Meeting the mama

Those who’ve met my older bears know that, like their mama they can be a little unconventional.

So I didn’t flinch when I received the following conversation from Dbear….



DbearAre you home




Dbearwoman who gave birth to me


Followed by my response at 5.20pm 

Meyes child of my womb

It seems by my response if he was in grave danger I’d have missed his call due to the survival need to cook a meal. 

But , as it was only mild hysteria all was good and mom could save the day.

The crisis….

He was stuck in traffic and his girlfriend was headed my way for supper. Could she arrive early without him please.

I’m unsure why he needed to ask but I took his thoughtfulness and as I really like her had no problem with them arriving two hours early for supper.

Imagine my suprise when I’m greeted at the door by both her and her mom. 

Inward I was cursing the boy… if I’d known a mama was coming too I’d have brushed the mommy bun down , made up my face and prehaps not answered the door in baby supper stained track wear and just my socks.

I must have given the look away on my face as gf mama kept apologising for interrupting. 

I fetched bear from upstairs, got ready to boil the kettle and we started chatting. 

Before I knew it gf mamma and I had bonded over the drunken mentor of Katnis Evergreen,  divulged our Steven king secrets and right off discovered that we shared a birthday. 

Half an hour later we were still laughing at our odd mamma jokes before gf mamma went off to a meditation class and I headed to fold paper boats for the wedding. 

All in all I have to say , this certainly was one of the nicer suprises at my door. 

Oh ! 

And supper ….well that never happened as the kids had other plans 😂😂

And what do you expect ….

With 7 kids life is certainly not boring 😉


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