This mamas top ten guilty pleasures 

Draw the shades and lean closer I’m about to reveal my top ten guilty pleasures ….


There is not a day that doesn’t start with a good cup of dark coffee. No milk -no sugar. It’s my go to! The cure of all ailments and proberbly the reason some of my children are still alive and that I’ve managed to maintain a level of sanity.

2. Pink champagne

I know ! I’m such a girl …but nothing makes me feel more luxurious than a chilled glass of pink bubbly.

3. Deep hot bubble baths

Which brings us to number 3… deep , boiling hot bubble baths. A little lavender bubbles and I’m rejuvenated for another round of mommy madness.

4. Old books

I’m not sure if it’s the smell of old parchment or just the general look of a weathered old book but I love them. Many years ago I had several book cases full of tatty old poetry books that I would spend hours reading.

5. Soft fluffy winter throws 

Oh to delight the senses with a warm fluffy throw on a cold winters night. 

6. Vintage clothing

While those round me run off to the nearest fashion boutique to spend far too much money on a piece of material with a designer label, I love nothing more than to find a few decent vintage pieces in a dusty old charity shop .

Don’t get me wrong …this mamma loves her retail therapy for normal mamma attire just as much 😋


I love a lingering scent and if I was to choose my favourite scent it would have to be any of the YSL fragrances . 

8. Museums

One of my favourite pastimes is to visit a museum …ALONE! 

I love to wander the quiet halls ,soaking the images and information in. 

This is naturally best done without the distraction of little fingers grasping at prehistoric artifacts .😂


Living in Cape Town we get the most beautiful sunsets . As the sun lights up with her flaming  autum colours , my guilty pleasure is to watch these awesome sunsets on a beach , cocktail in hand .

10. Art

I love art in all forms .  From graffiti to fine exhibits on a First Thursday. I must admit I haven’t had much time to sketch in a while , but often if I need a time out or to gain new perspective , I’ll pick up a pencil and sketch for a while.


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