed with some product knowledge.

Focus group

To those not familiar with focus groups , they are basic informal gatherings of a target market where opinions are asked to gather information to aid in marketing of products .

I love focus groups and am like a child at Christmas when invited to participate in one.

I think for me it allows my inner creative streak out and I get to express how I feel, use of my marketing and sales experience ,to share ideas and brainstorm .


As we became more accustomed to one another and less shy we opened up more and very soon ideas, opinions and products were flying across the table between giggles, laughter.

It really was one of the most fun focus groups I’ve attended in a while.

Where was bear?

Well,while this mamna tried to express her thoughts and opinion, bear was crawling under the table , being turned around on the chair, held in my arms , moved from bin and plugs and entertained with his own yellow Toby tower dragon.


Yes ….they feed you too. Lunch was a delicious medley of snacks and sooooooo much cake. Bear tucked into my plate of food and followed lunch with a yummo cream pie.

Goody bags

Just when you thought it doesn’t get better, we were rewarded with stunning Tower product samples in our stylish black and yellow goodie bags,

The best part was inside our bags were little yellow Toby tower dragons to take home and cuddle.


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