She devil

Friday we were in Muizenberg waiting to meet a woman whom I was buying some second hand wedding decor from.

We sat in the car, radio softly playing and bear Asleep in the back seat.

Friendly waves

I looked up and saw a young girl , in her teens maybe early twenties smiling and waving at us. By her enthusiasm i assumed this was the woman we were meeting, and Pappa rolled down the window.

As she came closer I noticed her thinly worn demin jacket and grungy clothing. Her hair was slightly unkempt and her eyes glased over.

Then came the speech

Without ceremony she saw her chance and jumped right in with her well thought out speach

“Hi. Do you guys have a fourteen rand for me to get something to eat.?”

Papa and I looked at one another. It was obvious this young girl had no intention of eating and I’m sure by the state of her eyes she was looking for a fix of sorts.

Before we could answer she spat out …

“This is very embarrassing for me ” and tried to conjour up a false set of tears.


By now I’d about had enough and politely told her we didn’t have any money on us at all.

She continued to beg “How about seven? ” “what about five?”

A stern NO! Sent her on her way and we continued to wait for my mason jars and cake knives.

Flashing fingers

Not long after we’d sent our young friend on her way she came past skipping. We remarked that she must have found her donation of happiness and as i looked up found our princess of scquallor flashing us a huge double finger whilst she skipped away.


I should ”ve been revolted or upset but the mom in me kept seeing a young rebellious child doing what they can for attention.

I’ve had way too many rebellious teen moments to concern myself over a finger.

And , most teens believe they right …. she clearly believed we were wrong for not giving her what she demanded, hadn’t earned and did not belong to her.

As a mom i hope she learns her lessons soon before life teaches her the hard way,


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