3 things not to post to Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful influences in the world.  Billions of people log in daily whether for business or pleasure. 
Knowing this ,you should be aware  of what you are posting .

So , although  Facebook says they protect your privacy certain bits of information can still be accessed from your account.

It’s wise not to have the following information visable on your profile.

1.Personal information

Information like your home adress,  telephone number or birthday.

This information can be used for people to access your profile,  bank accounts and personal details online.

You alway may want to avoid that stalker who suddenly got your number.

Remember by tagging yourself at home you just gave the world an open invitation to find you on GPS.

2. Your children 

I’m awful as I have hundreds of pics of bear up on fb but I avoid any image that have him naked , in a bath , etc.  Although I have security settings in place you are never certain who can see your account.

Where they go to school or their location until after we have left an area. 

There’s a lot of hype about what kind of information your child will want to see about themselves later, I for one feel childhood is innocent so as long as the pictures are tasteful I don’t see your child complaining.

3. Boarding passes and holidays 

Another one I’m guilty of. It’s fun to post about your holiday , where you going and how long you’ll be but according to research your insurance may not have to pay out if you are burgled whilst on holiday and you posted about it.

Also , did you know your barcode on your boarding pass contains all the information you gave your flight centre, so people can access that info with your photographed boarding pass.



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