3 ways to remember a lost loved one at your wedding

I’m busy planning how to incorporate our families in the wedding. We both have large families so it’s proving quite a challenge. 

As bear shares his paternal grandfather’s name I wanted to suprise papa with a small token to remember both his father and my grandmother in the wedding . 

Here are the ideas I’ve chosen.

1. Reserved sign
This dimple reserved sign is to be placed at our family table on the place setting. You can either paint/draw the design or print an image. Chose a picture frame that compliments your theme.

2. Clay angels
I loved the angels as soon as I saw them. These are beautiful as I can keep them and add them to our Christmas tree each year. They are made from quick drying clay but you could also use your favourite salt dough recipe.

I’ll be using my fondant letter stamps to stamp the wording in.

Not really sure yet where I’m placing them . Perhaps at the gifts or cake table.

3. Candle and sign 
This was my first choice.

A blackboard sign to match the decor and a candle for each with their photos on. 

I’ve abandoned this idea as I like the other two more. However I still think this is a lovely thoughtful way to remember your loved ones.


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