8 best wedding gifts

Everyone knows how much I love personalised items and as a bride to be nothing says I thought of you more than a personalised item . Something we can treasure.

Here is my list of my favourite top eight gifts I’d love to receive. 

1. Mr and Mrs pillowcases

What a stunning simplistic gift. White pillowcases with Mr and Mrs on and the wedding date. 

2. Blackboard placemats

A lovely unique gift for any new couple. A reminder as they share their new meals together of their wedding day.

3. Wedding voodoo dolls

I have a terrible sense of humour and so just fell in love with these voodoo dolls. Of course I doubt I’d be laughing if they were given to us by an ex 😋

4. Scatter cushions

Not that any wife needs reminders of the fact that she is right but lest her  new husband should forget , it’s nice to leave a reminder on the couch .

5. Cork keepsake 

Keep and frame the first Cork from the champagne used to drink a toast to the new couple.

This will become a priceless keepsake in time.

6. Puzzle pieces

I really like this frame and it’s easy to make.  Stylish and simple it will compliment most homes.

7. Wooden signs

The rustic nature of these signs pesl to me.  Great for at the wedding ceremony but also to hang above  couples bed,  on room chairs or cupboard doors.

8. Memory box

A chic box decorated with the couples name for them to keep wedding tokens in is both thoughtful and useful. It’s also easy to store. 


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