What’s on your bookshelf? 

This is bears bookshelf…

Bears shelf
(We also have a book basket and a book bag downstairs)

I love books and believe to grow a reader a child should be surrounded by good books.

Our book choice for bedtime are : 

  1. Stories from the Bible for toddlers (his dedication gift from his nan)
  2. Several of Leap pad Scout books . He loves to lie and listen to his soft toy Scout telling him the stories. 
  3. Baby‘s first numbers and words …all toddlers need picture books.
  4. Smart kids zoom to the moon ….a cute story about a boy becoming an astronaut.
  5. Jonah and the whale (another dedication gift)
  6. Shake a sound lamb …which was too cute not to buy.
  7. A board  book about dolphins
  8. A set of Learning board books …. 12 mini board books that cover the alphabet, numbers and colours

A selection of our favourite bedtime books

This adorable set covers alphabet, numbers and colours

Nothing delights me more than to listen to bear chatter away as he reads to himself.

What’s on your bookshelf ? 


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