To the mamma who feels she’s failed 

I remember a few times when my bears were younger waking up overwhelmed before the day had started. 

There seemed to be so much to do . So little time to do it in.  Everyone needing a part of me and me still wanting to try to save a little of my own sanity and independence in the day.

I did all my own housework. Home schooled my brood , often I was crafting for money , helping to run my ex husbands business or working flexible time .

I devoted my time to my husband, home and family .

Was I resentful?…. some days. Was I over whelmed? …always. Did I feel I’d failed misribly as a wife and mother?…. daily!

Yes I screamed at my children when I should have sat patiently with them.  Yes I impatiently brushed them aside to try get a few seconds to myself . Yes I sometimes didn’t care why they were fighting with each other …I needed a break.

I was and am only human. 

6 kids, a husband, work and teaching took its toll. I was tired, sometimes depressed and always busy. 

I made mistakes.

If you a mom whose in the same situation right now and you feel lost,  alone and like your kids deserve better….

Let me tell you 

If I look back , those moments were few compared to the days we laughed and joked.

They are out weighed by the memories of my kids in the kitchen baking or all of us crafting on the lounge floor. I remember more moments of fun outings and bathroom splashes than I do of shouting to pick up the mess.

It’s not easy mamma…

Motherhood demands great sacrifices but I promise you it’s worth every minute.

So , remember …

When you feel you not enough, when the world seems to big and you convinced you’re the worst mamma in the world

Those little eyes are looking up at you thinking how much they love their perfect mamma😍

Today …know that YOU ARE ENOUGH


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