Friends or Foes …. that is the question?

So here I sit a month after receiving my gorgeous invites for the day of my dreams with 2 invites not given out …..


Because these are people so  close to me I wouldn’t need to post their invites I could simply hand them to them when I saw them. 



 Apparently these are actually people whom if I do not iniciate a conversation or invite to do something, clearly will not be as close as i thought they were.

So where does this leave me ? 

Mostly annoyed and disillusioned. …

Weddings are stressful and a true friend would know to be there, realising I may ‘be a bit too preoccupied planning, working, looking after kiddies and running a home to remember to be the one to call to make that coffee date or fit in a time to visit.

Since being in Cape Town especially I’ve discovered that the friendships of women are fickle,without substance and lack loyalty. You are judged harsher by those who call themselves friends and most of the time only worthwhile by what your status is and how you benefit them.If they don’t need your services or the qualities they gained from you , you will be forgotten because making an effort at genuine friendship seems to be a lost art from. 

Well …..

I’m old school. I’m loyal to my friends and make an effort, Im mature enough to understand we all have lives and don’t need to cling to friends for validation or support. 

But …

I’m also not stupid enough to be the only person putting effort into a friendship.

So, I guess the real question is do I regard these women as friends or foe ? 


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