5 cute ways to photograph your engagement ring

To all the DIY mamas of those who just love you stare at the bling on your finger here are 5 cute ways to photograph your engagement ring.

With your wedding flowers 

Nothing highlights a ring more than a beautiful flower. If you know which flowers you will be having in your wedding, chose that to photograph with . Otherwise use your favourite flower or if you received flowers with your proposal one of those. 

2. Beach

This has to be my favourite idea. I plan on asking our photographer to get a wedding shot like this. You and your fiance imprint your hand prints into the beach sand and place your rings in to look like you are wearing them.

On your shoe

Photograph your ring either on the heel of your engagement or wedding shoe.

With a calender

This would also make a fantastic save the date image. Place your ring on your set wedding date and take  pic of it on the calender. 

Use scrabble

Use scrabble tile’s to spell out the word love. A small piece of Prestic will keep your ring in place. Remember to clean your ring after removing the prestic.

Happy snapping mamas.


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