100 day countdown

Today marks an official 100 days until we say I do

As time slowly ticks by I feel less and less prepared.

Not for marriage … we’ve been living together long enough for our wedding to be an official seal on our commitment to one another.

For the actual ceremony !!!!!!!

Who knew that planning a wedding could be so exciting sentimental, nerve wracking ,daunting and exhausting all at once.

Just the logistics are enough to make you scream and then there’s matching everything to its colour scheme and the nightmare of a seating plan.

Oh my garter in a muddle.

Thank heaven’s you only get married …twice (in our case)

So with 100 days to go I can safely say …I still don’t have a dress and am starting to panic that I may run down the aisle naked if i don’t find one soon 😂😂😂😂

But I did find this awesome timer at Mr price home to watch my hours tick away ….


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